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How to Get What You Really Want

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Are you tired of not having want you want in your career/business, relationship, health, and in life?  Do you just miss out on finding love, getting that promotion, pay rise, desired weight, taking that next step in life, etc?   Here are the secrets to getting what you really want.

You Already Know What You Want 

When I ask people what they want, I often hear them say “I don’t know what I want”.  Yet, you already know what you want.  You already have all the answers that you seek, inside of you right now.  They are simply waiting for you to be ready to become aware of them.  When clients address the past emotions, fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs, they become aware of exactly what they want.  A clarity emerges from within them because all they need is some guidance to discover the answers that already lie within – the answers that are right for them.

Give Yourself Permission to Have It 

Perhaps you are aware of exactly what you want, yet you are doing nothing about it.  Maybe you want to change careers or start a business or get into a new relationship or reach a health goal?  Yet, these remain unfulfilled dreams, waiting to be turned into a reality.

Anytime you make excuses for not taking action towards your dreams, you are excusing yourself from having what you want.  These excuses can take the form of limiting beliefs and self doubts.  For example, do you believe that you are worthy, deserving and good enough to have what you really want?  If so, then you just need to give yourself permission to have what you want and start taking action towards it.  If not, you will need to address those beliefs and deeper unconscious issues so that they stop limiting you from having what you really want.

Stop Sitting on The Fence 

Decide what you want and follow through on it. Stop hedging your bets either way just in case.  For example, I want to start my own business yet like the security of income from my career, or I want to be in a relationship, yet like the freedom of being single.  That lack of commitment to what you really want will be transmitted as mixed energy to the universe.  Once you make a commitment to yourself and what you really want, the universe will support you and you will start to attract the people and resources to assist you with having what you really want.

Go for the best and forget the rest 

Avoid settling for second best.  Know what you really want and then avoid compromising yourself.  For example, if you want a new job that satisfies all of your eight needs, avoid settling for a job that only meets two of your needs, and telling yourself or thinking that it is better than nothing or at least it is a job.  Never settle for less than what you really want as any time you do, you send a very disempowering message to your unconscious mind that you do not deserve to have what you really want

Because action breeds success, every step you take towards what you really want will empower you to turn your dreams into a reality!

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