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Communicating with Difficult Personalities and Motivating People into Action with Dr Vesna Grubacevic

Claire Mahoney

Dr Vesna Grubacevic was a guest of the TWIA at an event held in Melbourne for our members and guests on Thursday 23 April, 2015.

We’ve all dealt with difficult people in our careers, but we don’t always successfully overcome the challenge they pose to getting things done. In most cases, Vesna explained, it is a difference of communication styles at the root of these difficulties.

In the short hour of her presentation, Vesna showed us a number of techniques for breaking though the communication walls and forging cooperative relationships with any type of communicator. Predicated on the individual communication preferences we all have, such as preferring hands on (kinaesthetic) communication over just talking (audio), she showed us how to determine a person’s preference and mirror their preferred style in order to communicate with ease and motivate actions.

Clearing communication channels and making the transition of information smooth is part of our roles as technical communicators and I’m always happy to add to my toolkit in this regard.

Vesna offers this and many other techniques for confidence and success on her website and in her book Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence.

Thanks again, Vesna.

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic leading an interactive session for our Victorian members and guests

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