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Top 5 Concerns Aspiring Practitioners, Hypnotherapists and Coaches Have about Starting a New Business/Career in Helping Others

By Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Are you concerned about starting a new business/career as as NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist or coach?  Do you worry about how you will find clients?  Is your lack of confidence, fear and self-doubt holding you back from following your passion of helping others?

Over the past 18 years I have worked with many aspiring practitioners, hypnotherapists and coaches, and have noticed that they share the following top 5 concerns about starting a career/business in NLP/Hypnotherapy/coaching.  Having made this transition myself in 2000 and from running well over 60 NLP and Hypnotherapy certification trainings and certifying many successful practitioners and coaches during that time, I am delighted to share these success tips with you.

Concern 1:  I need to deal with my own issues first before I can help others

This is correct.  You need to identify and address your own fears, self-doubts and issues first so that you can be at your best to help others.  This is the best way to add value to your clients, by being free of your own issues.

This is exactly why it is important that you personally experience each of the techniques yourself as both a client (and work on your own issues) and as a practitioner, hypnotherapist or coach (to build your skill and confidence in helping others) in your training.  By experiencing your own personal transformation and dealing with your own issues, you will walk the talk!  By experiencing the NLP, Hypnotherapy and coaching techniques yourself, you will know firsthand what your clients will experience as you use the processes with them.  Both of these experiences will help you to have greater personal and professional success.

Concern 2: I lack the confidence and skills to help others

Confidence and skill go hand in hand.  Confidence is a positive feeling and you can feel confidence quickly from successfully learning or doing something once or a few times.  Skill takes practice like driving – the more you practice, the better your skill level, which in turn further builds your confidence. (I have researched the whole subject of confidence and published the best selling book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book, which is based on this research.)

It is important that you practice what you learn as this will further build your confidence as well as your skill.

This is why we totally support you in building both your confidence and skills by:

  • Empowering you to learn quickly and effectively in a safe, highly personalised and supportive environment
  • Offering you hands-on practice in our live trainings with direct personalised feedback from me
  • Giving you plenty of opportunities to ask questions before, during and after your training
  • Helping you to build your confidence by identifying and addressing the issues that are affecting your confidence so that they stop holding you back
  • Helping you to build your skills by practising each technique successfully with other students during the live training, with direct personalised feedback and support from me, your Trainer
  • Offering you free opportunities to continue practising your techniques and further building your skills and confidence after the training
  • Offering your further opportunities to receive one on one support directly from me after the training.

Concern 3: Will I be able to make enough money in my new NLP/Hypnotherapy/coaching business to leave my job?

We all have dreams and passions, including being our own boss, yet very few people have the courage to pursue them.  Their fears, self-doubts and lack of belief in their ability to generate a secure income usually prevent them from pursuing their dream of running their own business.

Any concerns about making money, attracting enough clients, being good enough to help others, etc are based on fears, self-doubts and limiting beliefs.  It is critical to identify and fully address these so that they stop holding you back from making the money you desire, and following your passion of helping others.  Our fears, self-doubts and beliefs can be very limiting and are the main reasons that prevent aspiring practitioners, hypnotherapists and coaches from taking action towards their dreams and goals.

I have assisted many of our graduates to be successful practitioners, hypnotherapists and coaches.  Personally, I left my high-paying corporate career and started by own business in helping others in 2000 (and replaced my corporate job income in the first month in business), and for the past 18 years have been running a successful full-time business helping thousands of people.  I know what it takes to start and successfully grow a business in this industry, and to have longevity in this industry, and share this knowledge to assist you too.

Concern 4: How can I attract clients and promote myself without being pushy?

The best way to attract clients is to have an abundance mentality, rather than scarcity.  When you come from scarcity, you come across as desperate and can be unconsciously pushy as a result.  Our students learn a simple, zero-cost marketing strategy which has helped them secure their first paying NLP/Hypnotherapy/coaching client within 1-2 weeks of completing their training (and some have even achieved this and more during their training).

To maximise your success, first it is important to:

  • Identify and address any fears, self-doubts and limiting beliefs around scarcity eg. there is not enough money, there is not enough time, etc
  • Learn communication and self-promotion skills that assist you to sell with heart and with integrity, so you can easily create a win-win for both your clients and yo.

Both of these areas are also the focus of your personal transformation and learning during your NLP trainings.

Concern 5: I have never been good at study/learning, will I learn effectively to be a good practitioner/hypnotherapist/coach?

Learning has a lot to do with the strategies that we use to learn and the state that we are in when we are learning.  When we are in a resourceful positive state, learning is most effective and you retain, recall and remember more of what you learn.  This is a key strategy and skill set that we teach you so that you maximise your learning, retention and recall.

In addition, the learning environment is very important as it affects whether you are in a resourceful positive or a  negative state when you learn.  Having assisted many clients who began their journey with learning challenges (including ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, being embarrassed/humiliated by teachers in school, traumatic learning experiences, etc), it is important that the learning environment is safe, free from judgement, and totally supports you in your learning and growth.

I appreciate that each person has their own way of learning and understanding and so we ensure that your specific learning style is accommodated, any learning challenges are addressed, and that you maximise your learning and success.  This is why we only have a maximum of 6-12 students in our trainings.  Because our commitment is to you and your learning; we have a 100% success rate and all our students have successfully received their certification, and at the level of excellence.

Do you have any other concerns?

Please feel free to email me with any other concerns you may have as I am very happy to assist you with following your passion and dreams too!

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