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Successfully Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Would you like to successfully stop sabotaging your relationships, career, health, confidence and success once and for all?  Do you have a pattern of:

  • attracting the same types of relationships that you don’t want;
  • beating up on yourself or putting yourself down;
  • missing out on promotions or not progressing in your career;
  • not attracting enough customers or making enough money in business;
  • lacking clarity, passion or direction, personally or professionally?

Sabotage occurs any time we want to achieve something and then our actions or lack of action prevents us from being, doing or having what we want in life.

There are seven sure-fire ways to sabotage your success: 

1.  Lack of clarity:  Without clarity there can be confusion and lots of purposeless action.  Not knowing what you really want leads to scattered thinking and results in scattered action.  Instead, create a clear vision for your life (and where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, etc) and then set short term and long term goals to help you get there.  This will guide your thoughts, feelings and actions towards creating what you really want.

2.  Lack of clear priorities:  Without priorities, there can be overwhelm as everything takes on the same importance or urgency.  By being clear about your values and what is important to you, both personally and professionally, this will help to align and prioritise your actions for maximum results.  Think about and make a note of what is really important to you in each area of your life right now.  Then as you look at the list of priorities, ask yourself whether you are currently taking action towards your priorities in these areas.  If not, you may need to adjust your action to reflect your priorities.

3.  Limiting beliefs:  If you believe that you cannot have or do not deserve to have what you really want, these beliefs will sabotage your success.  This is because our beliefs are reflected in our behaviours.  For example, if you have a fear of rejection, you may find yourself doing or saying things in an interview or on a date which has the other person respond with a “no”, and so they reject you anyway.  Once you resolve these beliefs, you will be freer to succeed at having what you want. 

4.  Internal conflicts:  Some of us even have internal conflicts which pull us in different directions eg. whether to pursue our passion and start a business or remain working for an employer; or whether to be in a relationship or to be single.  Once we resolve these, we will be totally aligned with having what we want, we will stop wasting time, will be more purposeful in our action and achieve far greater success.

5.  Unresolved emotions:  Any time you experience emotions which are out of proportion to the situation you are in or you find yourself thinking “Why did I overreact?”, it is a sign that those emotions are unresolved.  For example, road rage is a sign of unresolved anger.  Unresolved emotions can result in undesired behaviours or lack of action (eg. unresolved fear can have us feeling stuck and, therefore, prevent us from taking action).  Those emotions are also trapped energy and holding onto them can drain us of the energy to do what we really desire.

6.  Being a worrier:  Because you get what you focus on, if you continue to focus on what you don’t want, you will keep attracting it.  It is a lot easier to focus on what you do want when the above five steps have been addressed.  By visualising exactly what you want each day, you program your mind to attract more positive people, situations and opportunities into your life.  Like attracts like.  If you want to attract more positive people into your life, ensure that you are positive first!

7.  Negative self talk:  If the chatter in your brain is constantly negative, after a while you will start to believe what you say to yourself and you could create limiting beliefs.  For example, if you are constantly telling yourself “I can’t do it”, after a while that will become a belief which will impact on your behaviour and prevent you from doing things.  Instead, silence your internal chatter and start to fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings.

These are the seven main reasons that prevent people from taking appropriate action, achieving their goals and how they keep sabotaging their success.

How to Permanently Stop Sabotaging Yourself

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