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Permanently Boost Your Confidence

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Are you lacking confidence in interviews, social situations or in relationships? Have you lost your confidence and wish you could regain it? Do you have a high level of confidence and wish to permanently keep it for greater success in life?

Confidence Saboteurs

Most people have had confidence at one time or another in their life, then “lost” it. Common types of events that can sabotage our confidence include:

  • missing out on promotions or interviews, retrenchment, poor performance reviews
  • divorce, separation, relationship break-up or conflict with family and/or friends
  • being overweight, poor body image, emotional or mental health challenges.

From working with thousands of clients since 2000, and through my research, I have discovered that there are over 35 different ways that we can sabotage our confidence and success in life.  Amongst those are:

  • Anxiety. When you stress, worry, or get anxious about an interview, a presentation, money, a family gathering, or any other situation, it can negatively affect your confidence and your level of success. Research has shown that your thoughts (either positive or negative) become self-fulfilling through your behaviour.
  • Overreacting with emotions. When your “buttons” are pushed, you lose your objectivity and focus, and you get overwhelmed with anger, fear, hurt and other emotions. This can affect your ability to access positive emotions like confidence, can sour personal and professional relationships and affect your ability to successfully achieve what you want. I was recently interviewed for a story on anger. You can read the full article on pages 65-67 in the July 2014 issue of ELLE magazine out now, and hear what I and others say about anger and how to deal with it.
  • Limiting beliefs. Beliefs (such as fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of public speaking, “I am not good enough,” “I can’t have what I want”) limit your confidence, hold you back from taking action and prevent you from having the personal and professional success you desire.

As a result, it is important to address the above and any other confidence saboteurs so that you can regain and permanently keep high levels of confidence and success. Look out for our future articles where we will explore and explain these in more detail. In the meantime, you can read about how one of our clients boosted her confidence, as well as empower yourself further with these Confidence Building Resources:

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Imagine transforming your self-sabotage into lasting confidence and success!

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