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Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in their leadership and team performance with our NLP leadership training management skills. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

Our business was established about 15 years ago and specialises in developing out of the box manufacturing and technology solutions. Originally the focus of the business was engineering and machinery design, with the focus now more on consulting to CEOs and operations managers of large corporates and helping them to push the boundaries around their current projects. Early on in the business, there were 1 or 2 staff who came and went. Over the past 4 years, the business has grown from 3 employees to 12.

We used a very subjective, one dimensional recruitment process, where if someone interviewed well they got the job. The biggest obstacle we needed to overcome was fluctuating demand for our work and how we handle that. In the old days we used contractors, however the quality of the people was not there. Our positioning is high quality, high end engineering operations and we need quality people. We now hire new university graduates and we train them, therefore we want to hold onto them.

We are now not taking on contractors because the quality is not there. Initially we did the new employee selection ourselves. Working with Qt has assisted us to broaden how we assess people, to go beyond the “old school” recruitment process and to look more at the potential of people. Vesna and Qt gave us a better handle on what to look for and the type of people we wanted. When you are selecting graduates from university without much work experience, being able to assess their underlying drivers, personality, skills and their potential is important.

An employee can have alright output, however can be disruptive on the people side. What drives results isn’t always traditional factors. A CV and interview are important however not as important as other keys. Several years ago one employee interviewed well and initially was really good. Later we discovered that the personality was not a good fit with the rest of the team. Their attitude impacted on the new team that we put in place at the time. Once that person left, there has been a significant turnaround in the team.

Qt assisted us in changing our mindset and to go beyond traditional criteria for selection and outside of just looking at people’s experience and technical skills. A lot of engineering graduates are very good, however do not show that through the traditional selection process, so Qt’s techniques assisted us in assessing their underlying potential. The process we learnt definitely also helped us in selecting our new partner last year.

The key thing has been opening our eyes and showing us that there is another level beyond what we were looking at with traditional recruitment and selection processes. The traditional recruitment and selection processes are not designed for quality, with the focus on someone you like rather than necessarily getting the best person.

There has been a long term change in our thinking and our selection processes and our staff retention is very high. Since working with Qt three years ago, we have retained all, except for one, staff member. The business is moving forward and growing. We have now created a really good environment and the other guys in the business are all developing and growing. There has also been a cultural change and in how we all interact. We have been able to work through any conflict effectively and openly, which has been a significant change. We now manage people’s expectations in an open way and have a process that the team can understand. We are also putting in place a system to reward performance.

Getting good quality people is the key. You need to get a system to develop people, good models for thinking outside the square and not just relying on recruiters because then you are getting all the same people as everyone else. Make sure you devote some time, on an ongoing basis, to HR once you have people on board.

We have changed our point of view and introduced other factors critical to whether an employee is good or not. It has changed the way we work and it has improved the culture and the business. We definitely received a long term payoff from working with Qt. The value of a good employee versus a bad one is just huge!

M.P. – Partner, Engineering Consulting firm

I was referred to Vesna Grubacevic from Qt about a year ago to assist me with developing my leadership skills. I had just received my 360 degree feedback from my team and I wanted to proactively develop specific skills around leadership.

Vesna and I met a number of times to discuss and develop a program to suit my specific needs and I decided to attend Qt’s exclusive 5 day Exceptional Leadership Certification© training. I was pleased to be able to attend this nlp leadership training management skills one-on-one and to be personally trained by Vesna, as well as to have one of her fully trained and certified assistants there to help me with the interactive hands-on learning of the new skills.

Over the 5 days I learnt a range of very effective leadership, influencing, communication, negotiation and assertiveness skills and noticed that over the following months I was more effectively dealing with challenges within my team.

My main outcome for attending the training was to improve my alround leadership skills, an area of management that the organisation for which I work holds in very high regard, in fact, demonstrated ability in the area of leadership is a pre-requisite for promotion within the group!

I am delighted that as a result of some very hard work and commitment to myself and my career, within 6 months of completing my training with Qt, I was promoted from Sales Manager with a team of 8, to a State Management position with a larger team and more responsibility. I am now much better placed to take on my new role and am using the skills without the need to consciously think about them. In addition, my proactivity and commitment to developing my leadership skills has raised my profile within the organisation such that my potential for consideration for future career development has also increased.

I really enjoyed attending the highly personalised training, learning the new skills, the ongoing support and I am thrilled with my promotion! If you are interested in learning powerful leadership skills in a highly personalised environment with a trainer who is totally committed to you and your outcome, I recommend that you first make a commitment to yourself, then contact Vesna from Qt.

S. L. – State Manager, Manufacturing Industry

Qt provided support in shifting beliefs in an employee who was headed for termination. The result was the employee changed their beliefs and remained with the Company. Great result for all – the employee, the manager and the Company.

Leader – Resources Industry

I first met Vesna at a personal introductory session. I was so impressed with Vesna’s approach and quiet confidence in helping me with my questions, it was a breath of fresh air. For most of my adult life I have been searching for answers to questions and was thrilled when Vesna gave me the answers.

Since my meeting with Vesna I have undertaken and completed the NLP Practitioner Certification Training. This was fabulous, only six in the class to ensure you get a more personalised training whilst working in a group environment. I originally wanted to do the NLP Practitioner Certificate course for my own personal development and because it answered those nagging questions I had about myself, life and why I wasn’t moving forward. Those questions were answered and I had major breakthroughs around relationships and business.

One thing that had been plaguing me was my delivery of language to work colleagues and people who work for me. I have high integrity and am a very compassionate person, and all I wanted to do was help them. The delivery of my questions or request was being taken as harsh and I was putting people offside. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t see it. I tried all sorts of ways to change my speech, wording etc but it wasn’t working and I couldn’t find the answer. After completing the NLP Certification Training and continuing on with the work with Vesna I finally got the answer. Through Vesna’s nlp leadership training management skills and being a stand for my learning, through continuing with the tools I learned and being open to new learnings, I can finally get the message out and am not misunderstood anymore. I can now talk to my staff and colleagues and they hear me as the warm, considerate, helpful person I am on the inside – the frustration of trying to be heard the way I mean it to be heard is now over. The staff and work colleagues are relating to me in a happier, warmer and friendlier way – and I’m elated! I am now able to help them and it’s great to see them happier in the jobs.

Whilst participating in the NLP Practitioner Certification I have decided to continue on to the Masters which will expand my learning. I have also started a business using NLP. This will enable me to help people enrich their lives.

When I started training with Vesna she said that she loves to hear how you are going and that she is there for you. That is so true, Vesna is there for you through the entire training and beyond. Her commitment and love of helping people shines through in every communication with her. She is there for you and she is her word.

If you want to have those questions answered, be happy, improve your business, improve relationship or change your life I can highly recommend you get in touch with Vesna.

Thank you Vesna for helping me improve my world – what a priceless gift.

P. L. – Sales Director

Case Study

The Business Challenge

Employee and manager in a manufacturing firm had challenges communicating. The employee was not being involved and felt left out, he was not asking for help because he had concerns about how he would be perceived by the manager. The manager was frustrated because the employee was not performing. The manager was not delegating because he had concerns about how he would be perceived by his team.


The Business Transformation

Once the manager and the employee worked through their own personal concerns with Qt™’s help, they were able to relate to each other and the rest of their team in a more objective and effective way. Both the employee and the manager were taught how to communicate and interact more effectively with each other and the rest of their team. The manager was also taught how to be an effective leader and how to empower his team to reach outstanding levels of performance. The manager and the employee discussed the employee’s role, expectations and key performance measures to give them both greater clarity and a better basis for understanding each other.


The Business Result

The manager and the empolyee are now communicating directly with each other and having greater rapport. The employee has greater clarity about his role and what is expected of him and he has signifcantly improved his performance. The employee’s goal was to be a senior manager within the next year. As a result of his significant turnaround in performance, the manager offered him a senior management role. Within three months of starting their business transformation with Qt™, the employee went from being told he was underperforming to being promoted to a senior management position… and the manager was recognised by his team for being an exceptional leader.

Thank you for the fabulous training you provided at your nlp leadership training management skills communications workshop. I learnt exactly what I needed to create more harmonious relationships with my staff and business associates. After becoming aware that everyone has different communication styles, I am confident that I can look forward to better relationships and better results in my business with staff and clients. Thanks once again Vesna, your course has inspired me to be more proactive in my communication with people and taught me many skills that have already benefited me and my staff! Thank you so much!

L. P. – Managing Director, Property Investment Industry

I would like to thank you for the work that you have undertaken with myself in relation to the business transformation program implemented. I have found the sessions to be informative as well as helping me to set clear goals, targets and direction. These sessions have now given me insight into becoming a better manager and I feel I am now well placed to take on this challenge.

V. P. – Senior Associate, Building Regulations Consultants

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