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Not Good Enough?

never good enough
  • Do you feel not good enough regardless of how much you achieve?
  • Are you questioning or doubting yourself and your ability?
  • Do you never feel qualified enough regardless of how much training you do?
  • Are your insecurities keeping you small and out of the spotlight?
  • Do you take other people’s comments too personally or feel judged by others?

A Common Challenge

If you are having these thoughts and feelings, you are amongst many professionals and business owners. Most of them feel never good enough and not competent enough regardless of how much experience they have, their level of skill and knowledge.  Despite their successes and achievements, they still have overwhelming self-doubts and thoughts of inadequacy.  Many of them also feel undeserving of their success, and undervalue themselves.

I see many professionals and business owners with these challenges, and many have experienced major negative consequences from not addressing these issues sooner.  Some have low self-esteem, feel anxious, confused, overwhelmed and depressed.  Others have sabotaged their careers and missed out on well-deserved promotions or pay increases, while some have sabotaged their successful businesses and struggled to recover.  Some have sabotaged their relationships and pushed partners, friends or family members away with their insecurities.  Others have developed physical health problems.

Addressing the Underlying Cause

Before you can change, stop or improve anything you do, first you need to be aware of and acknowledge that something needs to change.  Without an awareness and acknowledgement, all appears to be well – we continue to think, feel and behave in the same ways, and achieve the same levels of performance.

Having your colleagues, manager, family, friends and partner boost and prop up your confidence and self-esteem, via positive feedback and validation is also not a long-term solution to your insecurities.  Because the real issue originates inside of you, to fully deal with it, you need to work on yourself. 

Rather than relying on others to take responsibility for how you think, feel and then compensate for this, you need to take ownership for changing these.  What if one day they forget, what if one day they have a bad day, what if one day they have their own challenges to deal with… and they are unable to give you the validation you seek?  Who will be there to help you to feel enough, worthy, secure, etc.?  You!!!

Permanently Eliminate Your Insecurities

Awareness is the first step in your journey.  The next step is your commitment to making the necessary changes.  Then, it is time to permanently let go of the underlying cause of feeling never good enough. The good news is that I have helped thousands of professionals and business owners to quickly and permanently eliminate their insecurities with proven results and success.

Read about one of our recent inspiring clients who transformed her self-doubts into self-love, and loving relationships with others.

If you would like to experience a life without insecurity and self-doubt, have more fulfilling relationships, and greater confidence and success, you are welcome to book a free 30 minute Confidence and Success Empowerment© phone session with me to walk you through that journey.

I look forward to empowering you on your journey!

Dr Vesna

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