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nlp training melbourneHow to Confidently and Successfully Start/Grow Your Business in Coaching/Helping Others with NLP, Hypnosis and Qt respecti ® and NLP Training Melbourne

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve with starting/growing their own NLP/coaching/Hypnosis business with NLP training Melbourne. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

The training program and the Qt respect i® techniques it employed were instrumental in my personal and professional growth journey. They provided me with the insights and tools necessary to recognise recurring disempowering relationship dynamics that had long been impeding my progress. By addressing and letting go of these patterns, I underwent a profound self-discovery process, which not only boosted my motivation but also miraculously alleviated my chronic neck and back pain.

This transformation allowed me to reconnect with my authentic true self, shedding the layers of self-doubt and constraint that had held me back for years. It also guided me in discovering my life’s purpose through a powerful and insightful process. Now, I feel liberated and genuinely free, empowered to embrace the person I’ve always aspired to be. This journey has also significantly contributed to achieving my business goals and effortlessly attracting clients. Thank you Dr Vesna and Qt!

M. M. – Qt respect i® Practitioner & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

I have had the absolute privilege of being a student in the Master Practitioner Qt Transformation training. I cannot speak more highly of Dr Vesna Grubacevic as a trainer and facilitator. I have learnt so much about myself and how I can serve to empower and transform the lives of those clients who choose to work with me as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. My own personal transformation throughout this journey has been beyond amazing in many facets of my life – from relationships, to building to my business and my belief in self. This training and the work I have been supported to achieve in transforming my life propelled me into a future life that I love. I know that I can continue to grow and prosper toward success.

T. K. – Social Services Manager, Master NLP Practitioner

Having done the incredible Qt NLP Practitioner course with Vesna I was unprepared for how this just touches the tip of the iceberg and that Qt Masters in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis provides exponential life transformation both professionally and personally in all areas of life and an almost unlimited potential that you can gain from doing the course with Vesna. 

Vesna’s teaching is second to none, incredibly comprehensive and the tools she teaches and the way she teaches with patience, care, time, dedication, inspiration and with utmost focus on becoming and shining your and others excellence exceeds all expectations. She continues to provide support as I negotiate bringing all the skills into my career to change people’s lives.  Vesna in a nutshell goes above and beyond! I look forward to further implementing and integrating all I have learnt and have no doubt of the incredible input it would have for you.

K. W. – Master NLP Practitioner & Registered Psychiatric Nurse

I have had the pleasure of attending your exceptional Qt respect i® training and have experienced your devotion to excellence. The trainings are of top order unique and personalised. On completion of the training, I am a confident well prepared practitioner with the knowledge and uniqueness that exceeds my competitors’, with ongoing support and access to education to maintain my continued educational requirements.

Thank you so much Vesna, I whole heartedly appreciate you, your time and devotion.

D. A. – Qt respect i® Practitioner & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Vesna’s training was recommended to me by a very experienced Executive Coach whose work I admire.

Enrolling in the Qt NLP and Hypnotherapy classes was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Not only did the classes provide me with tools that enable me to offer much greater value to my own clients, they also helped me successfully address many persistent, and at times unexpected, personal issues.

Vesna is a teacher in the truest sense of the word. Vesna comes from a place of deep respect and care for the client and the students. Her training is intense, challenging and jam-packed but also joyful, interesting and personalised.

Vesna encourages you to be at your best and inspires absolute trust that you are fully prepared to use her techniques with your own clients. I feel really privileged to have learnt NLP and Hypnotherapy with Vesna. Not only am I deeply grateful for the difference training with Vesna has made to my life on a personal level, I am also excited to know that the tools and techniques she teaches have made me a better coach will lead to profound and lasting outcomes for my clients.

J.E. – Facilitator and coach

Working with Dr Vesna in the Qt Master NLP certification course has been a profound journey that has positively reshaped my life on multiple fronts.  I’ve gained a fresh perspective on understanding individuals, fostering patience in my parenting, and enhancing communication with my spouse.  Beyond that, this course also has empowered me with a positive mindset that translates into more effective and uplifting business management.  Also I am truly grateful for the guidance and support provided by Dr Vesna during the classes.  Her expertise and unwavering encouragement have been instrumental in my transformative journey.  Her approach is not only professional but also compassionate, making the learning experience both enriching and enjoyable.  I highly appreciate her dedication and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone embarking on the NLP path.

M.J. – Optometrist & Business Owner, Malaysia

For me, the Master Practitioner Training wasn’t just training, it was a journey. This journey has allowed me to develop a deeper relationship with myself and has given me the tools to confidently go out and start my own coaching business. Vesna is passionate about what she does and it truly reflects in her ability to teach others what she loves doing. She also provided the necessary support throughout the training, accommodating individual learning needs and making sure we understood everything.  A highly valuable training for anyone.

C. M. – Master Practitioner and Coach

I have always had a keen interest in Hypnotherapy and to use it as part of my Counselling Practice. I thoroughly enjoyed the training with Vesna as the training was both hands on (experiential) practice and the theory was simple and easy to understand. It gave me confidence within and after the training to use the Hypnotherapy. The training also provides you with the tools to help one personally,  to change several habits and manage stress and pain through Self-Hypnosis. Vesna is an amazing trainer and I felt at ease within the training. I am looking forward to receiving my Certificate.  Thank you again Vesna. I look forward to gaining my next level in Hypnotherapy.

R. H. – Counsellor

I am very grateful for having the amazing opportunity to do my NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner Certification training with Qt.

The small training group, the personalised attention from Vesna, the practical work and the opportunity to ask a lot of questions helped me gain valuable hands on experience and accelerated my learning.

The personal breakthrough and one-on-one sessions offered at the training helped me align my beliefs and values for achieving success in all areas of my life. Furthermore, the techniques taught at the training helped me transform my life personally and professionally, and empowered me to dream big, go after my dreams and attract what I want in all areas of life.

Thank you Vesna for being such an inspiring, kind, caring, skilled and dedicated teacher and mentor. I will always be grateful for the guidance and support that you have provided me through this life-changing personal transformation journey.

Both the NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner training were exceptional and life-changing for me and I will be forever grateful for your support and dedication 🙂

I highly recommend the NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Practitioner training courses offered by Qt to anyone who would like to embark on their personal transformation journey and/or empower others to make positive and lasting changes in all areas of their life.

M. M. – IT Analyst and Coach

I have recently attended the hypnosis certification training conducted through Qt under the tutelage of Dr Vesna. Throughout the hypnotherapy training Dr Vesna was very supportive and more than happy to share her wealth of knowledge on this subject, ensuring I gained the skills, knowledge and confidence to practice hypnotherapy. I have found her ongoing support invaluable in starting my  hypnotherapy practice.

I would recommend this training for those wishing to pursue a career as a highly skilled hypnotherapist.

P. S. – Counsellor

I have had the pleasure of doing both the 3 day Hypnotherapy course as well as the NLP practitioner course with Vesna and highly recommend both. I learned new ways to help clients and also experienced several breakthroughs in both my personal and business development. The classes were small and there were plenty of opportunities to practice what we were learning. Vesna is very knowledgeable and patient. She has a very calm manner which inspires confidence. I also like the fact that her classes are run on weekends. As someone who is still working part time that made it very easy for me to attend without impacting my usual work schedule. All in all an amazing experience.

S. H. – Nurse & Wellness Coach

When looking into doing an NLP course I was attracted to and decided to do Vesna’s Qt NLP course as she quickly and personally responded to all my queries. I knew a smaller more interactive engagement to enable learning would suit me better, and Vesna’s calm passion and commitment towards teaching and allowing understanding is second to none. Vesna caters to your needs as an NLP practitioner, and takes time and effort to establish that to facilitate her teachings. Such a wealth of mental and practical knowledge and techniques to learn and integrate.

Whilst I come from a nursing background working in psychiatry, Trauma Informed Yoga and a reiki practitioner I was incredibly impressed and surprised with the changes and challenges it evoked in me allowing greater understanding into myself and others, increased confidence, many tools to enhance my wellbeing, as well as a greater understanding and the incredible tools and learnings I can take into my workspace to work with others so they too can benefit. The time line therapy component was something that really blew me away and that is only a tip on the NLP, timeline therapy and hypnosis iceberg that is taught. For personal gains alone this course is a necessity, for professional gains a must.

K. W. – Psychiatric Nurse

I am fortunate to have been able to do my Master NLP Training with Qt – in fact, I travelled all the way from New Zealand because I believe that Qt has created a VERY comprehensive course that exceeds any other in the field. 

This is not just a personal development course, this is a life-changing transformational journey. Vesna is deeply passionate and highly skilled as a teacher and mentor, she brings decades of experience into the classroom to help validate the methods and techniques she teaches. Her attentiveness serves each individual student in a way that makes it feel like a personalised learning experience.

I really enjoyed working with Vesna, it is clear that she is equally as dedicated to her own education as she is of others, which is reflected in the continually evolving course content. A teacher who leads by example, friendly, professional and a source of inspiration.

Thanks to the breakthrough process I experienced during the training I have overcome the self-sabotaging behaviours that were holding me back from optimum health and self-acceptance. That alone made the experience worthwhile, but on top of that, I developed skills as a Therapist that have opened doorways to a whole new realm of fulfilling work, self realisation and confidence in supporting others.

When Vesna asked if I would write a testimonial I did not hesitate. With her wisdom, guidance and kindness I have transformed my life! I highly recommend the Master NLP training to anyone who wants to take an evolutionary leap in their lives and empower others to do the same.

J. F. – Holistic Therapist

I recently attended the Qt NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner training that Vesna facilitates. To say it was a brilliant experience would be a vast understatement! Attending this certificate course has assisted me in understanding how to achieve better outcomes for myself and others. It was delivered in an excellent and easy to understand format and Vesna was extremely professional and helpful at all times, often going above and beyond what you might expect to be the ’norm’ and giving 100% at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend the training that Vesna and Qt offer and I’m looking forward to commencing my business as an NLP Practitioner soon and attending the Master Practitioners Training next year with Qt.

K. B. – Finance Industry

It was exciting to see my all my Certificates – everything I have learnt to date has been put to good use in my everyday life.

It has been an amazing journey for me.   I don’t recognize the person who came to you on the very first day to who I have become today.  I am confident, intelligent and a really good learner 😊!  Nothing and no-one can annoy me or affect my mood and vibration.  I can do anything I put my mind to!

Watch out world – I am giving birth to something very exciting!

H. A. – Business Development Executive and Coach

I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy certification training. It was incredibly informative and the pre-reading set me up well for the three day intensive training. The learning activities were well designed and I ended the training (and follow up assignment) feeling like I had learnt a lot and was confident to go ahead and begin supporting my clients through hypnotherapy. Thank you for a wonderful experience Vesna!

E. O. – Coach

I completed the 3 day Hypnosis training weekend and had a wonderful time engaging with Vesna and the other participants.

I would recommend this training to anyone interested in learning about Hypnosis. It was an enjoyable experience as well as informative. Thanks again Vesna.

K. G. – Medical Administrator

The NLP training was incredibly valuable for me. I enjoyed the material and learnings, especially the way you run the training. I found it refreshing that you kept focusing on the learning and us.  Other trainers would constantly talk about their next training programs, on the other hand, you focused on us getting the most value from our current training.

I am really keen to keep learning from you, and I would like to be the same type of practitioner as you, putting client care first.  You made all of us feel welcome and comfortable throughout the training.  Huge thank you!

K. H. – Self Development Enthusiast

Dr Vesna Grubacevic’s training for NLP is excellent. The whole process from initial enquiry of my NLP Practitioner Training Certification, through to its completion, was highly professional.

Communication was excellent, clear, and very precise. The group sizes are small, which allows for individualised and very personalised learning. Ongoing support is offered as you incorporate the knowledge and skills into your practice.  The materials are comprehensive and organised, and the whole process of doing the course delivered enormous personal and lasting transformation that leaves you inquiring for more.

J. T. – Health Professional

Choice, Unlimited

Dr. Vesna has delivered astounding results which help me create outcomes in my favour. These outcomes consistently deliver – rinse and repeat.

Uncovering opportunities and financial gain are but a consequence of mindset. Peace of mind and creating a future I want has, in a short space of time (6 weeks), helped me realise outcomes I previously thought to be out of my control. Taking back this control subconsciously through an amazing sense of awareness and smart techniques, has enabled me to design a future that delivers benefit every day to me and those around me. How often can you determine the outcome of a rather difficult life changing conversation to your benefit, exactly the way you planned it in your mind, to the minute?

I am finding more time in the day by setting my internal clock to rise and get into action. This has already delivered an additional 17% more available time to get things done. It was astoundingly easy.


With more choices and getting more done, the options continue to multiply – a consequence of choice and options.

The intended impact on my family life continues to deliver. I am helping my children create choices that they otherwise would not recognise. The win/win is bringing me closer to them while watching them flourish, daily.

Changing mindset has also delivered harmony in otherwise adversarial relationships. I have taken back control, and stopped assuming. I now value different perspectives – What a feeling!!

Personally, there was something special buried deep inside that I knew was there but not sure how to unlock. The combination of the NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, amazing facilitators, classmates and Dr Vesna has made me self aware, unlocking my sixth sense which has since delivered both financial long term reward and improved relationships.

L.S. – Technology specialist mixed with Humanitarian

I wanted to thank you for the certification course experience in Qt Hypnotherapy. I found the course provided a practical and transformative experience enabling me to begin offering Qt Hypnosis to clients with confidence.

The course was small enough to enjoy one on one attention, where the smallest detail was attended to. I now have paying hypnotherapy clients who are experiencing positive results.  Thank you so much for the support and encouragement.

R. A. – Nurse

After completing the first level of hypnosis training, I immediately felt a connection with Vesna and her knowledge and wanted to know more. Fast forward to now – I have successfully completed the master practitioner level and have grown so much through the entire process. Not only has the course opened up new and unexpected business opportunities, but has also changed my life and how I view the world (and the people I want to help). I will be forever grateful!

S. L. – Master Practitioner

The Master NLP Practitioner training provided by Vesna more than exceeded my expectations. It transformed me personally and professionally, and exponentially improved my own coaching practice and the value I now provide for my own clients. Vesna’s caring and personalised approach to training made this journey enjoyable and memorable. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

M.W. – Executive Coach

I must tell you hypnosis become my greatest passion and so glad I took the course, best decision I’ve made so far. So far I’ve been doing great, with positive outcomes. Thank you for empowering me and thanks to the course I have gained so much confidence and experience. I’m so much happier and proud to have ability to help others to change their behaviours. It is a great feeling to be empowered and have capabilities to help other people to feel the same!

Thank you Dr. Vesna for being an amazing lady and great coach! I’m so glad I’ve found you and took the course with Qt. Thank you once again!

S. M. – Retail Industry

Thank you so much for a superb course. I had a fantastic weekend with you, and everyone in the course.  The way you structure the course is excellent- I have done a lot of professional trainings and I think that you are a wonderful, engaging presenter and structure the materials and course so thoughtfully. It flows so well and it’s a real testament to you that we can come away after three days and have the competence to conduct successful hypnosis sessions.

M. J. – Business Development Professional

I have completed the NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy training with Vesna and am excited to continue my training. The skills and knowledge I have gained through these courses have not only helped my personal life/relationships but have enhanced my career opportunities. I have been a Personal Trainer for 10 years and have realised that I need to help people in a different way. Having NLP training has assisted me to help clients make a lasting change on a deeper level. I am very excited to do the next level of training and see where my new career takes me!

K. J. – Personal Trainer and Coach

Thank you very much for the intelligently presented and informative 3 day Hypnosis training.  I really enjoyed the practical approach to the studied material and the hands on experience from start to finish of a real hypnotic session.  I would recommend this course to every person who is interested in Hypnosis as a tool of helping their own as well as other people’s transformation.

D. N. – Manager, Administration

When you have completed the NLP Practitioners course with Vesna, you simply MUST do the Master Practitioner course. Yes, its 16 days of training, more intense but what it gives you is so much more depth, breadth and latent abilities to help people in transformation. Picture an inverted triangle. Doing the Practitioner course is like the bottom half and doing the Master Practitioner course is like gaining the top half of the triangle in terms of value and benefits. Personally, I have moved to much higher levels as a result of doing Master Prac and my business is the best ever and poised next year to scale heights only dreamed of. In terms of numbers, my annual income is now in the 6 figure territory (never before) and this will triple in the next year easily. Thank you Vesna for helping me achieve all this.

R. Y. – Business Owner, Training/Personal Development Industry

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in a way that made it very easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. Dr. Vesna has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing it. But it wasn’t just about new knowledge. I learnt a lot by doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with Dr. Vesna and other participants. This training gave me the confidence to implement new techniques in my practice. Thank you Dr. Vesna!!

G. S. – Psychologist

I appreciate the journey over the last month addressing areas of my life that have been fragmented by limiting beliefs.

Your nature and training offered me greater insight into the mind blocks that I have been harboring. It is life changing to experience your training. It is a way forward that ensures one will own their own state of being towards an empowered life. I will recommend Qt for anyone feeling the call to dissolve inhibitors and embark on personal development.

I am looking forward to applying your wisdom to my life and opening others up to a new pathway of personal power.  With gratitude.

S. G. – Administration Industry

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is truly an inspiring NLP, Timeline and Hypnotherapy trainer. Her easy going and professional demeanour made us all feel very welcomed and very much cared for. The training I received was practical and applicable straight away, and Vesna’s ability to explain sometimes complex subjects with ease was a true bonus. The training was experiential and we were provided with ample of time to integrate the work, as well as received one-on-one attention from Vesna. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to experience personal growth or wishing to help other individuals on their journey.

M. W. – Executive Coach

Thank you so much Dr Vesna!! I absolutely love attending your programs. Your system and teaching are so easy to follow and makes so much sense. Through this training I’ve gained the clarity, confidence, strategies and tools to empower myself and others. Words can’t do the justice, I strongly recommend that people should join Qt trainings and then see for themselves and how their life and relationships improve.

B. K. – NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Coach

I recently attended the New Hypnosis Certification Training. It exceeded my expectations in many ways. By the end of the weekend I was fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to enhance my existing Regression and alternate healing practice, into a more dynamic and empowering practice which now includes Hypnotherapy as its core modality. I have been transformed into a self-confident professional, and have had the opportunity to put my hypnotherapy skills to good use, having seen several clients for smoking, weight loss, bad eating habits, decreasing stress, sleep habits, self-confidence, improving concentration and study success.

I am truly privileged to have been trained by Dr Vesna Grubacevic. She is soft spoken but assertive in an extremely professional and positive way and brings out the best in all her students. The study material was easy to understand and Dr Vesna’s teaching techniques are brilliant! Dr Vesna’s follow up, ongoing support and guidance is also exceptional!

I cannot speak more highly of the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone who either wants to turn their life around or to embark on their own hypnotherapy practice.

L. B. – Counsellor, Therapist and Hypnotherapist

I am delighted with the training I have completed with Dr Vesna and Qt. To say it has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. The training is well structured and facilitated so I was able to apply the learnings and start with clients immediately thereafter. A great bonus of the highly interactive format is the collaboration with other students post training that we now have a great support network of trained hypnotherapists that can support each other as Qt graduates.

A. G. – from Airline Industry to Hypnotherapist

I recently completed the Hypnotherapy Weekend Certification Training by Dr Vesna Grubacevic from Qt. I am now using the skills that I have learned to help my clients to be happier, healthier, and more confident. I believe that Dr Vesna provided the right balance of teaching – theory and practice – as well as ample opportunities for questions and discussion throughout the three-day program. I cannot think of another training program that has provided me with such enjoyment in learning. I recommend the training for anyone who would like to add another modality to their therapy toolkit.

C. H. – Counsellor

I highly recommend your courses Dr Vesna. I really enjoy your Hypnosis and NLP lectures, you simplify everything and your explanations are excellent. You gave me confidence in myself as a hypnotherapist, I have no words to express my gratitude towards you. Thank you Dr Vesna for being an amazing and very knowledgeable teacher. “When the student is ready, the master will appear”, I can tell that you are the Master 🙂 once again, Thank you Dr Vesna!

S. C. – Therapist

Thank you for the wonderful experience within your three day hypnosis certificate training course. It had more clarity, more hands on techniques to be used in everyday life. In simple easy to understand steps. You are encouraged as a confident hypnotherapist to look down new avenues, new areas of growth. All this in a supportive environment with ongoing support. This course even included business strategies that ranged from stationary to office space, how and where to advertise. I learned more in this course than any other course I’ve attended in my life.

S. W. – Forensic Therapist and Hypnotherapist

I have recently completed Qt New Hypnosis Certification Training run by Dr Vesna Grubacevic. I had previously studied traditional hypnosis 18 years ago but had never felt confident in using the skills I had learned then. Vesna’s exceptional teaching style and the quality of the teaching material was of such a high standard that I am confidently and competently utilizing hypnosis as an important part of my counseling practice. If you are interested in change and how to bring it about quickly, then this course is for you! Exceptional value for what you gain.

M. H. – Counselor and Hypnotherapist

I attended the Hypnosis Certification weekend and was absolutely delighted with the outcome. There were a few people who attended with me who had done long Hypnotherapy courses from popular institutions and proclaimed the intensive course run by Vesna and QT was greatly superior and more comprehensive. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the content and the way it was presented. Vesna’s style of facilitation and delivery was highly professional and detailed. I feel fully equipped to support my Executive Coaching programme with hypnotherapy for Stress Management and am thrilled with the knowledge I have obtained. Thank you QT and Vesna for the knowledge and experience.

B. K. – Executive Coach and Business Owner

I was fortunate enough to attend Vesna’s hypnotherapy course this year, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. By the end of the weekend I was fully equipped to embark on my own hypnotherapy practice, as the course was clear, concise, and immensely practical. Vesna was unfailingly positive and encouraging, so I felt thoroughly confident with my new skills. The accompanying notes were comprehensive and easy to understand, and I also emerged from the weekend feeling personally empowered. The follow-up and support that Vesna provides is also superb, and most welcome. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone seeking to help others using this beautifully simple technique. Thank you, Vesna!

P. C. – Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner

The NLP Master Practitioner program was life changing personally and professionally. Vesna’s pragmatic approach to training ensures you leave the program with the confidence to practice as a Master Practitioner. I now look forward to helping others achieve their personal goals.

K. F. – Finance Industry

One day browsing across the Internet, I came across QT and I just knew I had to do my NLP training here. I felt an instant connection.

Initially I thought, I would use NLP and time line therapy to help my clients overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts. However, during the training, I confronted my own fears and ghosts from the past, dealt with them and finally said goodbye to them forever and ever!

Dr. Vesna has been a pillar of strength and courage and my journey to the discovery of a whole new wonderful me could not have been possible without her support. I can’t thank her enough for guiding me through this. It’s amazing how within minutes, one can let go off so much baggage from the past and view life from a completely different. Beautifully different perspective! I wish Dr. Vesna and QT all the very best for the magnificent work that they are doing and helping people transform their lives in a much more meaningful way!

Thank you!

G.B. – Psychologist, India

Vesna, from our first phone call, and at every step of the way through both the Hypnotherapy Certification and NLP Practitioner training, your professionalism was outstanding.

As a “very” mature student studying in a modality/industry I was unfamiliar with, your small class size, “hands on” experience and personalised attention contributed to my success and transformation….

In actual fact, it is the personal revelations I experienced as a student, and the life changing results I witness day to day, personally and as a practitioner, that continually encourage me to be the best that I can be, and to enjoy living an exciting, happy and fulfilling life. Thank you.

D. F. – NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

I have recently completed NLP practitioner training with QT.

I found the one on one training with Vesna to be an enjoyable and empowering experience. Vesna’s dedication and commitment assisted me in achieving personal and professional goals beyond my expectations.

I found the training to be highly personable and Vesna’s support during and after the training has allowed me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible.

I look forward to the completing the master practitioner training with QT.

Thanks to Vesna I feel more positive and motivated then ever before. Thanks again.

C. G. – NLP Practitioner

Before doing my NLP training with Vesna I had a goal for several years to gain my coaching and NLP certification and wanted an organisation and trainer with integrity that I felt confident and comfortable with. I got that with Vesna and Qt.

Vesna’s program was recommended by a trusted mentor and after reviewing the course I registered. I really enjoyed the structure and content of the course, the small class size, personalised attention and professionalism Vesna provided. Vesna was committed to our excellence throughout the course. Thank you Vesna!

I am now getting improved results with my staff and in business meetings and I am working towards transitioning from my current employment to coaching full time.

D. K. – Not for Profit Industry

I attended the New Hypnosis Certification weekend training with Dr. Vesna from Qt, and the day after completing my training I saw my first hypnosis client. I was excited to be able to assist this client to stop her teeth grinding and to deal with stress is just one hypnosis session. My client is thrilled and I already have other clients waiting to see me for weight reduction and other health issues. I am amazed how much I learnt in just one weekend and how quickly I was able to help my clients. Thank you!

N. G. – Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist

I recently attended a training weekend conducted by Dr Vesna Grubacevic of Qt. What a delightful experience it turned out to be. I am a retired Clinical Psychologist/Hypnotherapist with 30 years experience. It was so motivating that I felt a spark of excitement that I haven’t have had for a long time. A very supportive experience with great follow up. Thank you Vesna.

H. M. – Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist

I recently did my Hypnosis Training with Vesna Grubacevic of Qt. I really enjoyed her warm and welcoming personality in the classroom, as well as her professional approach in providing the training. Immediately at ease, I felt that I learnt a lot, that I was able to put into practice straight away on clients. Highly recommend her hypnosis course and I look forward to learning further with her.

S. L. – Wellness therapist

Before embarking on the NLP Practitioner course with Dr Vesna Grubacevic I was completely stuck in my life. I had a fair idea about what I wanted to do but was stuck because of fears about money and not being good enough and I lacked confidence and trust in myself. The Qt Transformational NLP Practitioner training course had a powerful impact on me and my ability to move forward. The course was supportive, challenging and eye opening and helped me to release so many un helpful beliefs. By the time I had my certificate, I felt changed in many ways and ready to action all of those things I’d been wanting for so many years.

Now, instead of feeling stuck, moving nowhere and being frustrated with myself, I am confident, energetic and am taking action everyday towards my goals. I have a greater clarity about where I’m headed and feel joy about that every day. Prior to working with Vesna I had no coaching clients and now I have my first 4 clients lined up and I’m really looking forward to helping them reach their full potential through the power of NLP.

J.B. – Coach and Writer

Having recently attended Dr. Vesna Grubacevic’s training “Hypnosis Certification Weekend” I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is considering this type of training to take this course.

I found that Dr. Vesna is warm and compassionate. She has the amazing ability not only to impart her extensive knowledge but also is so compelling in her passion of hypnosis that my personal goal is to excel in this area. By the end of the weekend I had so much more confidence in my own ability and have found the follow ups that she does after the course to be of immense help.

P.W. – Hypnotherapist

Upon retiring, after serious back surgery, I did not have a life other than work. I had to start from basics. What did I really want to do? I could just grow old and not achieve any of my deepest desires, or what? My real passion was art. I undertook a diploma of visual arts, then continued at University. I received my B.A. (visual arts). All along the way I was hindered by lack of confidence, therefore, self esteem was low. I had done Reiki and Art Therapy but still not confident, was advised to have hypnotherapy. I could not find one in my area, then the flyer from Qt, on, you guessed it Hypnotherapy. So….. I may as well learn to do it myself. I had no experience, no real idea of what it all entailed. I enrolled with Qt. With Vesna’s leadership very quickly found her to be a truly authentic person with high integrity and a nurturing space to have a breakthrough, one that held me suspended since I was a young girl. It was amazing.

I now lead an art group that is steadily growing in number, and using the techniques learnt from Vesna to fulfill my life in the manner I had only dreamt about. I have moved from being a recluse to a very contented, centred and confident person that is me. I can trust myself always. Trusting myself was the important link that had been missing throughout my life. I had handed it over to everyone else except me.

I recommend, for anyone at any age, searching for the hidden gaps in their personal history, these can be easily overcome in a safe caring environment. With the founder of Qt, I found such a person, I could trust implicitly to work with me through some painful memories for a profound outcome. Not only do you discover yourself, you learn some exceptional skills to help guide yourself and others through the maze of life toward greater competency. Thank you so much Vesna. I am very grateful.

D. G. – Therapist and Hypnotherapist

My experience of the programs offered by Qt has been first class. As a program leader I found Vesna to be highly knowledgeable, patient, thorough, willing to answer any, and all, questions and most importantly highly committed to her students being competent in delivering NLP techniques in an effective, sensitive and highly ethical manner.

The results that I have experienced in my business since completing my Master Practitioner training are a clear demonstration of Vesna’s effectiveness. In the first full quarter after completing my Master Practitioner training I had my most successful quarter ever. I increased my quarterly sales by 22% from my previous best quarterly figure. I have also received consistently outstanding feedback from participants at my various workshops and seminars.

Vesna has my unqualified recommendation as a highly effective and ethical trainer of NLP and I would be more than happy to field any enquiries at any time with respect to this testimonial.

R. C. – Executive Coach

Thank you for the amazing Master NLP Training. Everything was explained in such depth. With this training I got all the accreditation’s that I needed to be recognized as a master practitioner and an internationally accredited coach.

The break through session at the end was amazing both as a coach and as a client. I got written feedback on everything I did. Thank you so much for that. During the course I was working on my own issues while I was learning. I lost 6 kg in 4 weeks while I was doing the course, no diet and no exercise.

This training has helped me transform my life on so many levels to the point that just the other day I stood up to a bully. In the past I would have just kept quiet and let them take their anger out on me, and then pretend that everything was alright, but not anymore!! Instead I used the incident as learning, and I have your amazing training to thank for that!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

J.S. – Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

I completed the NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course with Qt. I was extremely impressed with the way this course was taught in terms of the depth of information, the knowledge and expertise of Vesna and the overall quality of the material. The knowledge and skills I learnt from this course have helped me both personally and professionally. Through the practical training exercises performed during the course in-class, I was able to resolve many of my own issues and problems, while also gaining invaluable experience from a clients perspective. This has allowed me to establish my own practice and begin transforming the lives of others through this wonderful technology.

A. O. – NLP Practitioner

The New Hypnosis Certification Training is a must do for anyone wanting quick and powerful tools for creating change in their clients and or their own lives. I took this training after already having completed my Master Hypnosis training and I still learnt many brilliant and quick new techniques.

M. G. – Hypnotherapist

As someone has has trained others I know that a good trainer is hard to find, with Vesna, you get that and so much more.

With Vesna, you get taught in a way that best suits your learning style and helps you realise your potential. In the actual training I personally found it a real eye opener and it changed the way I saw the world and how I was thinking! After the training I have felt confident to use what I learned in my work situation straight away and I can tell you, thanks to the training Vesna gave, I have helped changed lives now as well!

If you are thinking about doing NLP training, take it with Vesna. It will be one of the best investments of your life!

M.S. – Osteopath and NLP Practitioner

I have just completed the Master Practitioner Certificate with Qt and have found it incredibly rewarding both on a personal and a business level. The course has given me the skills to assist my clients in removing any negative emotions or limiting beliefs they have in their lives so that I can then help them set some new goals and move forward into the future. I have also had the benefit of going through this process my self, during the course, which has allowed me to grow as a person and grow in my business. Many of my new skills allow me to build instant rapport with my potential clients, allowing them to be more open to my proposals…an essential for any selling business! I have started helping clients with my NLP skills already and am looking forward to building this side of my business next year.

W. K. – Business Owner, Fitness Industry

Last year, I completed both my NLP Practitioner and my NLP Master Practitioner certification.

What attracted me to Qt was the personalised service offered. The small groups ensured we each received adequate support and attention, it allow me to ask lots of questions and clarify anything I was unsure about instead of getting lost in the crowd, it also allowed us as students to bond and get to know each other.

The content of the course was delivered with integrity and always in a professional manner. The content, tools and techniques themselves are amazing and life changing. I apply NLP to every area of life both personally and professionally on a daily basis.

Vesna is also very accessible, if you have any questions. Vesna also offers follow-up sessions, adding great value to the course. Qt also provides numerous opportunities to practice and consolidate your NLP skills through the assistants’ program and review evenings, which I love.

Vesna genuinely cares and shows an interest in my progress and results. I now know my opportunities and possibilities are endless. Since completing my NLP Master Practitioner certification I have already started to fulfill my goals and set new goals.

Thank-you, Vesna, for your ongoing support and belief in me.

I would recommend any of Qt or Vesna’s transformational courses.

D. H. – Nurse, Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

In November I trained with Vesna of Qt to become a NLP practitioner. Vesna’s smaller training group was imperative to the amount of additional knowledge you gain during the course. The following year, utilizing the knowledge increased my confidence and client base, and I extended my NLP knowledge and trained with Vesna to become a Master NLP Practitioner. Again this was with a small group and to truly become an NLP practitioner you need both courses. If you only do the practitioner course, it’s like having only 15% of the jigsaw pieces, once you have completed Master Practitioner, you can see the whole picture.

I highly recommended Vesna and her approach if you are serious about becoming one of Australia’s leading NLP practitioners.

S. H. – Consultant, Therapist and Business Owner

When you have completed the NLP Practitioners course with Vesna, you simply MUST do the Master Practitioner course. Yes, its 16 days of training, more intense but what it gives you is so much more depth, breadth and latent abilities to help people in transformation. Picture an inverted triangle. Doing the Practitioner course is like the bottom half and doing the Master Practitioner course is like gaining the top half of the triangle in terms of value and benefits. Personally, I have moved to much higher levels as a result of doing Master Prac and my business is the best ever and poised next year to scale heights only dreamed of. In terms of numbers, my annual income is now in the 6 figure territory (never before) and this will triple in the next year easily. Thank you Vesna for helping me achieve all this.

R. Y. – Business Owner, Training/Personal Development Industry

In the four weeks since the completion of my training, I have attracted 50% more clients and have been able to increase my company’s revenue by 100%. My expectations of this training were well and truly exceeded! My experience of Vesna as a leader and facilitator was that she was extremely knowledgeable, able to impact this knowledge in a highly effective manner, engaging, congruent and completely committed to achieving an outstanding outcome for all the participants. I highly recommend Qt’s transformational trainings to anybody considering investing in their own, or their company’s professional development.

R. C. – Professional Coach

Vesna Grubacevic was my trainer for the Practitioner and Master Practitioners courses in NLP. I found Vesna to be professional, thorough, caring, hard working and thoroughly educationally sound. All the notes we needed were already in our books, plus slides as well as room to make more notes. The pace was fast, but not so fast that we could not keep up or ask questions.

The course encouraged me to focus on what I wanted and to have much more confidence in my abilities and resources. I was approached to apply for a top job in the Education Department, having impressed one of their employees by a workshop. I applied and to my delight I have recently been appointed Coordinator for Literacy for VELS (secondary). I am sure that some of the success of the application was due to the way the master practitioner’s Course focused my energy and resources.

I was so impressed with Vesna’s work that I immediately recommended her to people who I met. Her follow up and attention to details as well as the big picture are amazing.

I thoroughly recommend Vesna for anyone interested in NLP, either for their own development or for use as a practitioner.

J. F. – Master NLP Practitioner, Teacher and Trainer

Before I was working as a consultant in a project management company. While I enjoyed the work, I had no challenge. I was getting frustrated with the role, yet did not have the courage to get out. I was unsure of my own ability. I had no goals, I had ideas yet didn’t know how to put them into action. During the NLP training I finally had the courage to admit to myself what I really wanted to do and I put a goal out there. It all happened really quite nicely – I was headhunted. I accepted my new role in a small training company, knowing that it will give me the opportunity to do counseling and coaching as well.

Completing the NLP training with Qt, I learnt to coach myself and I really enjoyed the personalized one-on-one counseling/coaching sessions during the training. That experience helped me to overcome my biggest fear of whether I can really work with people and help them. I learnt to trust myself and that I can do it. Knowing that I can have an impact on others simply by listening and saying only a few words to help them change their perspective and their situation. It feels absolutely brilliant and fantastic to help others! And you have to be true to yourself especially if you want to help others. I obtained clarity, inspiration and motivation by working through limiting beliefs and goal setting. Setting goals gave me clarity and motivation and when I achieve one goal it inspires and motivates me to keep going.

The change has been a lasting one because I keep achieving my goals. So far in the past three months I have already achieved 3.5 out of the 4 goals I have set, including the big one of changing my career. An amazing journey of discovery done in a safe environment with such respect and with genuine help! The commitment level from the other participants and Vesna was great. Do the training for yourself – it will be as magnificent for you as it was for me. I have now been able to finally spread my wings in my career!

P. M. – Trainer, Meditation teacher

An excellent course that was thorough and a pleasure to attend. Well paced with plenty of time to chunk down for all the detail lovers present. I enjoyed the small group, the personalized attention, the hands on experience, the opportunity to practice each step and working from beginning to end with a client. I would highly recommend working with Vesna as she is a great role model and very congruent with all that she teaches. Whether wanting therapy, work on business or values or accreditation for Practitioner or Master Practitioner, you can’t go past Qt. Ten out of ten!!!

E.S. – Business Owner

When I first met Vesna I was working for Australia Post as a Communications Manager, working all hours, day and night, pleasing everyone else and never satisfied. The NLP trainings I have completed were the most important part of the transformation. They helped me to create an awareness of what I wasn’t doing in life and what I wasn’t doing for myself. They helped me to believe in myself enough to follow my dreams and to be a role model for others.

The biggest was a lack of belief in myself. I grew up with so many constraints and always did what others wanted me to do and there was no satisfaction. I was never allowed to say I was good at something – I could never acknowledge myself and it was a constant struggle to justify my existence. Transforming my thinking has allowed me to get to a level where I would have liked to have been ten years ago. I always had the ability but never had the belief in myself. The key for me is to help others to believe in themselves and I am now a real role model for them, which is more effective as a teacher and a trainer. The change certainly has been a lasting one for the past two years and it will continue.

Because of my listening skills and being able to now better understand people, I am far more in tune with what people want. I am meeting people’s needs more effectively, I am working smarter so there is more time left for me and the business is far more successful. People are seeking me out to help them and it is a lovely feeling of satisfaction.

Now I do things I want to do and enjoy them. I have so much to look forward to in life – upcoming holidays in Queensland and Africa and a photographic exhibition of my own work. The doors seem to be opening all over the place because I have changed. Everything that I dreamt of over the past twelve months has happened – it’s incredible! A wonderful journey and a fabulous experience. I highly recommend everyone does an NLP training with Qt and to do it openly because you will get so much awareness and awakening. It is the most valuable thing I have ever done – the best return of money, time and effort. Life is terrific!

M.W. – Business Owner, Trainer, Speaker, Professional Photographer

I would like to thank you for the Hypnosis training. It is truly excellent value for money. I have learned so much and there was lots of additional extras. I commend you on your abilities as a trainer.  You are an excellent teacher who is completely supportive and committed to the confidence and success of your students. 

K. K. – Health Industry

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