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NLP to maximise business results

How to Use NLP to Maximise Business Results

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Why NLP?

You have most likely heard of NLP, and you have probably wondered how to use NLP to maximise business results.  If you have ever wanted to be a more effective leader or wished you could more easily get the very best performance from your team, NLP techniques are an ideal way to achieve this quickly.

The most charismatic leaders and business owners have the ability to communicate, inspire and motivate all individuals and teams to perform at their peak.  They are flexible and willing to adapt to the unique personalities of each of their team members because they appreciate that different people are motivated in different ways.  In contrast, leaders and business owners who use the same style with all individuals may only appeal to some, and find the others to be “challenging” or “difficult” to manage.

NLP helps you to develop that flexibility by understanding yourself and your team at a much deeper level, and then teaches you techniques to ensure that your message is communicated effectively to each team member.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a powerful set of techniques for maximising human potential and performance.  It enables us to understand how we think and communicate, and how we produce behaviours and results.  NLP is all about the “how”, the process of human behaviour.  By understanding the process of how we think, feel and act, we can change the process and, therefore, our behaviour, our performance and our success.

Because NLP works with the unconscious mind, the change in behaviour is very fast.  Rather than taking 21 days or more to change a behaviour or habit, with NLP the change can be as quick as several minutes to several hours.

NLP Improves Results

There are many ways that NLP can fast track your results in business.  Below are a few examples of the results that are possible, and how we have assisted a few of our clients.

A business owner with three retail outlets kept putting off a key business decision, which he calculated cost him $10,000 per month plus much emotional stress.  Once we helped him to address the issues that prevented him from making a decision, he stopped procrastinating and took action.  This saved him $120,000 each year, dramatically reduced his stress levels and freed up his focus to grow his business.

Another business owner was struggling with attracting new clients and was working long hours with very little success.  After we taught him a number of NLP techniques to assist him with converting prospects more easily and with integrity, his client numbers grew over 500% in 3 months.

An executive had a challenge with getting the best performance from her team.  In particular, one of the team members was significantly underachieving his targets and she started to question her leadership skills.  We helped her to develop her leadership skills, and within 3 months of working with us the employee went from being told he was underachieving to being promoted to a senior management position.  His manager was integral to his success, and empowered him to achieve this promotion.

Improve Your Business Results

If you would like to develop advanced communication and leadership skills which assists you with quickly achieving win-win outcomes, including:

  • building fast rapport and business relationships, and reaching faster agreement in negotiations
  • delivering more engaging presentations
  • minimising conflict and effectively motivating your employees to take action.

and/or improve individual, team and leadership performance, including:

  • helping to identify and overcome obstacles to performance eg. fears, self doubts, limiting beliefs, deeper unconscious issues, etc
  • assisting employees to reach and exceed their KPIs and targets, and to maintain consistency in their success
  • significantly improving the conversion of prospects to customers, and maximising sales with integrity
  • reducing stress and improving the wellbeing of your employees
  • transforming a toxic workplace into an empowering one

we are delighted to assist you too.  Simply email Dr Vesna today for your complimentary discussion.

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