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nlp communiction skillsHow to Promote Yourself with Confidence and Integrity to Secure More Sales and Customers… with NLP Communication Skills

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in securing more sales and customers. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

Before seeing Vesna I was really struggling with making cold calls, I didn’t have the motivation to actually make them however I wanted to make them because I recently started a business and know it’s one of the best ways to start out with no funding. The problem really was feeling a reluctance every time I thought about making the calls. And I found myself unconsciously avoiding them. I wasn’t consistent with the calls either and I also felt very uncertain and lacked the confidence to perform when making the calls.

Since my work with Vesna and since applying what she’s showed me, I’ve now increased the amount of calls by 300%, which is huge. I am much more consistent with the calls. I am confident, and have been able to land several consultations now. I am also getting much more work done much quicker than before. I am more organised and I feel clearer, I know exactly what to do and feel more calm and focused.

D. H. – Marketing Industry

I would like to congratulate you once again on getting a fantastic result with your Art of Self Promotion training! One of our staff here had hit a bit of a crisis point with her sales interactions: the whole matter came to a head one day when an angry customer rang me to demand that I fire her on the spot.

Instead I paid for her to attend your course: the following day when she came into work, her interactions with customers had been completely turned around. She was happy, confident and quickly brought customers through the decision making process to a sale. If a customer was not ready to purchase, she dealt with them effectively, without wasting time on unsuitable prospects.

Interestingly, one of our customers who has been ‘difficult’ in the past has come back – and has made a significant purchase from this sales person.

Thank you once again for helping us with your nlp communication skills and training!

A. T. – Retail Industry

Prior to my transformation, business was scary. Daunting. I used to take things personally big time and be up all night worrying and not sleep. I couldn’t switch off.

The biggest obstacles that I needed to overcome were myself. My lack of confidence. I knew I could do it but didn’t know how to. I was struggling with confidence.

I am a lot more upfront and open. More willing to suggest something where before I was hesitant. I now voice my opinion, while before I would be shelled up. I am a lot more confident in home life and as a person too. My way of approaching people has changed. Before I really worried and thought about things so much it was doomed to fail. Every time I played it over in my head it got worse. I have been able to stop doing that and am now clear minded.

My overall sales have increased significantly as a result of working with Qt. I had a very successful year, which well exceeded all my prior year targets. It has given me confidence to face things and to pursue challenging clients. I am now successfully doing that and going into a situation standing straight and walking tall. I am now more open to challenges and not feeling depressed if something doesn’t go my way. I am more bubbly and accepting of situations – I learnt to let things go, where before I took things to heart and personally. I used to beat up on myself before and now find avenues to work through challenges – I am now working smarter. I could never stand up and present before, now I present with confidence in front of the team and the Managing Director. Before I was so worried prior to a presentation that I couldn’t sleep. I can now enjoy my job better because it has taken the intimidating scary element out of it , and put me on the same playing field as the customer. The change has been a lasting one. My General Manger noticed the change, the boys at work have noticed it, my family has noticed it and I have noticed it.

Work on your confidence. Everything comes of f that. It will affect your self esteem and your outlook on life, both social and business. It is an amazing transformation. Confidence opens doors. I now pre-plan and take note of my results a lot more. I keep an eye on it so I achieve it easier. It makes you strive harder because you have confidence. Challenges are smaller with confidence. I now set myself harder targets to achieve – it is more fulfilling when you reach bigger targets. I used to err on the side of caution before.

My transformation has really, really changed my outlook. It is one of the best things I have done in my life. I am not the little ant that gets stepped on anymore. It has really changed me as a person for the better. To me it has been life changing. The confidence makes the future look brighter. When things go wrong I can still see the positive that keeps the fire going. The good times now outweigh the bad times by far. It has really improved my work, social and financial areas of life because of more sales. It really has been fantastic!

G. C. – Area Sales Manager, Manufacturing Industry

I attended the Art of Self-Promotion workshop and found it to be so valuable, informative, and inspiring. Since implementing Vesna’s strategies in my life, I have realized that my customers just flow to me without resistance. I have attracted more customers and my sales have improved dramatically. Also, I find that my spiritual and emotional growth, far surpass the financial growth. Thank you, Vesna, for giving me this, the greatest gift of all.

E. L. – Business Owner, Pharmacy

Thank you so much for conducting the “Communicate with Impact” and more recently, “The Art of Self Promotion” workshops.

Your expertise in the subject and your delivery of the workshops is exemplary. Whilst there is an enormous amount to learn about NLP and NLP communication skills, and I understand I have only seen about 5% of what is available, I have been able to use many of the techniques you have taught. In the three weeks following the latter workshop, I was able to convert 100% of the interviewed potential clients into real clients.

I would highly recommend your expertise and workshops to anyone wishing to improve their skills in building a profitable business and would be quite happy for you to pass on my contact details to whom you deem appropriate, for personal confirmation.

B. L. – Financial Planner

I have done several of Qt’s workshops to improve my sales results, and to learn new employee selection and management techniques. The results have been absolutely excellent and I highly recommend Vesna to any organisation that feels that they need a sales ‘edge’ over their competitors.

A. T. – Business Owner, Professional Services Industry

We attended your Art of Self Promotion workshop. One of the outcomes of that work shop was the realisation that I was not picking up slow converting clients. At the workshop we worked out a system to capture these clients and we are now reaping the rewards of that change. Specifically, a prospect, whom we only had one meeting with a year ago, became a client last week from that strategy we developed. He also recommended his partner become a client so it turned into two conversions! Thanks for the workshop.

I. S. – Accountant and Business Advisor

When I first spoke with Vesna Grubacevic from Qt, my sales were very low. For the past two years I had not achieved my sales targets and I had barriers stopping me from selling. I had very little motivation at work and at home, was disorganised and took work home and then found I was too exhausted to do the work or to even play with the kids.

Vesna helped me to very quickly identify the specific barriers that were holding me back from selling, from lacking motivation and the energy to enjoy my work and my family. After we addressed these barriers, my motivation, energy and confidence improved significantly and I found myself being more assertive at work.

Vesna also taught me a very powerful and simple set of nlp communication skills, rapport building and sales skills. I have been using these skills and, combined with my increased confidence and motivation levels, have seen amazing results. In the first month back at work this year, I have already achieved a third of my annual sales target. I am so confident about my skills and motivated to perform that I have set myself a much higher target for this year than I was given by my manager.

The personalised sessions with Vesna were excellent, as is the ongoing support. Everything is totally tailored to my specific needs and I found I received so much more value than when I attended large seminars in the past, where I felt lost in the crowd. Working with Vesna exceeded my expectations – she is very supportive, enthusiastic, approachable and really knows how to change behaviour and get results. I am thrilled – I went from consistently underachieving my sales targets to now being a top performer in our sales team! I highly recommend Vesna and Qt to every salesperson or professional who would like to transform their performance and results!

J. D. – Salesperson, International Truck and Car Dealership

I would like to thank Vesna for all the great work she has done for me. Since starting my business 3 years ago my greatest fear and challenge was public speaking. Getting up in front of a crowd scared the life out of me as I was totally out of my comfort zone. Since meeting Vesna she has been a role model for me. She has taught me so much in such a short period of time I now feel energized and look forward to improving more and more on my public speaking. Further to this without my knowledge it has also helped me improve my one on one skills which has been a huge bonus for me when meeting with potential clients.

Vesna you must be commended on the great work you do.

E. K. – Business Owner

The Art of Self Promotion© workshop was probably one of the best day courses I have ever attended. Before attending the workshop I had lost confidence in myself and my product because I wasn’t achieving the sales and referrals I was used to receiving in my business. During the workshop I uncovered 3 key areas where I had been losing my sales. Since completing the workshop I have established a clear sales process which delivers the results I was once used to and has also helped me identify how to prepare all of my sales material so it appeals to everyone with nlp communication skills – regardless of their preferred method of communication. This course saved me, my business and gave me the confidence I was lacking to achieve my sales targets! Thanks a bunch Vesna & the Team at Qt.

L. P. – Director, Investment Property Business

I recently completed the NLP Practitioner Training and I wanted to thank you for all the results I’ve achieved since then. I had several reasons for attending the training: to improve my communication with clients; to improve my sales skills; and to improve my management skills.

I think that with your help, I’ve achieved my outcomes very effectively. A couple of months ago, I started work on a project that has been running for about five years off and on – my first job was to speak with system users to try to build up a picture of what information they needed and where they were currently experiencing problems with the system. I spent about four hours on the phone with different people, wrote up a summary of my conversations and passed it to the project manager. He came back to me about five minutes later, asking where I’d managed to get all the information from! Apparently this was the first time anyone had managed to get a strong enough rapport with the users to get any worthwhile feedback. About six weeks later, I sent out a draft document and asked users to review it. I expected to get heaps of requests for changes, but instead all I got was variations on ‘This is fantastic, it is exactly what we wanted’.

As far as sales go – the client is an absolute raving fan, and they are now actively looking for other projects that I could be involved in. I think that the nlp communication skills and rapport building skills that I learned from you played a big part in this outcome!

I’d also like to say thank you for all the support that you offer to your trainees. The amount of value I’ve received from you in support after completing the course has been fantastic!! The review sessions and the follow-up sessions have really helped me to maintain and improve on my skills. They’ve also been a good chance to test out sales ideas – and (with your help) to develop even better sales ideas!! Looking forward to doing the Master Practitioner training next year and achieving even more successes!

A. T. – Technical Writer, Business Owner

Within four months of completing the training, my client retention rate increased from 50% to 80%! This exceeded my goal of 60 – 70%.

M. G. – Employment Consultant and Trainer, Recruitment Industry

Since having attended and benefited from Vesna’s unique training, my client retention rate soared. I highly
recommend all salespeople attend a Qt workshop or course and benefit from Vesna’s outstanding skills.

H. M. – Sales Executive, Professional Services Industry

After attending 2 sessions (one group workshop and one private consultation) with Vesna, I have achieved great results in communicating more effectively to my audience whether it be group or directly with a prospective client. In our one on one consultation she helped me focus on targets for my business, how to achieve them and raise my professional profile at the same time. Achieving clarity on these goals combined with her ‘Communication with Impact’ seminar and the nlp communication skills, I have plenty of useful tools to successfully sell my products and services. Not only do I now communicate more effectively but I have also extended my contact sphere and increased the greater potential of my referral network. Thank you Vesna for making this process clear and easily achievable!

E. B. – Graphic Designer

Within a month of resolving my fears around closing sales, my income doubled!

R. L. – Account Relationship Manager, Retail Industry

Hate the selling side to business? Got ‘difficult’ clients? Enrol for Qt’s The Art of Self Promotion. I was your quintessential sales-phobe and I had at least one client I was ready to walk away from. Now though, I know exactly what to say – and most importantly how to say it. My confidence has soared and I’m able to really manage my business – and that ‘difficult’ client? Using these nlp communication skills and techniques, I’ve steered our relationship into more mutually beneficial waters. You can too! These tools and strategies really work!

M. V. – Business Owner, Copywriting Industry

Vesna is an excellent teacher and the nlp communication skills and techniques I learnt at the Transform Your Communication© seminar helped me to deal with challenging situations (particularly difficult people) with greater confidence. I learnt to be more flexible in my communication and now I am more comfortable to deal with anyone, am looking forward to public speaking and feel really good about it. It is the best communication course I have attended.

M. S. – Business Development Manager, IT industry

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