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Rewarding you for empowering others!


  • Would you like to help your family, friends, loved ones, colleagues and team to be happier and more successful?
  • Are you passionate about empowering others to improve their confidence and their personal and professional success?

Welcome to the Qt Leadership Rewards Program©!

The Qt Leadership Rewards Program© has been designed especially to empower you, your friends, colleagues and team on your transformation journey.  As well as to reward you and empower your friends, colleagues and team with FREE resources.

Whether your family, friends and colleagues are individuals, professionals, executives, CEOs, leaders, business owners, managers, salespeople or are part of a team, they will also benefit from our transformational tools and strategies… and from their FREE resources!

Because leaders inspire and empower others to excel, every time you refer your family, friends, colleagues and team to Qt, you are showing true transformational leadership, empowering them to excel and inspiring them to also transform their results!  And we would like to reward you for being a true leader and for empowering others.

Empower Your Family, Friends, Colleagues and Team Today!

Simply forward this link to your family, friends, colleagues and team and empower them with their free resources.

Your Reward

We are delighted to reward you for each new referral and will send you a special coupon to use towards a Qt program of your choice*.  The value of the coupon is 10% of the total amount invested by the person your refer to us.  You will receive the coupon once they fully complete their program and investment.  A referral is a new person you refer to us and who is not on our database already.

Thank you for empowering others and helping us to achieve our vision of creating an empowered society.

*Excludes books, audios and other products.