Art of Self Promotion Workshop

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How to attract an abundance of customers, dramatically improve your sales, profitability and business success… fast!

  • personalised training
  • powerful one day workshop
  • practical sessions to enable you to apply your newly learnt skills immediately
  • morning and afternoon refreshments
  • FREE Transformational Bonuses (valued at over $895), exclusively available from Qt
  • Normal price $995 (save $400 when you book online).
  • Outcomes

    During this transformational one day Art of Self Promotion© workshop you will learn how to attract an abundance of customers, how to convert your leads, prospects and enquiries and dramatically improve your sales, profitability and business success fast, plus receive confidence coaching! Here is a brief snapshot of some of the many proven, practical and results-producing techniques you will learn during our self promotion courses and this empowering day:

    • How to develop a mindset of abundanceand an attraction mindset so that prospects and clients are drawn to you like a magnet!  
    • How to overcome rejectionand eliminate anxiety about money and success and have the unstoppable confidence essential for success!
    • How to sell yourself in the first 60 secondsof meeting a prospect!
    • How to read your prospects and customers more effectively, assist them in their buying decisions and really understand what makes them tick so you can serve them better!
    • How to master a simple process of selling that guarantees successand how to handle objections with ease!   
    • How to learn exactly when to ask the prospect to buy from you – timing is the key!
    • How to become superb at following through and implementing your strategies and save time and money in the process – this is one of the keys to being highly successful in business!

    Just imagine having a mindset for success, the most advanced self promotion skills and strategies - consider the results you could achieve in your business and how much more is possible once you learn how to master the Art of Self Promotion© and receive personalised confidence coaching! 

  • Who Should Attend

    Would you like to have more customers, greater consistency in your sales and cash flow and powerful and proven techniques to take your business to the next level?   

    Do you find it easier to promote other people and their products, services and skills than you do your own?   Are you afraid of getting a “no” and being rejected when you ask a potential customer for their business? 

    If you: 

    • are an existing or aspiring business owner
    • are an existing or aspiring salesperson
    • sell products, services, skills and ideas
    • are transitioning from working for an employer to running your own business
    • are tired of the same old results and performance in your business
    • are seriously interested in growing your business.

    then the Art of Self Promotion© workshop is ideal for YOU! 

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    • Information Pack

      If you would like to request a FREE Information Packor if you have any questions, please call Dr Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her as we are delighted to arrange this for you and answer all your questions.

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    • Bonus Offers

      If you would like to attend this workshop for FREE, simply bring 6 paying friends to the workshop.  Please contact us at or call Dr Vesna on 0411 479 256 for details or to book your place today!

  • Results from Attendees

    Here are just a few of the results our clients have achieved from attending this workshop:

    “I have completed Vesna’s “The Art of Self Promotion” which has given me an added edge over my peers.  I breeze through daily challenges that may present themselves.  I feel equipped to manage most personality types and I leave everyone feeling as though they’ve won the race.  Since completing the course,I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime, handed on a silver plate.  I’m looking forward to my new career taking off.” 

    M.S. – IT Industry 

    “Thank you so much for conducting the “Communicate with Impact” and more recently, “The Art of Self Promotion” workshops.  Your expertise in the subject and your delivery of the workshops is exemplary.  Whilst there is an enormous amount to learn about NLP and I understand I have only seen about 5% of what is available, I have been able to use many of the techniques you have taught.  In the three weeks following the latter workshop, I was able to convert 100% of the interviewed potential clients into real clients. 

    I would highly recommend your expertise and workshops to anyone wishing to improve their skills in building a profitable business and would be quite happy for you to pass on my contact details to whom you deem appropriate, for personal confirmation.” 

    B . L. – Financial Planner 

    “Hate the selling side to business?  Got ‘difficult’ clients?  Enrol for Qt’s The Art of Self Promotion©.  I was your quintessential sales-phobe and I had at least one client I was ready to walk away from.  Now though, I know exactly what to say – and most importantly how to say it.  My confidence has soared and I’m able to really manage my business – and that ‘difficult’ client?  Using these techniques, I’ve steered our relationship into more mutually beneficial waters.  You can too!  These tools and strategies really work.” 

    M. V. – Copywriter