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Transformational Client Success Story

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Catherine. Catherine is 53 years of age, married with 2 adult children. She has worked as a registered nurse for 33 years. During her nursing career she has worked in several areas including Renal Dialysis, Radiology, community nursing and aged care.

During the pandemic she worked as a care manager in an aged care facility responsible for 100 residents and over 100 staff. This was an extremely stressful role which took a toll on both her physical and mental health. When she resigned from this position she had reached 89 kilos – the heaviest she had been in her life.

You have had a huge transformation recently, please tell us about it Catherine.

After I resigned from the position as care manager, I decided I needed to shed weight and study something that interested me. I began exercising and enrolled in a hypnotherapy course that changed my life. I completed training with Vesna, and set some goals during my training. My major goal set was to get extremely fit and shed enough weight to compete in a over 50 bikini competition. This goal had a time limit which was set for 2022, which I achieved in September 2022.

Catherine achieves her goal – an inspiration!

What were the biggest challenges you needed to overcome to get to where you are now?

To achieve this goal, I had to work extremely hard; shedding enough weight to compete, along with reaching peak physical fitness. To achieve this goal, I had to change my mindset and believe in my training, and believe in my ability to achieve my goals.

How has transforming your thinking impacted on your health, relationships and success?

The transformation of my thinking allowed me to believe in myself, and believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to providing I did the work.

My family have been absolutely blown away with my mind and body transformation. My family have expressed how proud they are of my achievements.

What has been the biggest change for you?

The biggest change for me is the belief and self-confidence I now have in myself, which has now made me very aware that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Having now made this change, what do you now enjoy most about life?

Since I have made all these changes in my life I now enjoy exercising. I now exercise with ease, and it is not a chore.

How would you sum up your transformation?

Life changing. Just amazing. I have also inspired other ladies in my community to achieve goals they thought impossible.

How you too can transform your mental, physical and emotional health!

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