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Mastering Your Emotions for Success!

August 2008

  • Are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions controlling you? 
  • Do you ever witness or experience road rage, overwhelming frustration, enormous guilt, cry unstoppably or  feel hurt at the drop of a hat when someone says or does something?   
  • What if, instead, you reacted more appropriately to these everyday situations so that you lived each day to the fullest! 

Emotions are our way of knowing that something feels comfortable or uncomfortable for us.  Therefore, paying attention to our emotions is very important.  All emotions are good because they provide us with feedback as to whether something sits well with us or not.  There are two types of emotions:  balanced emotions and unresolved emotions.

Balanced versus unresolved emotions 

Our emotions are balanced when we feel an appropriate level of emotion in a particular situation.  For example, if we are watching a sad movie, it is appropriate to feel sad.  Our emotions are out of proportion when we feel an overwhelming emotion or we react to a person or situation in a way that we are unhappy with.  For example, crying unstoppably and feeling sad three days after the movie ended probably reflects sadness that is out of proportion.

Any time we feel an emotion that is out of proportion to the situation that we are in, it is a sign that it may be unresolved.  For example, road rage is an example of unresolved past anger and crying for no reason may be a sign of unresolved past sadness.  It is important to address the unresolved underlying emotions.

For as long as we ignore the unresolved emotions that we feel we may turn to food, smoking, drinking, other substances or have other undesired behaviours as a way of dealing with our emotions and coping with life.  When we do this, we are not listening to ourself and we are not addressing the real underlying issue.  Instead, we are covering up our emotions and encouraging the unwanted behaviours.  Also, any time we have unresolved past emotions, these are stored as trapped energy inside our body and mind.  As a result, unresolved emotions can weigh us down, can cause tiredness or lethargy and deplete us of the energy to do the things that we really want in life.

Addressing unresolved emotions 

If you find yourself feeling balanced emotions that are appropriate to the situation you are in, congratulations you are human; it is appropriate for you to feel a full range of balanced emotions.  In addition, if there are times when you would like to feel more confidence or motivation instantly, simply follow this FREE NLP technique to access instant confidence, motivation or any other positive emotion!

In contrast, if you find yourself feeling emotions that are out of proportion to the situation you are in, use that as feedback to now acknowledge any unresolved emotions that are driving your behaviour.  Then, you can use a combination of NLP and related techniques, together with Qt’s own unique techniques, to easily and effectively resolve these (without having to relive the past or experience those emotions again), and create healthier new behaviours.

Imagine now being in total control of your emotions and responding to situations more appropriately.  How much energy would this free up for you to focus on pursuing your goals and heart’s desires, and achieving your desired personal and professional success!

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