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Transformational Success Story!

August 2006

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview another one of our very successful clients, Tracey Wylie.  Tracey runs her own successful graphic design business, i4design, based in the CBD.  After completing a degree in graphic design, Tracey started her own business 5 years ago.  Initially, Tracey started out as freelancing for other design companies but has now developed a profitable business where she no longer relies on freelancing and has her own clients.  Originally from central Victoria, Tracey has lived in Melbourne for 21 years and loves it.  She lives very close to the inner city, which allows her to walk to her city office.

You have made significant changes to your financial situation Tracey, can you tell us about your transformation? 

I used to limit myself with what I could do and how much money I could make.  I was also undervaluing myself and struggling financially.  Now, I am valuing myself, charging properly, managing my time more effectively and my cash flow is much better.  Instead of thinking “I can’t do that” I now expect a certain amount of work and money each month and it happens.  I opened my eyes to how I work with people and how I can attract good people, both personally and professionally, into my life.  My focus has shifted because I now value myself.

What were the biggest challenges you needed to overcome to get to where you are now? 

My own self limitations and self beliefs.  I was brought up to believe that you have to work really hard just to make a living.  During the Transform Your Destiny© seminar I realised my self worth.  I now value myself, my services and my time better and it has made a big difference to my cash flow.

How has transforming your thinking impacted on your success? 

The way I am thinking now is very different – a lot more positive.  The seminars I attended with Qt™ last year helped me to clear a lot of issues both personally and financially and gave me the tools to work with.  A lot of it has worked for me big time.  My cash flow increased by another 30% within 6 months and for the first time I reached my monthly targets.  Since then I have reached, and even exceeded, my targets each month.  My finances are a lot more consistent now compared to before – they used to be such a yo-yo.  I used to panic and stress about money and now I am enjoying my work and my life.  I also changed my mindset around relationships and I now have a great relationship.  During the weekend seminar I set two goals, one for finances and one for a relationship and I met both of these goals.  I also have a better understanding of people and connect with them better by working out their personality and adapting to them.

How would you sum up your transformation? 

I have a much better understanding of myself and other people.  I am a lot more content and balanced, both personally and professionally.  Even with an increase in the volume of work I am now relaxing on weekends and am more efficient when at work.  I loved my transformation and enjoyed it.  I have been on other courses elsewhere and at first I was cynical because things had not lasted after those courses.  With the Qt™ seminars the things I have learnt have stuck with me and have lasted.  I also liked the small groups as they encouraged me to participate and remember even more.

Tracey is very happy to talk to you about her transformation so please contact Vesna on 0411 479 256 for her details.
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