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Transformational Business Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Business Success Story where I interview one of our very successful clients, Judy Cheung.  Judy is a co-founder of: 

  • CSQ Town Planning Services which specialises in Council permits and land subdivision.
  • Sage Web Marketing (formerly My Website Now Australia), helping selected clients to develop and implement online marketing strategies to help grow their businesses online. 
  • SkinB5 Pty Ltd, responsible for product research and development of a revolutionary natural acne treatment that really works.

1.      How was business prior to your transformation?

Before I started my transformation, business was plagued by a lot of self-doubt, agony and conflicts with business partners, and inability to make firm decisions.

2.      What were the biggest obstacles you needed to overcome in business?

The biggest obstacle that I needed to overcome was finding and listening to my inner voice (intuition), trusting it 100% even if it does not make immediate logical sense and accepting that whatever the circumstances I was in, it was my own creation and I needed to take responsibility.  I worked very hard to change my habits of thinking and focus on what I want, because I knew that if I want to change my circumstances I need to focus on what I want and surround myself only with people who can help me get there (positive people who do not blame others for their circumstances).

3.      You have made significant changes to the way you do business Judy, can you tell us about your transformation.

In the depth of mentally and emotionally difficult times, I started reading a lot of books about NLP and learnt techniques on how to listen to my intuition and how to manifest what I wanted.  I have also attended a lot of NLP courses.  After 6-8 months, I started to feel more peaceful and my mind quietened down, I started to hear my inner voice (intuition), and started to trust it without questioning it with logic.  From that moment onwards, and as time goes on, I feel a strong, growing sense of peace and self-trust, and things and relationships that I wanted started to manifest into reality.  I started to attract the right kind of alliances who can help me take my businesses to the next level, I started to attract the right type of clients, and revenues started to grow as a result.  Nowadays, my focus is totally on what I want to achieve, and I listen closely to my intuition to guide me through situations.

4.      To what extent has working with Qt helped you to grow your business and to deal with negative people in business?

Working with Vesna and Qt has taught me some valuable practical techniques that have really helped me grow my business and deal with negative people in business.  Many books and courses that I come across previously were great on the theories but lacking in offering practical techniques to facilitate change.  More importantly, Vesna has the ability to hold up a mirror, help me think how I attracted the situations and how they are teaching me life lessons, and to take full responsibility for everything that happens in my life, and work on myself to change my circumstances, rather than blaming others.

5.      What has been the biggest change for you?

The biggest change has been the way I think (to focus on the positives and what I want to achieve) and I started to manifest what I wanted.  Part of the journey has been learning to trust my intuition 100% and cut off people in my life that were negative and obstructing my personal growth.

6.      Having now made this change, what do you now enjoy most about business and life?

Nowadays, I feel very solid and centred internally, and I constantly experience a deep sense of peace. No matter what happens, nothing throws me off centre.  Because I trust my intuition and also knowing how to use my mind to control my circumstances, I am able to take responsibility and take the bull by its horns so to speak and resolve challenges much easier mentally and emotionally than I did before my transformation.  When things don’t go my way, I do not get upset anymore because I trust that something better is in store for me, and it’s always the case as time passes and I look back and always see that I never want things to be any other way.

Most importantly, my business and personal life have become more adventurous and fun, because I know I am in control and can create my destiny.  I don’t agonise over challenges anymore, because challenges are fantastic because they continue to train and build my character and make me stronger and thus more able to manifest my path.  It is fun also because by focusing on what I want, I am able to attract circumstances and people to help me get there, and words cannot explain the sense of amazement when things just ‘falls into place’ when I am positive and follow my intuition without questioning. It puts a knowing smile on my face whenever that happens.

7.      What tips would you give to others in business wanting to grow their business and effectively deal with people?

Learn techniques on how to listen to and trust your intuition, and also learn the techniques to help you control or master your feelings and thoughts.  One of the most valuable things that I learnt from Vesna’s courses was learning the importance of and techniques on how to eliminate buttons that people can push inside me.  The change from blaming mindset when people upset me to taking responsibility and master myself so that there are no buttons for people to push has transformed and significantly improved my business and personal life.  Nowadays, I live with a deep sense of peace, and able to take on challenges with a sense of adventure and fun.

8.      How would you sum up your transformation?

In summary, my transformation has been an amazing journey of self-discovery.  Because in order to change, I needed to learn everything about myself, discover where my buttons are, and learn all the tendencies of my mind from the years of conditioning.  It has been a breathtaking journey to learn about myself.

Judy is happy to talk to you about her transformation so please contact Vesna on 0411 479 256 for her details.

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