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nlp leadership skills
Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve during Dr. Vesna’s presentations, including developing NLP leadership skills. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

“We would like to thank you again for your wonderful talk yesterday. We have had so much positive feedback and would like to be able to give you the testimonial below.

Dr Vesna’s interactive talk to 120 participants at the FPA Melbourne Chapter Women in Financial Planning event was a great success. We all loved the way Vesna presented to our group in a practical and interactive way. Everyone felt like they were participating fully in the discussion and we all related to the different ways we self sabotage ourselves and how they can manifest in our everyday lives. Vesna gave us particular examples of how we present to others when we lack confidence and how this comes across in the language we use about ourselves, in the way we stand and also how we sound. Vesna then presented to us with a few practical tips on building our confidence and how to stop sabotaging our success. These tips can used help to self-promote ourselves with integrity and professionalism.”

FPA and the FPA Melbourne Chapter Committee

“A recent Business in Heels survey showed that women in business lack confidence. With the intention of addressing this, I asked Vesna if she would come and present her “The Art of Self Promotion” presentation. Her presentation style, knowledge and interaction with her audience was very well received, as were her practical tips that our members can use every day. Thank you Vesna!”

“Thank you to our keynote speaker Dr Vesna Grubacevic for her awesome Self-Promotion presentation. It was interactive, it was insightful and she gave us some really great tips and tricks that we can use every day to boost our confidence.”

“Thank you for your inspiring talk.”

“Thank you for your talk last night. We booth really enjoyed the interaction.”

Business in Heels Branch Director, Mornington Peninsula VIC and BiH member feedback

On behalf of the ASTC, I would like to thank you for your presentation, “Working With People Under Stress”. Your talk covered an amazing amount of ground in a short time, and kept all the attendees engaged with practical exercises and examples to take back to the workplace. The committee received very positive feedback following the talk – we very much appreciated your willingness to share your skills and insights with us and we look forward to your next presentation.

M. H. – President

“Very enlightening and motivating. Thanks.”
“Presenter wonderful, easy to understand and to follow her program.”
“Great speaker – very knowledgeable.”
“Excellent presenter. She spoke confidently and was prepared. She certainly knew her stuff. Thoroughly awesome. Thank you!”
“Fantastic, engaging, all very useful.”
“Great presentation style, very friendly and relaxed.”

Participant feedback at Women in Business event

“Great speaker.”
“So much knowledge, so easily delivered.”
“Very engaging.”
“Very informative and well versed.”
“Clear and easy to understand.”
“Speaker – informative, very good answering questions, interactive, engaging and gave takeaways.”

Participant feedback at business event in Geelong

On behalf of the FFT Network I would like to congratulate and thank you for your wonderful and very insightful presentation. The guests continued talking and networking till midnight and the feedback received was fantastic.

V. I. – President

In the short hour of her presentation, Vesna showed us a number of techniques for breaking though the communication walls and forging cooperative relationships with any type of communicator. Thanks again for delivering a great presentation.

C. M. – Committee, TWIA

Thank you very much for the presentation you gave to our AAPO Chapter group. I had lots of positive feedback afterwards from members on both the content and your professional presentation.

N. E. – President

After attending 2 sessions (one group workshop and one private consultation) with Vesna, I have achieved great results in communicating more effectively to my audience whether it be group or directly with a prospective client. In our one on one consultation she helped me focus on targets for my business, how to achieve them and raise my professional profile at the same time. Achieving clarity on these goals combined with her ‘Communication with Impact’ seminar, I have plenty of useful tools to successfully sell my products and services. Not only do I now communicate more effectively but I have also extended my contact sphere and increased the greater potential of my referral network. Thank you Vesna for making this process clear and easily achievable!

E. B. – Graphic Designer

Again let me thank you for your wonderful presentation last night to the NMAG. Having presented a lot of information into such a short period of time I am sure that all the attendees left a little more enlightened and with lots to think about. I took the opportunity this morning to implement something that your nlp leadership skills discussion reminded me about which had a positive outcome. Thank you.

M. S. – Chairman NMAG, Fianance Industry

As the events co-ordinator of BNI Tech in Melbourne it is my job to find interesting and relevant speakers for our members who meet on a monthly basis. Vesna was recommended to us by one of our members and we were not disappointed. Not only did Vesna manage to involve and interact with a highly technical audience, she was able to pinpoint areas of interest very quickly. On the organising side; I was really impressed by Vesna’s willingness and ability to fit in with our requirements. Vesna’s introductory notes and handouts made the whole job very easy.

L. H. – Events Co-ordinator, IT industry

Thank you very much for the excellent nlp leadership skills workshop this morning. The feedback from our team was excellent and your efforts are appreciated. We look forward to collaborating with you in the future.

M. H. – Partner, Finance Industry

Thank you for your presentation to the Australian Society for Technical Communications (Victoria). Technical communicators tend to think of communication in terms of the written word. You gave us valuable insights into how our communication might be perceived and ways that we could alter our communication strategies to obtain better results. It is very challenging to be taken so far outside the square! We very much appreciated your willingness to share your skills and insights with us and we look forward to your next communications seminar.

A. T. – Committee, ASTC (Victoria)

On behalf of the International Coach Federation Victoria Chapter I would like to express my sincere thanks for your informative and inspiring presentation last October. We were thrilled with the attendance and the feedback from coaches indicated that they considered it a very valuable evening, providing them with some insights into the use of NLP tools and NLP leadership skills in their coaching practices. As always, your presentation was highly professional and generous. I look forward to further opportunities to work together.

M. L. – Chairman, Programs & Professional Development, ICFA, Victorian Chapter

Thank you so much for your presentation at our recent Women’s Forum. Your talk on people’s ability to generate high levels of self-confidence was the perfect complement for our second speaker who spoke on advanced investment techniques.

As you know, our Women’s Forum members have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and you were able to strike a common cord – the need for a high belief in one’s self in order to succeed at whatever one’s endeavours. Many of the attendees at our last Forum meeting have made very favourable comments about your presentation and I am sure that in many of them you have sowed the seeds of confidence that will nurture as they go on to achieve more challenging goals. Once again Vesna, many thanks for your expertly prepared and inspirational presentation.

K. S.- Financial Planning Industry

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