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Qt Wellbeing Rebate© – Rewarding your commitment to your wellbeing

Your Quick, Easy and Immediate 17% Saving

Whether you wish to improve your emotional, mental or physical wellbeing, at Qt, we are rewarding you for your commitment to your wellbeing.

We have had a number of queries regarding private health cover rebates for NLP and Hypnotherapy consultations.  After researching all the Australian private health funds, we found that only a few of them offer limited private health rebates for hypnotherapy and none for NLP, despite both of these modalities having proven track records of being used safely and successfully to assist clients for many decades.

Currently, health fund providers are lagging in keeping up with consumer needs and demand, and recognising these modalities for rebates.

At Qt, we are responding to your requests and leading the industry – and are rewarding you for your commitment to your health and wellbeing with our Qt Wellbeing Rebate©.

Your Qt Wellbeing Rebate© – Your Quick, Easy and Immediate 17% Saving

Welcome to your quick and easy Qt Wellbeing Rebate© – an immediate on the spot 17% saving off the full price of your Personal Transformation© consultations.  The Qt Wellbeing Rebate© is simple, quick and easy for you (just like NLP and Hypnotherapy). 

The Qt Wellbeing Rebate© is your $50 per hour instant saving for NLP and Hypnotherapy consultations.  This is more than the $0 rebate for NLP consultations by all private health funds, and more than the small rebate for Hypnotherapy consultations by only a few select private health funds (and you need to be a client of these health funds to qualify for their rebate).

The Qt Wellbeing Rebate© means that: 

  • your Personal Transformation consultations with us are now even more affordable for you
  • you receive a saving with us for our consultations even though all private health funds have yet to catch up with recognising these proven and safe modalities for rebates
  • you receive a saving with us regardless of the health fund you are with as we are making this available for clients of ALL private health funds (not only those offering limited rebates for hypnotherapy).  This is because our intention is to be inclusive so that we can help even more people, and achieve our vision of creating an empowered society
  • you are rewarded for looking after your wellbeing, and for having private health cover
  • you also still have the full benefits of your private health cover available to use on other health services
  • you receive an immediate rebate from us without any paperwork or red tape
  • this is a win-win for all: for you and your wellbeing, for your family and friends (because you will be healthier and happier), for other health practitioners you choose to see, and for health funds!

Simply provide us with your current private health fund membership details at the time of booking your first Personal Transformation© consultation with us to receive this immediate 17% saving**.

Your Peace of Mind

NLP and Hypnotherapy are proven and very safe techniques that have been used for many decades.  They continue to be used today by medical and other health professionals and practitioners.

We also offer you peace of mind so that you can rest assured that we are fully qualified, experienced and use the latest techniques safely, ethically and effectively.  In addition, we have a proven track record of assisting clients to achieve fast results, and we work with you to guarantee your success.

Our qualifications and experience

Qt is at the forefront of innovation, and mindset and behaviour transformation, and are recognised leaders in this industry.  Dr Vesna Grubacevic is the founder of multi award-winning company Qt, and is well qualified to assist you on your journey of empowerment and transformation.   Dr Vesna’s qualifications and experience include:

  • PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Performance Transformation Expert®
  • Certified NLP Trainer
  • Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Creator & Trainer of Qt respect i®
  • Certified Trainer of Master Time Line Therapy™
  • Certified Qt respect i® Master Practitioner
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
  • Foundations of Psychology (4 week course with RMIT University)
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • St John’s Introduction to First Aid (online certificate)
  • St John’s First Aid full day training  (HLTAID001 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation; HLTAID002 Provide basic emergency life support; HLTAID003 Provide first aid)
  • Author – Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence (nine times Amazon best selling book)
  • Author – Transformational NLP Guide
  • Co-author – Game Changers: Innovators in Business
  • Creator of the Self Empowerment Technique©
  • Contributor to the field of NLP and Hypnotherapy through her PhD research and creating proven breakthrough behavioural change techniques, published a book in this field, as well as regular media and article contributions promoting this field, and raising awareness of NLP and Hypnotherapy
  • Media Commentator (being interviewed in many magazines, newspapers and on radio, has her own regular columns and extensively contributes articles)
  • sought-after speaker (at business events, conferences and expos)
  • Over 41 years’ experience in business, including empowering thousands of clients to achieve fast results since 2000
  • Running well over 100 NLP, Hypnotherapy and Qt respect i® Certification trainings and 100% success rate in certifying successful NLP and Hypnotherapy graduates who are now assisting more people to improve their lives
  • Multi-Award Winner in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Qt respect i® Excellence, Transformation, Innovation, Training, Coaching, Entrepreneurship. Sustainability, Marketing, Strategy and Speaking

Our professional recognition

Dr Vesna Grubacevic operates from the highest ethics, confidentiality and integrity, and adheres to the highest ethical standards in her industry.  Because she is dedicated to your success, she consistently invests in herself to ensure you receive the very best care and results.  Her professional recognition includes:

  • Registered Trainer with the ABNLP, ABH and TLTA (amongst the largest NLP and Hypnotherapy associations in the world)
  • Qt is an IICT Approved Training Provider and Recognised Training Provider by the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists) and MAA (Massage Association of Australia) for OPD
  • Senior Associate membership with the ASCH (Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists)
  • Ongoing commitment and continuing education exceeding 250 hours per year (which exceeds the minimum of 15-80 hours per year set by Australian and international NLP and Hypnotherapy associations)
  • Professional indemnity, product and public liability insurance
  • Most awarded company, Trainer and Practitioner in this industry.

Qt wellbeing rebate

Here to Help You

You are welcome to email or call Dr Vesna personally on 0411 479 256 with any questions, and she looks forward to personally assisting you.

Also remember that we offer flexible during and after hours’ consultations at the locations below by appointment:

During and after hours

  • online video consultations: until 9pm Monday to Friday

During hours

  • At Qt’s offices at Collins Street, Melbourne:  9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (with nearby metered street parking, paid car parks, nearby trams and trains)
  • At Melbourne Arthritis Specialist Clinic at Blackburn:  1pm to 5pm every second Thursday (with free onsite parking)

Remember you can empower yourself right away with your FREE NLP resources and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions and enquiries.

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** Excludes all other offers and rewards vouchers.

One complimentary 30 minute NLP phone consultation is offered to every new enquiry, either during or after business hours.