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The Importance of Focus and Action

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

As you are aware, any change begins with your willingness and readiness to change.  Having made that commitment to yourself, you have already experienced letting go of unwanted patterns and the past during your program/s with me.  Congratulations on taking this important step!

As a valued client, I am committed to your long-term success and would like to remind you of the 3 steps that are critical for long-term change:

1.     Let go of the past
2.     Focus on what you want
3.     Take action

You will also remember me saying that once you let go of the past, it is critical that you only focus on what you want and that you take action.  These last two steps are so important that I am reminding you of these once again.  I am sharing this with you because I want to help you to stay on track with your goals and empower you to continue to succeed.

Step 2 – Focus on What You Want

Focusing on what you want is really important because the brain will find whatever it is asked to look for.  If you are thinking about the past, you will bring it back into your attention, into your focus, and your mind will attract it in your present and future.  Once you let go of the past, it is therefore, critical that you keep your focus on the present (and be grateful for your successes, however small or big each day) and on the future (your goals and dreams).  This is much easier once the past is let go of because your mind in now free to focus on what you do want. 

Your Magnet

Your brain has the equivalent of a magnet in the base of the brain stem, called the reticular activating system (RAS).  The RAS affects what you pay attention to and attracts to you what you think about the most.  So if you think about the successes you have and are grateful for the people and situations in your life, you will attract more success, wonderful people and opportunities.  If on the other hand, your focus is on the negatives (eg. negative news, negative people, negative comments, etc), your “magnet” will attract more of it.

A Clean Slate

Once you let go of the past emotions, limiting beliefs and unwanted patterns, your unconscious mind is now like a clean slate.  It is ready to be “filled” with positive alternatives.  When you fill it with positives, you are more motivated and have greater clarity and direction in life.  If you fill it with negatives instead, you may feel like you are “treading water”, standing still or making little progress.

Please keep in mind that one of the roles of your unconscious mind is to act upon all the instructions that it receives from your conscious mind.  The unconscious mind is like a sponge, absorbing all of your conscious suggestions.  If your conscious mind gives your unconscious mind negative suggestions, the unconscious mind will act upon those without question.  This is because the unconscious mind is unable to analyse – it is feeling, rather than thinking (only the conscious mind can think and analyse, that is its role).

So in order for you to gain maximum benefit from letting go of the past and to stay on track, your conscious language and thoughts must only be positive so that the now clean slate, unconscious mind can be filled with only positives.  Therefore, for long term change you must only focus on what you want.  I have shown you several techniques to assist you with this during your program, so please do refer to your Qt folder and your personal emails from me as a reminder, and make sure that you are consistently using them.

Step 3 – Take Action

In addition to focusing on what you want, you need to ensure that you take action towards your goals and dreams.  Please remember that action breeds success, and inaction breeds fear and self-doubt.  What this means is that when you do take action towards your goals, you show commitment to yourself and to your goals.  When you are committed to yourself and to your goals, you attract the people and resources to assist you with achieving your goals.  Because goals motivate us, you are also more motivated when you have goals to work towards.  Also remember to reward yourself and celebrate once you achieve one goal, and to then set another goal.   

If you stop taking action towards your goals, you are giving up on yourself and on your goals.  I appreciate that challenges can come our way, and often when we stretch ourselves with goals, we can attract challenges to test our commitment to ourselves and to our goals.  When a challenge arises, prove your commitment to yourself and to your goal, and find a way to achieve it.

If you take insufficient action towards your goal, it may feel like you are “treading water” or at a stand-still.  Your unconscious mind can even bring up other fears and self-doubts to let you know that you are taking insufficient action towards your goals.  To ensure your success, I have also shown you how to take action and stay committed towards your goals.  Please make sure that you are consistently taking that action.

Persistence Reaps Rewards

Focusing on what you want and taking action takes practice and persistence.  You are welcome to also read my blog post on my personal experience of persistence, and how it does reap rewards.  The more you practice focusing on what you want and take action towards your goals, the easier and more automatic it becomes for you.  Enjoy reaping the rewards!

Here to Support You

Please remember that I am here to support you and would love to hear from you about your progress, as well as any questions you may have about using the techniques that I have shown you.  You can email me directly at as I am delighted to assist you.

I look forward to hearing from you and empowering you further.

PS.  If you need some additional support to ensure your long term personal and professional success, remember that you can use your Qt Loyalty vouchers (your reward for your commitment to yourself and your goals).

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