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Transformational Business Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Business Success Story where one of our very successful clients, Jimmy Dalgleish, shares his story of how he turned his underperformance into exceptional performance.  Jimmy is a Sales Representative with Daimler Chrysler Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd..  Jimmy’s manager saw the potential in Jimmy, decided to invest in him and is now also thrilled with his transformation and results!  Here is Jimmy’s story.

When I first spoke with Vesna Grubacevic from Qt, my sales were very low.  For the past two years I had not achieved my sales targets and I had barriers stopping me from selling.  I had very little motivation at work and at home, was disorganised and took work home and then found I was too exhausted to do the work or to even play with the kids.

Vesna helped me to very quickly identify the specific barriers that were holding me back from selling, from lacking motivation and the energy to enjoy my work and my family.  After we addressed these barriers, my motivation, energy and confidence improved significantly and I found myself being more assertive at work.

Vesna also taught me a very powerful and simple set of communication, rapport building and sales skills.  I have been using these skills and, combined with my increased confidence and motivation levels, have seen amazing results.  In the first month back at work this year, I have already achieved a third of my annual sales target.  I am so confident about my skills and motivated to perform that I have set myself a much higher target for this year than I was given by my manager.

The personalised sessions with Vesna were excellent, as is the ongoing support.  Everything is totally tailored to my specific needs and I found I received so much more value than when I attended large seminars in the past, where I felt lost in the crowd.

Working with Vesna exceeded my expectations – she is very supportive, enthusiastic, approachable and really knows how to change behaviour and get results.  I am thrilled – I went from consistently underachieving my sales targets to now being a top performer in our sales team!  I highly recommend Vesna and Qt to every salesperson or professional who would like to transform their performance and results!

Jim Dalgleish
Sales Representative
Daimler Chrysler Australia/Pacific Pty Ltd.

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