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Transformational Client Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Brittany.  Brittany is an avid sports lover and she enjoys watching sport with her friends.  Her work now takes her all around Victoria as she ensures animals are protected.

You have had a huge transformation recently, please tell us about it.

When I first went to see Dr Vesna I had been in a job I felt was unfulfilling for some time and didn’t have the confidence to face a new challenge and seek a position in the career I wanted. Some years before I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and following that my relationship with my employer had also become quite toxic, although I didn’t see it at the time. Dr Vesna has helped me to accept and be happy with who I am and regain my confidence. I’m no longer afraid of a challenge or scared of confronting people or making new friends. I now have an amazing new job at a company I have always dreamed of working at.

What were the biggest challenges you needed to overcome to get to where you are now?

The biggest challenge was accepting who I was and realising that it was okay to be different or to make mistakes.

To what extent has working with Qt helped you to transform your confidence, career and relationships?

I never thought Dr Vesna would be able to help me as much as she has. I now feel confident to take on new challenges, meet new people and because of this I was able to successfully gain employment at a company I have always dreamed of working at. Dr Vesna taught me the tools and skills to manage my emotions, communicate more effectively, reduce my stress and most importantly to be happy!

How has transforming your thinking impacted on your success?

Prior to seeing Dr Vesna I had such a poor image of myself, I never thought that I could make a change in my life and overcome past hurts. For as long as I could remember I always told myself that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough, since seeing Dr Vesna I have not had that thought once! Instead, I don’t feel scared about facing a challenge, I find myself thinking logically and embrace it. Before, nothing I ever did was good enough. Now, I don’t hold unachievable expectations of myself, I am able to reflect on my performance or how I handled a situation and be proud of how I acted or what I did.

What has been the biggest change for you?

The biggest change has been accepting myself for who I am. I no longer live my life by thinking solely about what others think of me.

Having now made this change, what do you now enjoy most about work and life?

Previously I thought of myself as antisocial and I found meeting new people anxiety inducing. Since making this change I have met so many new people and find myself constantly attracting invitations to social events or to contribute to new projects at work. I love that now I look at life positively, I not only view myself in a more positive light but I view others positively as well.

How would you sum up your transformation?

This process has been life changing, I only wish I did it sooner!

How to Transform Your Confidence, Career and Relationships

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