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nlp career changeHow to Confidently and Successfully Secure Your Ideal Career Opportunities

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in their career with our NLP career change programs. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

When I first went to see Vesna I had been in a job I felt was unfulfilling for some time and didn’t have the confidence to face a new challenge and seek a position in the career I wanted. Some years before I had been in an emotionally abusive relationship and following that my relationship with my employer had also become quite toxic, although I didn’t see it at the time. Vesna has helped me to accept and be happy with who I am and regain my confidence. I’m no longer afraid of a challenge or scared of confronting people or making new friends. I now have an amazing new job at a company I have always dreamed of working at.

The biggest challenge was accepting who I was and realising that it was okay to be different or to make mistakes.  I never thought Vesna would be able to help me as much as she has. I now feel confident to take on new challenges, meet new people and because of this I was able to successfully gain employment at a company I have always dreamed of working at. Vesna taught me the tools and skills to manage my emotions, communicate more effectively, reduce my stress and most importantly to be happy!

Prior to seeing Vesna I had such a poor image of myself, I never thought that I could make a change in my life and overcome past hurts. For as long as I could remember I always told myself that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough, since seeing Vesna I have not had that thought once! Instead, I don’t feel scared about facing a challenge, I find myself thinking logically and embrace it. Before, nothing I ever did was good enough. Now, I don’t hold unachievable expectations of myself, I am able to reflect on my performance or how I handled a situation and be proud of how I acted or what I did.

The biggest change has been accepting myself for who I am. I no longer live my life by thinking solely about what others think of me.  Previously I thought of myself as antisocial and I found meeting new people anxiety inducing. Since making this change I have met so many new people and find myself constantly attracting invitations to social events or to contribute to new projects at work. I love that now I look at life positively, I not only view myself in a more positive light but I view others positively as well.

This NLP career change process has been life changing, I only wish I did it sooner!

B. T. – Animal Protection Industry

I had just started a new role in the company that I work for and during that time, redundancies started to sweep through my workplace and my anxiety and fear of not knowing what to do next started to take hold.

All of a sudden, I was in panic mode and being in an open office environment in that situation, it became very hard to approach anyone with questions relating to my new role – there were times where I felt sensitive to any negative comments or behaviours and often came home feeling stressed about not knowing whether my role at work would exist and also felt exhausted from the way I saw how my work environment had become.

I struggled socially anyway and did not know how to function in social situations and during meetings at work. I felt that I had no choice but to put others first and took no responsibility for my life choices. I did not know how to treat myself respectfully.

The biggest obstacle I needed to overcome was the way I felt about the environment at work and to take responsibility for my life. I also found that working around the clock made it difficult to form new habits and had to really figure out a way to set reminders for myself in order to put into practice my new skills taught to me by Dr Vesna at QT.

The transformation process was very quick. After 4 sessions with Dr Vesna at QT I was very excited to find my life’s purpose. I was able to learn how to forgive myself for the way I treated myself and viewed the world in the past, and I am now able to handle social situations confidently and enjoy outings with my family.

Working with Dr Vesna from QT has been life changing. My confidence has really improved where I feel good about sharing thoughts and opinions with others in both my work and social environments. I am functioning well at work and can see that others respond to me differently because I have changed the way I communicate and I also see the perspectives of others as well as my own – all credited to skills and guidance through the NLP career change program by Dr Vesna at QT.

Above all eIse, I feel that I have a stronger connection with my family and also can see that my kids are happier and are learning from the positive examples that I am setting all due to working with QT. It has impacted on my success where I am not constantly feeling stressed at work and where projects at home are now successfully being completed. The biggest change for me is the feeling of confidence at work and social environments. I feel that with Dr Vesna’s guidance in NLP and continual application of what I have learnt from my transformational sessions with QT, the change will be a lasting one.

I now enjoy having a closer family – where we are very supportive and understanding of each other in a calmer and more positive environment. I am planning and learning more and will be taking part in the NLP Practitioner Certification Training at QT which is very exciting.

My transformation was very quick and powerful. It has transformed me into a more confident person with a bright future.

S. M. – IT Industry


Prior to my transformation, my life was a state of confusion and anger. I have endured many wrong turns in family life and personally. The passing of my father also brought me to the brink of destruction. I lost a sense of direction and motivation to move myself forward. I put my career on hold for the past 12 months.

The biggest transformation was the ability to care for myself and to love the person that I am. I’ve learnt again to be happier with my appearance, my confidence in facing the world around me and to keep a smile through difficult times.

My work career was the biggest challenge. For the last 9 years I endured jealousy, intimidation and abuse. Wherever I went I attracted that from all my past work colleagues. Now after the transformation, I’ve attracted companies that I could never approach before. Now I am wanted by these companies and I am currently in a company that pays great, and has a great social environment.

The energy I now feel inside of me is something I have never felt before. My life is now succeeding every day. New and exciting opportunities now appear on my door of which I am in control. I’ve accepted that I have the right to choose my path. People have accepted me for the person I am because I am a positive person and they like working with me.

Always thinking positive attracts the right answers. Visualising the night before allows me to have positive days. The greatest success for me – I now have realistic goals which I’ve never thought about doing in my life prior to my transformation. I can honestly prove that realistic goals do work because look at my career now!

My happiness has been the biggest change for me. I feel alive and everyone around me says I look younger, which feels great. The transformation has motivated me to pursue new things I enjoy, and most importantly, I have a great relationship with my family again. Yes, it has been a lasting change and it definitely continues every day. The transformation has inspired me to stay the course.

My life is moving in the right direction. My goals have been a great inspiration for finding the right job and meeting the right people. Most importantly, what I realised from this is that my health is 100% again. My stress levels have disappeared and it has cleared my mind.

My transformation is gold. I’ve turned my life in a different direction, which I love. I would definitely recommend other people for their NLP career change transformation and how important it is for people to realise there is something out there that can transform your life.

J. G. – Construction Industry


During my transition from IT to sales, realigning priorities to engage in business became a fine balancing act. Needless to say, my finances suffered greatly and I never want to see that again, I went through very tough times. I couldn’t believe I’d gone from earning a healthy 6 figure salary to zero. I realised that NLP would assist me to adapt. Just 24 months prior to attending the NLP Practitioner certification training with Qt, I was hand to mouth from one job to another. I had 9 different employers, none of these jobs really offered me real future value, I was reactionary and at best the jobs were a band-aid solution. Since the training with Qt, my goals have become real! In past roles I was not achieving my financial or personal goals. Now I have overachieved my goal!

In the previous 12 months I achieved earnings of $30 – 40K per year, which is not much when your fixed outgoings are substantial. I finished my NLP training on Saturday, set a goal on the Friday before to achieve an annual income of $85K. Less than 72 hours after the training finished, I was really astonished. I was called by one of the leading global financial insurance companies to commence work with them. While on a contract basis, my annual earnings are now $95K. Once I achieved this goal I realised I could do it again and I set another goal. It is all about being specific and being internally and externally congruent. Now I have set a target of earning $20K per month and I am going beautifully towards achieving this goal. The change has been a lasting one because all I can see now, clearly is success. Before there was a shadow of a doubt, now there is none.

I’ve researched several NLP training programs and found they are too cramped with a high number of participants per class, the sad truth is that even if participants could interject they were too afraid to ask questions in fear of sounding silly – now that’s a total contradiction to the teachings of NLP to begin with. Qt’s smaller training classes are more intimate and have more benefits. I had free flowing dialogue during the entire training with the Trainer!

I am thoroughly glad I did the training with Qt. A key trait of an entrepreneur is the ability to inspire others. I feel like I have got that entrepreneurial spirit back. Thank you for my NLP career change!

M. K. – Entrepreneur, Salesperson

My transformation was magical – like the beast in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – one of my daughter’s favourite stories! Yes, I jest. I don’t live in a castle and couldn’t ride a horse to save myself. In some ways though there were similarities. My feeling was that no matter how hard I tried I wasn’t getting anywhere – I couldn’t get traction with my life goals – as if a spell had been cast. And this despite my generally sunny disposition! So frustrating and I’m sure you know what I mean! Consequently, this was always going to be about a personal journey for me with some key indicators around relationships and career.

The first noticeable change was how I felt in myself – less concerned about how others viewed me and much happier with simply being me. I also rediscovered my adventurous side, my lust for life if you will: the one that creates life experiences. This is great for my daughter too, as we’ve got into rock wall climbing and high rope activities (great fun!), and had a marvellous holiday away at Apollo Bay.

People also started connecting with me and seeking guidance. Some I knew well, others not so much, asking me to present at professional forums and apply for job positions. And magically, like the days of old, I was offered a fantastic new role. It’s slightly different from what I have been doing and in the area of international aid, which is of personal interest to me. So I’m about to start a new and very exciting phase of life. For me, this was a wonderful gauge of how far I have come so quickly with Vesna’s support.

The whole job application process was short, sweet and seamless – unlike similar situations from last year and more like career transitions from earlier periods in life. You know – one day I’m an engineer and a couple of months later I’m training to be a flight attendant all thanks to a random conversation over a couple of drinks! By better understanding the underlying patterns I’ve picked up and then transforming my thinking, I’ve been able to rediscover my innate self-belief. If you believe you can – you will. Success, joy happiness flows from that. And, would you believe, somebody actually came up to me and asked me the secret of my happiness!!

Self-doubt and a lack of trust were the biggest challenges I needed to overcome. The other challenge was to relax more and not to be so hard on myself. I’ve always been reasonably successful and my roles have been predominantly ‘achievement’ based. The inner critic though can be quite destructive at times and in the past decade or so had become a bit too vociferous.

With Vesna’s guidance and support, I’ve learnt an enormous amount about the limiting patterns that lurk in the subconscious and how they can manifest in my outer life. By becoming aware of these and clearing them out, it seems as if the clouds have parted and the sun has come out. There is nothing like clarity! That possibly sounds a bit dramatic I know. The reality is though we all go through things in life that can be quite jarring. For me, I was left with a sense of ‘how on earth did it get to that’ and ‘what did I do to deserve that’. By working with Vesna I’ve been able to understand how such events link back to earlier experiences and create a framework to work through them. From that I was able to get to a position of forgiveness – of others as well as myself. And that has been liberating.

I think, perhaps for the first time in my life, I fully understand and appreciate the value of goal setting – Vesna was fabulous with this. A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

Being the person I am, writing goals down has been a bit problematic as when they haven’t worked out as initially intended I’ve tended to see that as a bit of a failure – even when the alternative outcome has been just as good! Now I have the vision to set my goals and finalise them!

I now have a positive expectancy: I know good things are coming my way. Today, tomorrow or next week, fabulous situations will be my experience. The big difference is that I now put myself out there – I challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. And that’s energising and stimulating in itself.

My NLP career change transformation is marvellous! With Vesna’s guidance and support I feel like I’ve been able to give the lantern within me a really good polish – allowing my light to shine brightly again. And that’s great! Not just for me though, it’s also good for my daughter when she visits, and the myriad of other people around me – family, friends and colleagues. I’ve always been a fairly empathetic and supportive person: someone that people have come to for a chat. Another positive sign for me, as part of the transformation, has been the resurgence of my willingness to make myself available to people and to appreciate that I have a lot to offer. And that has created an awareness of other career possibilities for me in the future.

P. E. – Not For Profit Industry

Before undergoing the NLP career change transformation with QT, I was constantly stressed and at times less effective at managing my time and energy towards achieving anything. Procrastination was common in my lifestyle outside of work, and many day to day tasks I would pass over by busying myself with inconsequential activities.

I needed to free myself from the mental blocks that had built up over the years that limited my potential for growth and professional success. I had to become more disciplined with my time and remain focused on the (desired) outcomes, while reclaiming my confidence and self-esteem.

During my sessions with QT, I was able to break free of the mental and emotional shackles my past experiences had given me. It was liberating to have changed my perspective on past events, and no longer be burdened by the fear of negative outcomes in similar circumstances. I now have constant complete confidence in myself to do everything to the best of my abilities at the time, and embrace failure as an opportunity for learning and growth towards my personal success!

Through backtracking my personal timeline for events in my life that had left me with doubts and fears, and re-examining those events in an unemotional setting, Vesna helped me to see everything in different contexts. My sessions with QT rewired my thought process to understand that I needed to be clear about my desired outcomes, what is the purpose of meeting those outcomes, and that I have to take action (and not make excuses) to achieve them. The creative visualisation techniques enabled me to maintain positive throughout the days that were highly challenging.

Having shifted to a positive mindset, I am having better relationships with everybody – including myself! Every day I am looking forward to making a positive impact on the lives of others. My time is more productive than ever before, and I am having far more time free to expand my knowledge and skills. Every day I make time to listen to great speakers for the purpose of constant learning, also engaging in meditation at least twice a week. Learning to become grateful has opened up new possibilities for me, as I recognise small successes each day and am thankful for the unsuccessful things that occur.

For anybody looking to be successful in any area of life, but suffers from some self limiting beliefs, I would recommend NLP therapy with QT. It is necessary to be patient for achieving the ultimate successes in life, while engaging in persistent actions towards reaching whatever that is for you. Being free of the fear of failure, and being able to use them to learn is very important. Find people who you can trust to support you and believe in you as you undertake your personal journey, who will keep you accountable and not let you quit is very important!

For me, my transformation has re-awakened my purpose in life, that I had buried under falling into the socially normal pattern of working for others, just to get by. I always wanted to entertain people, to stir emotional response, educate and inform, and to be able to help people philanthropically. Even though I am doing some of that now, it is not to the level that I dreamed of. My passion to change the world for the better can be best achieved when I have reached the status of world famous, with wealth that I can put to good use. It has become important to set forward a path towards that, and every day I make a little progress (some days more) because I invested in myself by engaging QT to clear the path. Even though finances were an obstacle at the time, I made the commitment to change my life for the better, and I am so glad that I did!

D. S. – Fitness Industry

Prior to my transformation life was tough, I was always in a worried state, it was hard for me to focus and enjoy life. I didn’t have much confidence and often doubted myself, and put others first and tried to control situations/thoughts which we can never do, I realize.

I feel awesome! The tools and techniques have helped me a lot and I believe that they will continue to help me progress in all aspects of my life. I feel light and free in my mind and body. It’s an amazing feeling, I’m more confident and now put myself first. It feels good.

Trying to stay focused on me, and controlling situations/reactions. It was difficult and that was the biggest challenge. The NLP career change program has helped me a lot, and practice does make perfect. I’ve improved dramatically and feel amazing compared to how I was before.

I just feel so different and able to confidently move on with my amazing life. I am thinking a lot more positively and not getting too emotional or even analysing too much if something goes wrong. It’s a pretty awesome feeling. Biggest change, I am able to voice out my thoughts, engage with others a lot easier than before and control my thinking a lot more. It has been a lasting one, I always put myself first and start from the beginning which is focusing on myself, which I never did do before. Just being able to focus on ME, and be a lot more relaxed and enjoy the important things in life.

It’s awesome! Its made a huge difference in my professional and work life. I feel confident, relaxed and amazing. Thank you Dr.Vesna for all your support.

S. K. – Telecommunications Industry

I signed up to the hypnosis certification weekend as I had a genuine interest in hypnosis.

I didn’t expect to have as much fun over the Hypnosis Certification weekend as I did. The course itself was well presented and well paced making it an enjoyable learning experience. The practical sessions were well structure giving me the confidence and skills to be practicing hypnotist.

On a personal level I now have a better understanding of the unconscious mind and how it impacts my daily life. This has given me the motivation and tools I require to make desired changes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a genuine interest in hypnosis or anyone looking to change careers.

J. D. – Finance Industry

I’m really thankful to Vesna and to Qt for the NLP career change training provided. I can see a big difference in the way that now I perceive situations and relationships in contrast of the way I used to do before the training. The tools provided are definitely helping me become a better person in a holistic way. I’m excited to start using these new knowledge in my work as a organisational development consultant. Thanks for everything.

F. J. – Industrial Engineer

QT and Dr Vesna have had an incredible affect on my life! Sounds like a big call but it’s exactly how I feel.

I came to Dr Vesna with a life long problem of a fear of public speaking which I have had since my early 20’s. Now in my 40’s it was something I had learnt to live with, mainly through avoidance and something I may have continued to avoid had I not been faced with a major public speaking task that was unavoidable (and one I didn’t want to avoid) of being best man!

I came to Dr Vesna who, in an incredibly short space of time, made an immediate positive impact which I didn’t believe were possible.

Dr Vesna introduced techniques in a comfortable, safe environment putting me at ease straight away. I was able to use these techniques immediately both in practice with her, but also straight away in meetings and presentations at work.

I then practiced the techniques and positive inputs over a period of time to bring myself from a point where there was no possibility of being able to give a best man speech, to that of looking forward to the event!

Dr Vesna coached me through from start to finish on how to prepare mentally and physiologically for the best mans speech. I executed it and delivered it perfectly…. I got raucous laughter, captivated the audience and more than that thoroughly enjoyed it! Many people congratulated me on the speech, some saying it was the best they had heard but no-one thought for a moment I was nervous and assumed I had given speeches many times before.

I would not have been able to do this prior to going to QT. I cannot thank Dr Vesna enough, not only for the techniques and NLP career change sessions we went through, but also for her positive re-inforncement, diligence and for ensuring I kept to the program, implemented what I had learnt and practiced, practiced, practiced!

I highly recommend QT to anyone suffering from severe anxiety when it comes to work presentations or public speaking, it has quite literally opened up new doors for me and I am filled with a newfound confidence!

Thank you Dr Vesna!

E. B. – Recruitment Industry

Wanted to tell you the news!!!

After 2 months of job hunting, I’ve been offered 3 positions at once and I ended up to getting back to the position which I had in the previous organisation!

The important part is the timing – it was exactly what we’ve practiced in the NLP career change session with you!!!

At the time it being offered I was so excited and thinking about the session with you…I couldn’t believe it…

I want to take this opportunity to Thank you and mention the method you taught me means a lot to me and I can utilize it in many different aspects of my life.

M. A. – IT industry

I asked for help. This lead me to Vesna. The same reason you may be here reading this now too.

As I was in an uncomfortable situation, caught in my head, needing purpose & direction in career and in life, not knowing where to turn, but feeling I needed to do something.

I came across Dr. Vesna’s information & reading about her & her services. This resonated with me & what I felt I needed. She was so understanding, caring & catering to my situation, she suggested the “Qt Transform Your Destiny® Seminar”. I committed myself to this, for me.

Two full days of great learnings, insight, interaction, questioning to understanding & fabulous GROWTH. Tools I now acquired to take charge of my own Destiny. I knew I was on the right path now. A BETTER PATH NOW! A path of an always new beginning. Every day is a new day. A great day thanks to Vesna, thanks to me for stepping up to do this.

The bonus, the cream on the cake, was the private One on One follow up as part of the weekend. Included! Great Value!…..Wow, we went through the original outcomes I was originally hoping for, a dream, at the time thought was far out of reach, to get out of this. To my revelation, not only did I achieve these NLP career change outcomes, I exceeded them.

Thank you Vesna. More importantly, Thank yourself, thank yourself by doing this for YOU!

R. K. – Transport Industry

Feeling Empowered

Even though I am a successful businessman, I have always felt held back by a lack of self confidence and passion. This caused me to avoid many meetings, functions and opportunities much to my detriment.

After just a few NLP career change sessions with Vesna I feel empowered in a way I did not realise was possible. I now have the inner strength under all circumstances allowing me to capitalise and maximise many more opportunities.

Vesna also introduced presentation techniques that lifted my confidence even further. Better still is the fact that this all works in everyday life, not just in business.

D. K. – Businessman

Life before my transformation was a little bit all over the place. What I mean is that I didn’t really have any clear direction. I was struggling to get any real momentum in what I was doing, I felt like I was stuck. For some reason or another, I also had a high expectation of myself which placed a lot of unnecessary pressure on me. My work environment was very destructive. I was being bullied at work and the company culture was negative. This behaviour continued for some time, which ultimately led to me doubting myself.

Since the NLP career change program with Qt, I have made a concerted effort to work on my thoughts and how this impacts my actions and results. This has allowed me to feel more in control and at ease. I now have goals across most aspects of my life and am working to achieve these. The pressure I was putting on myself has considerably reduced and I am maintaining a healthy expectation in everything I do.

The biggest change for me was my thinking and the high expectation and pressure I was putting on myself. I had a serious outlook on life and was losing my sense of simply just enjoying life and having fun.

Working with Qt has helped me a lot with stopping putting so much pressure on myself. The discussion around thought processes and identifying and addressing my self-limiting beliefs were really good. I realised that I didn’t trust myself and had a strong fear of failure. I now feel more relaxed in myself and my abilities. I now feel a lot more energised and positive about things in general. I am challenging myself by doing the things that I would previously put off or fear doing. I know these are little steps but it feels great, particularly now that I am actively pursuing my calling in life.

It’s good to take a look under the hood occasionally and get a check up. Sometimes you don’t realise the impact your thinking or beliefs can have on you and your success and enjoyment in life. For me personally it has been a great outcome. Apart from learning a little about NLP, I more importantly have learnt a lot about myself.

P. M. – Energy Industry

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with my new communication skills during my NLP career change program. I work on contract as a Construction Manager in the building industry, the contract that I had been working on for the past two years had come to an end, so I had the feelers out looking for a new contract at the time I attended Qt’s Communicate with Impact workshop. About a week after completing the workshop three potential contracts came my way, so I decided to put my new communication skills to the test (normally it takes me 2-3 meeting to negotiate a contract and in the past I would win about 1 in 5 contracts).

In the space of a week I had the first meeting with three different developers all who I had not worked with before, I used the techniques I learned in the workshop during the meetings, and immediately noticed the positive feedback I was getting, which gave me the confidence to ask for 30% more remuneration than I would normally ask for. In all three cases I was offered the contract there on the spot for the money and conditions I had asked for (no negotiation on their part at all) and the two that I declined came back to me within days offering more money if I would take their contract.

Since then I have continued to use my new skills both professionally and socially with great success.

M. G. – Construction Industry

Soon after the completion of the seminar, my work was cut back to only 3 days per week, and then finally I was let go. I went back to my seminar notes to put together a plan. The course material was well put together, like a blueprint, and was easy for me to apply the information and exercises I wanted.

I used several strategies, and even mailed out to over 200 firms. From the complimentary meeting after the seminar, you gave me excellent feedback on my goal setting. Two weeks ahead of my target date, I was fully employed again, one that met my job description, with a much higher salary and regular payment. I even turned down a few other offers afterwards, and the phone call I had at our second meeting was about more work.

The NLP career change program proved to be a real treasure. I continue referring back to the seminar notes for my personal development.

Thank You Vesna.

D. S. – Architecture Industry

I felt like I was struggling a lot with my career. I felt that I was in a very junior position and turning 30 at the end of the year, I was not proud of where I was. I felt frustrated and a bit trapped in my current role, but I didn’t know how to take the next step. I felt frustrated with the money I was earning and I was feeling really restricted by that. I felt a bit out of control because I felt frustrated and angry at myself and was not enjoying myself at work. I felt overwhelmed about doing the work to get to the next step because I was unhappy. Younger people were being promoted at work and it was hard for me to feel happy for them because I was so angry with myself that I couldn’t make it happen for me.

My career was the only area of my life that was not working. I felt overwhelmed and powerless to not be able to change my career situation. I felt I was at a dead end. I resigned from my job, which was scary. However, it was the best thing I could have done because it gave me lots of perspective. I started feeling excited about my career again. It was really refreshing to talk to Qt because I found it very difficult to talk to my friends and partner about my career. My life change was huge. I’ve taken back full control of my life. Everything that was good in life before got better.

Since my transformation I feel like I have grown up a lot and feel like I have accomplished a massive goal in my career. I am really happy at work now. I am now earning more money so I feel more in control of my life, I now live properly instead of constantly feeling broke at the end of the month and feeling that I couldn’t afford to buy a house. In my previous job I developed a great relationship with a colleague who became a mentor, this was someone who I looked up to and wanted to be like. I feel now that I am capable of being that inspiring one day, I am the person I wanted to be. My age matches my level at work. I am now very proud, before I felt like a real failure. I was worried of being a junior at age 30. I have gone from an assistant role to a role where I am managing a small team and making major decisions.

I was really at rock bottom at work and it affected my personal life – I felt frustrated and really unconfident. I set a goal and put myself out there and decided to back myself. I wrote my CV after a session with Qt when I was in the right frame of mind. My covering letter really made a difference. I focused on achieving my goal and it paid off much more than I thought it would. I wrote down the ultimate workplace I wanted and I made it happen quickly. Out of the 30 criteria for my ideal job, I achieved 29 within a month of setting the goal. Only location was different and it has worked out even better this way. That was really amazing – before I could never dare to dream that big!

It has made a huge impact working with Qt’s NLP career change program. I was really angry with myself and that would lead to me being really angry with people around me, which made me more angry. Admitting my feelings took a huge weight off my shoulders. I was getting angry over small things. It was exhausting feeling angry most of the day. I had a short fuse, now I deal with situations appropriately. Before I felt really unconfident in my decisions and unconfident at work. I felt that people didn’t trust me or rely on me. I had no confidence in my ability. I now feel that I am much more capable than what I thought I was. I know I can be inspirational at work, I have a lot of independence now and a lot more responsibility and opportunities. I feel a lot stronger that I made things happen for myself and I can do that for my next goal.

My transformation is absolutely enormous. I feel on the polar opposite end of the scale of where I was. Now I feel like a total success rather than a failure. It is a massive change to go from feeling like an immature failure to a mature success. I feel like I have achieved a lot by age 30 and I am exactly where I want to be.

E. B. – Fashion Industry

I was very unhappy with every aspect of my life. I was not satisfied with anything. It was causing me a myriad of problems in every aspect of my life. The main problem was that I had a really poor relationship with myself. I seemed to always be feeling bad, angry with someone and stressed about not having what I wanted. I was always either angry or upset. I was unhappy in my work and the level of pay I was getting. I really didn’t like my job and I was unhappy in my personal life because I kept having problems and dramas. There was always something wrong.

The major change has been my internal world. There is an absence of unhappiness. I am now happy all the time which is a massive change. The biggest external change has been me being able to get myself a really good job where I am my own boss, have flexibility, it is convenient, the pay is very good and my workmates are fantastic. It is a complete opposite to my job in the prior company. It is a huge change to go from everything being wrong to be able to get a job where everything is right for me. Before I wasn’t working towards anything – I had no goals and nothing to propel me. I just existed. Now I am much more purposeful and have a lot of optimism. If I hadn’t experienced the transformation, it would have been disastrous to have been retrenched last year. Instead, I used it to get a job way better than what I had.

The biggest challenge was having a mindset that I won’t be able to have what I want – that I was stuck. I always had knowledge and the belief that anyone can change but didn’t have that belief myself. I believed that anyone else can do it but I can’t. It was a matter of getting out of my comfort zone and doing things that I had not done before. I realised that the situation I was in was my own making – I didn’t take opportunities in the past. It was liberating once I understood that for every inaction there was an equal action and I discovered that I had a choice. I am quite proud of having faced the redundancy and rather than being devastated by the redundancy I found a better position than I had previously – a job that is perfect for me.

It has made an incredible difference working with Qt and the NLP career change program – a massive change. In the past something small had the potential to ruin my week or year. These days I am simply happy. It has opened my eyes to look for multiple possibilities and I realised that there is so much out there that I could do that I previously couldn’t allow myself to consider. It has helped me to get the job I want, to identify what I am going to do in the future and to create a compelling future. After being made redundant, I secured the job I wanted. I have done really really well in this job, I have a lot more responsibility and have been invited to be part of a Steering Committee. I am really pleased with how successful I am in this role and how much more I am able to do. I now get a call every month from past employers offering me jobs. I have gone from being a real underperformer at work to being able to do a really really good job. I have been able to choose and seek out more positive options rather than putting up with a situation that I don’t like. It has really impacted on my relationships because the stress is gone and I am able to have a lot more fun. It has been a lasting change.

The biggest change is that I am optimistic and excited about my future and am looking forward to things compared to not before. It has been quite profound. I am doing things that I have not done before. For example, I decided to invest in an NLP Practitioner training instead of worry about it and then spend money on something else anyway. I went on an overseas holiday and before I said that “I can’t afford it”. I didn’t want to spend money on myself, now I am committed to creating my future. My transformation is the best decision that I have made to date. It’s been extraordinary. It was unexpected – the best change I have had in my life. It’s been great. There is no situation that can’t be changed if you are willing to change it. There is always a way. All you have to do is to start looking for what you need that will help you to do it.

C. N. – Government Employee

I completed Vesna’s “The Art of Self Promotion” which has given me an added edge over my peers. I breeze through daily challenges that may present themselves. I feel equipped to manage most personality types and I leave everyone feeling as though they’ve won the race. Since completing the NLP career change course, I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime, handed on a silver plate. I’m looking forward to my new career taking off.

M. S. – IT Consultant

I had a consultation with Vesna of Qt after winning a door prize at a networking event. Unsure of what to expect, I found the session very comfortable. We focused on my anxiety and lack of self confidence in aspects of my professional life. I was introduced to various techniques that are easy to apply.

I left the session feeling empowered to make improvements in my life!

I now apply a visualisation technique that has changed the way I approach every day, both professionally and personally. During times when I need an extra boost of confidence I am able to draw on my reserves and face the challenge.

With such simple yet effective NLP career change techniques, the care and time that Vesna sincerely gave continues to make a difference.

M. I. – Business Advisor

My Personal Breakthrough with Qt kick-started my career. While I had been moderately successful, I felt that something was always holding me back and preventing me from reaching my full potential. After a couple of short NLP career change sessions with Qt I had changed the beliefs that were restraining me and within two months I was the stand out candidate for a new job that represented a significant promotion. The best part is that I know this is just the first step in reaching all my goals throughout my life.

K. Q. – IT specialist

Transform Your Destiny was the weekend that became a turning point for me because it was that weekend I realised that I was not happy with where my life was heading. I was frustrated with my job and felt there was so much out there that I could do but sadly I couldn’t see through the thick invisible haze that was in front of me. The weekend workshop and NLP career change seemed to cut through that haze and helped me see very clearly that I was the only one that could make the changes that I needed in my life. I understood in no uncertain terms that I was not a victim of circumstance or Karma or at the mercy of anyone or anything. Where I was in my life was a product of decisions I had made along the way. What the future would look like was all up to me! At one point I remember making a clear decision to change things and that is where it all began. I achieved 2 of the three goals I had set during that weekend and have never looked back.

M. S. – New Business Owner, Writing Industry

As a public speaker one of my greatest challenges has been practising. I felt sick at the thought of practising, even to the point of stomach upset and migraine. After a session with Vesna I changed how I felt. I began to enjoy practising and found I could easily practise and relax. Six days after my session with Vesna I gave my best presentation ever. Vesna is conscientious and caring. If you want to change a pattern in your life I highly recommend Vesna Grubacevic and her NLP career change program.

M. K. – Professional Speaker

The tools this course has given me have been amazing. I had an incident where a client was very difficult to work with and exceedingly demanding and misunderstood. Using many of the tools I learnt and developed in the one week NLP Practitioner Course, I was able to gain a better understanding of this client and have subsequently developed a compatible working relationship.

I now put my energies into taking the time to actually listen and hear what my work colleagues are saying through the language that they use. This has resulted in less time wasting due to misunderstandings, better outcomes for problem solving and more interactive discussions. Overall my working relationships are more solid therefore increasing my self confidence.

And to think all of this only took one week with Qt’s NLP career change program!

P. M. – Communications and Reporting Officer, Training Industry

I thought I lived a fairly fulfilled life; I’ve always made the most of situations, and find ways to do the things that I enjoy. As a divorced sole parent of a young child with a mild disability I’ve managed to holiday interstate & overseas, purchase a comfortable inner-city home, and combine full-time work and part-time post-graduate level study with a fairly active social life. But there were two areas in my life that I wanted to improve – Career & Relationships. An intelligent, outgoing individual with a positive outlook, I struggled to find satisfaction in my administration and customer service jobs, & couldn’t find the right person to form that ‘special’ relationship with.

By applying the techniques taught by Qt, and their NLP career change program, I have made significant changes in both these areas. My earnings have increased by more than $15k per annum, and I’m now in a management role. As an added bonus, I am working close to home which has allowed more time to be devoted to my other role as fulltime mum. For the first time my child & I are eating breakfast together daily (no more before-school care), and we’re getting home well before 6pm.

Over the past nine months I have been dating a wonderful man who spends time with me at home, and takes me out to dinner, the movies etc. He makes me breakfast in bed on weekends, and often cooks dinner for us during the week. I’m loving the experience of getting to know each other on all levels, and to my delight my son accepts him as my boyfriend and also enjoys having regular adult male company.

Thank-you for all your wonderful support Vesna.

K. M. – Administration Officer

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