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nlp confidenceHow to Confidently and Successfully Start Your Own Business… with NLP Confidence

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve with starting their own business with NLP confidence. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

I would like to personally thank Vesna from Qt for her commitment and expertise in helping my dreams become reality. Before I started the Practitioner Certification training I was extremely unhappy with my career and feeling like my dreams were unachievable and constantly making excuses… No time or money!! I didn’t fully comprehend my results until six months after finishing the course… I have now started my own fashion label and completely eliminated self-doubt, prioritised values by providing myself direction and a positive attitude towards the future. I’ve gone from feeling constant disappointed in myself, to a truly positive life-changing experience were I believe anything is possible if you have the right techniques and an open mind. Again, thank you Vesna… you’ve changed my life for the better!!

K. G. – Fashion Industry

Prior to my transformation, I had stopped and started my business many times. Sometimes a success sometimes not, but something was never quite right. I found it hard to fire on all cylinders. It was a vicious cycle, something would cause me to get off track and I’d end up confused and resenting myself over the outcome. So I always struggled to really get going.

I was my biggest obstacle. There was something that made me doubt myself each time, which made me lose belief. Imposter syndrome. I had to overcome that as well as many other beliefs that limited me in order to be the knowledgeable, confident person I am today.

My transformation was very significant. After over 10 years in the Automotive Industry and five of those years in the digital, dreaming about combining both industries and implementing change I was finally able to do so. The process can be hard and confronting, but Vesna is superb and it quickly got easier. I found the discovery of the limiting issues difficult but we got them sorted very quickly. Each session yielded more rewards as we went on.

The process cleaned my mind, helped me realise my path and the possibilities. I am as, if not more, confident than I have ever been. The techniques regarding planning, communication and boundary setting has made business life a lot easier, but mostly, a lot more enjoyable.

The biggest change has been in my energy levels and clarity. In fact, others are telling me of the change so something must be obvious. I certainly feel more confident as well. I now enjoy building the business and my new challenge. Doing something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. In terms of life, a more relaxed happier life is having an impact around me. I certainly notice how less stressful driving is.

Remove your limiting beliefs or anything niggling the mind. Validate the need and the market. Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and remove those who say you can’t, all the time. The beauty of this time is the internet enables just about anything. Putting the time into your business and your customers, with your ears and eyes open will be very rewarding.

My transformation is life changing. Without Qt I would have been stuck in the same loop, hitting the same point. Qt has certainly set me on a exciting business path, but most importantly, those around me can reap the benefits as well. A happier, healthier more confident me is a pleasure to be around.

M.H. – Business Owner, Automotive Online Industry

Before the transformation, I was unsure and lacked certainty and confidence both in life and business. Now I can think clearly and take action and not worry if something turned out to be the way I wanted or I didn’t make a right decision, and I can manage my expectation and that of others. I can also see their point of view and try to get a better outcome or change my approach.

One of the biggest obstacles that I had to overcome was frustration and not having a goal that I visioned to look forward to. I feel better about myself and know what to do when I find myself not going in the direction I want to be going in. I find it easier to deal with getting myself motivated and getting myself in the position I wanted to be in. I now find myself around the right people and understand more about myself to where I want to move forward to.

Qt has helped me so much that I now have confidence and able to stay focused on what I do next and how to go about them. Before I would try a few things and hope for the best. Now I have the confidence and get a better outcome quicker the way I prefer the outcome.  I am able to see a clear direction of what I am wanting to achieve.  The biggest change is having the confidence and no self-doubt on what I need to do and how to go about what I want to achieve or what my objective is.

Qt’s whole process felt smooth and easy to do. It wasn’t overly complicated, and the feedback after each session was great. I had a fantastic transformation and so glad I took the time to give myself some personal development. It was great walking out of the sessions feeling great and wanting to take on the world with the new me.

M. L. – Financial Planner

Working with Vesna was an inspiration. Vesna radiates warmth and positivity and is truly committed to assisting you. She helps you to systematically and comprehensively unearth your self-limiting beliefs and to transform them into tools of surprising power. In just an hourI was also given several suggestions for developing my business that I had never thought of. I am also working with the daily focus meditation and it has brought some great results. I’m feeling much more focused and positive about my work and life in general.

Thank you Vesna. You make the world a healthier and more positive place to be!!!

R.K. – Busines Owner, Copywriting Industry

I highly recommend Vesna and both the NLP courses “Transform Your Destiny©” & “Transform your Communication©”.

It has been a little less than a year since I met Vesna. In that time I have left my job I was unhappy with and started my own business that is a better fit for who I am. I now feel I have identified and aligned my thoughts, feelings & goals with my new business. I am much happier, positive and in control.

I found the “Transform your Communication©” course to be excellent in improving the effectiveness of my communication with people on both a business and personal level. Having spent all my life working in professional sales roles (8 years) where building rapport quickly and being an effective communicator determines your success, I found the course not only very interesting and educational, but also very practical. Now after the course, I “connect” with people more easily than I ever have before.

Today for the first time, I completed a one and half hour PowerPoint presentation to a large Melbourne Council and not only did I feel confident throughout, but had fun also! I feel I DID connect with all the people in the room. This is how business should be! At the end of the day instead of tired and drained, I’m happy, excited to see my family and grateful with my life. I have taken control of it, decided what I want. I now have it!

I set my first goals almost one year ago. These were to: find work that I was more enthusiastic about and fulfilling, move into a family home with my partner and her daughter, travel to Japan and drive a race car. In less than 12 months I have achieved all of these goals! Vesna’s right. “You get what you focus on.” I will now dare to dream even bigger and set new goals!

My new positive and confident mindset has had a very significant impact on all aspects of my life. Vesna I wish you continued success and also hope our society can evolve to one that is enlightened, honourable and happier. Thank you for unlocking the wisdom you have helped me find within myself.

P. B. – Business owner, Education/entertainment industry

I was stuck in a business I didn’t want to be in. I knew what new business I wanted to pursue and had started working towards it, however, I kept allowing myself to be pulled back into the old business.

Qt’s tools helped me clear a number of negative perspectives that I held about myself and the world around me. Clearing these perceptions only took a couple of weeks. At the same time, I became very clear about what is really important to me and set specific goals for the year. Within 12 months I can report that my business is being sold (at a price I previously would not have thought possible) and I am well on track in my new business. Thank you.

N. M. – Entrepreneur

Vesna is all about empowering people to achieve great results – fast. My personal experience after doing the NLP Practitioners course is that she is true to her word. Vesna is simply a brilliant exponent of NLP and teaches practical principles that are learnt easily.

The difference I have found in my life is highly significant over a range of areas. My business has gone to another level; the way I relate to people has improved dramatically; my confidence in tackling tasks has increased and Vesna has helped me overcome a number of barriers in my life. Being able to tap into the subconscious is so powerful as you don’t know what is there holding you back. Vesna’s ongoing support and commitment to clients and students is second to none. Anyone serious about personal and business growth should attend a Qt program.

R. Y. – Business Owner, Training/Personal Development Industry

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