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transform bad habits with hypnosis and nlp

Transform Bad Habits with Hypnosis

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Would you like to reduce stress, overcome procrastination, increase your motivation, eliminate distractions, improve your memory, do more exercise, moderate your eating or change some other unwanted habit?  Have you tried to change these habits in the past using will power only to discover the change did not last?

You Are Hypnotising Yourself

Do you realise that every time you talk to yourself you are hypnotising yourself?  As you listen to your internal dialogue, pay attention to whether it is positive or negative.  Are you hypnotising yourself with negative self talk by putting yourself down, judging or criticising yourself or with positive self talk by speaking to yourself with love, acknowledgement and kindness?

Your self talk is self hypnosis.  If your self talk is negative, it is important to change the beliefs and emotions that are driving that negative self talk. Then you can stop hypnotising yourself for failure, and start hypnotising yourself for success.

The Power of Your Unconscious

Your behaviour is driven by your thoughts, memories, values, beliefs, emotions, language, etc.  Because these are stored at the unconscious level, any long term change you wish to make in your behaviour needs to happen with the cooperation of your unconscious mind.

When we lose touch with our inner selves and stop listening to what is right for us and allow all the outside programming to influence us (e.g. what others say, what social and cultural influences say, etc.) we can lose rapport with our unconscious mind.

Whenever we stop listening to ourselves, we can create situations and people in our lives that limit us and stop us from being, doing and having what we want.  By re-establishing the rapport with our unconscious mind, we start to pay attention to what is right for us, and create behaviours, people and situations that empower us to live the life we desire.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnotherapy techniques aim to strengthen the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind, and aid in building rapport with your own unconscious mind.

Often people think that they can use will power to change an unwanted habit.  It is important to realise that will power is a function of your conscious analytical mind, and any change you make consciously will take longer than any change you make with the power of your unconscious mind.  This is because your unconscious mind is influenced by imagination and works very quickly.

Any time there is a conflict between your imagination and will power, your imagination always wins.  For example, if you make a conscious decision to lose weight and you do not believe that it is possible, then the unconscious belief will prevent the loss of weight until that unconscious belief is changed.  This is also why will power may only last in the short term because the unconscious beliefs sabotage the long term change.  Past habits and behaviours will dominate until the unconscious mind is programmed for new habits and behaviours using hypnosis.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  The hypnotherapist simply assists you to enter a relaxed state, called trance, so that you can communicate more effectively with your own unconscious mind.  Entering trance allows you to stop the analytical brain, the internal chatter, so that you can communicate directly with your unconscious mind to create the changes you desire in your life.

Whether you wish to stop smoking, reach your ideal weight, change your exercise and eating habits, overcome performance anxiety, improve relaxation and sleeping patterns, stop stress, improve memory and study, enhance confidence, stop procrastination, improve your creativity, listen to your intuition, improve your sporting ability, manage pain, enhance your personal and professional success, heal yourself or change any other unwanted behaviour, hypnosis can help you.

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