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Creating Certainty!

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Remember that the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!  So rather than relying on other people to tell you what will happen in the future, here are 8 simple ways you can create certainty in your career/business and life right now!

1.  Be clear about what you want by setting SMART goals.  Goals are wonderful motivators and by pursuing your goals you are creating your own future exactly the way you would like it to be.  Goals also provide you with a focus towards what you want!  Remember once you achieve a goal, reward yourself, celebrate and then set more goals to keep yourself focused and motivated.  Without goals to motivate us, we can easily be distracted by other people’s projects, negativity and demands.

2.  Visualise your day every single morning first thing, before your day begins.  By visualising exactly what you want to see, hear, feel and do during your day, you will feel great about your day and will be a magnet for attracting more positive people and opportunities to you!  Just remember to visualise what is within your control ie. how you feel, think and act, and how you influence people around you.

3.  Acknowledge yourself daily for your successes, however small.  Continue to develop and maintain an empowering relationship with yourself by recording your successes in your success journal and by listening to the Qt Self Empowerment Technique© CD.  Remember that the more positive and supportive you are of yourself, the greater personal and professional success you will achieve!

4.  Boost your confidence and motivation levels with your anchors.  Simply follow these steps to set up powerful anchors you can use any time to instantly access confidence and motivation!

5.  Deal with challenges effectively.  Anytime a challenge comes up, remember it is the universe testing your commitment to your goals.  For challenges, ask yourself these three questions: “How have I created this?”, “For what purpose?” and “What can I learn from this?”.  Once you learn from the challenge, you can move on from it in an empowering way.

6.  Watch your language.  Our language is extremely powerful and acts as a suggestion to both our mind and body.  This is why it is important to only give yourself positive suggestions and avoid words like “no” and “try”.

7.  Avoid negativity.  Stop watching and reading news, it thrives on negativity and panic.  Some organisations have recently banned newspapers and TV at the workplace because they have decided to take charge of their business.  As a result, the workplace has become a much more positive environment for their employees and their businesses have continued to grow, and retain their staff.  If other people make negative comments, choose to ignore their comments or put a positive spin on them, so that they too can see a positive perspective on the same situation.

8.  Surround yourself with positive people and influences.  Because you can be influenced by your environment, choose the people you regularly interact with carefully.  You can also help people you know to create certainty in their lives too by empowering them with a FREE consultation.  You can empower yourself further by continuing to learn new ways to influence yourself to take your own success to the next level.  When you refer 3 of your family, friends and colleagues to us, you will receive a free transformational workshop of your choice and empower yourself and others at the same time!   

By helping to empower yourself and more people, together, we can create a truly empowered society where we create the future that we all desire! 

For additional support with creating certainty in your personal and professional life, please call Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her today.

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