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Dianne Adams

Dianne Adams is a valued and highly committed member of the Qt team. After many years in the health industry as a nurse and midwife, Dianne has been running her own business DizBowen since 2010. Dianne’s passion is to help families, including supporting new and soon-to-be parents, assisting existing parents with ongoing parenting and staying connected in their relationships. She combines NLP, TLT, Hypnotherapy and Bowen techniques to support new and soon-to-be parents with practical skills and personal development that will last a life time.

Dianne has a five step program to assists soon-to-be parents, new and existing parents. In addition, she regularly runs highly informative and interactive Qt 7 Secrets to Transformation® seminars, educating you on how you can begin to enjoy a healthier and happier life with your family. Dianne has a gentle and caring nature and is committed to helping her clients – you can hear Dianne’s story below.

Dianne can assist:

  • To eliminate the fears, anxieties and stress, both prenatal and post birth
  • To get rid of unwanted habits for both partners pre-birth, including to stop smoking, weight loss, etc
  • Babies post birth with trauma and colic
  • Mothers and babies being more settled post birth and with the bonding process
  • Mothers with recovery post birth and with weight management
  • Parents with pain, including back pain and women with post birth pain
  • To create strong families, with good communication and relationships
  • Mothers with dealing with endless advice on motherhood and parenting, and navigating this effectively
  • Families to have healthier and happier lives

To learn more about how Dianne can assist you and to join her at the next Qt 7 Secrets to Transformation® seminar, call her on 0410 470 934, email her at or visit the DizBowen Website

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