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How to Once and For All Stop Being Bullied by Others

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

  • Are you feeling threatened by your colleagues’ or manager’s behaviour or language? 
  • Do your colleagues or manager undermine you or seek to sabotage your success
  • Is your manager or colleague repeatedly harassing, bullying, putting you down, screaming or yelling at you
  • Are people in your office being unreasonable in their behaviour towards you? 

Having personally experienced being bullied by others (both personally and professionally), as well as helping many clients to deal with bullying, Dr. Vesna is happy to assist you too.  She has developed our unique Qt behavioural change techniques (only available from Qt and proven over a decade of research, development and results), which are ideal for helping you to more effectively deal with other people’s behaviour, including bullying.

Using our proven techniques and years of experience, we can assist you to:

  • Deal with and comfortably let go of the trauma and emotional/psychological/physical effects of bullying
  • Permanently stop being bullied by others
  • Regain your confidence, self esteem and self belief
  • Stop being walked over by others and to stand up for yourself without confrontation
  • Address your fears, trust yourself and other people and feel safe again 
  • Attract harmonious personal and professional relationships instead.

All our consultations and programs are confidential, respectful and judgement-free so that you can safely, effectively and permanently stop being bullied and create the personal and professional relationships you desire.

Are you ready to permanently address the above?

We can assist you with the above and more during your:

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For a full information pack and a confidential discussion, please call Dr. Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her today.