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Transformational Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Lorraine.  Lorraine works in a middle management position in Local Government and she manages a small team of Strategic Planners.  At the moment, Lorraine’s main hobby is getting fit with a personal trainer.

How was life prior to your transformation?

Prior to seeing Vesna I felt very lonely, and did not feel grounded or all together happy with myself and the way I thought about my life. I felt as though I had made some really terrible mistakes which I could not fix or that were stopping me from moving forward.

You have made significant changes in your life Lorraine, please you tell us about your transformation.

The biggest challenges which I had to overcome were the terrible pain and loss I felt from being cheated on by my husband. I felt worthless, unloved and betrayed.  I feel whole again. I feel like I can have a successful and happy future.  I don’t feel as lonely or in constant emotional pain.  I am steadily letting go of the parts of my life which were not serving me well.  I have made goals for my future and am working towards achieving them.

To what extent has working with Qt helped you to stop feeling like a doormat?

I feel much better about myself now and am constantly working on maintaining my self respect and care for myself.  I am a work in progress. I am firmly placing my gaze on the future where I have self respect and will be treated well.  I have set a goal to find a certain type of partner and so far it has been successful. I also feel more resilient so when things don’t work out according to plan I can bounce back more quickly.

What has been the biggest change for you?  Has the change been a lasting one?

The biggest change I have felt is that I no longer feel lonely, unloved and abandoned. The loss of these feelings is a lasting change.  I enjoy feeling free and less panicked. I also enjoy the good things that are being brought to me. I feel like my past is moving away and that soon I won’t remember it and my future will take over.

What tips would you give to others who are thinking about improving their life in similar ways?

I would definitely recommend that they come and see Vesna. She is a very intelligent and caring person who’s techniques can really assist in transforming people’s lives and for setting achievable goals.

How would you sum up your transformation?

Since I have been transformed by seeing Vesna I have recommended this to many friends. It is definitely worth taking the time to work on yourself. It makes sense to devote time to achieving your goals and repairing your mind and heart so that you can move forward as a new and improved version of yourself.

How to stop being a doormat once and for all, and transform your relationships and your life! 

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