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Are you Attracting Enough of the Right Customers?

May 2008

Are you struggling to attract enough customers?  Or do you find yourself spending a lot of time, effort and energy with prospects and customers who drain your energy and time and spend very little with you?  Would you like to attract more of your ideal prospects and customers, the ones that you are truly passionate and energised about working with?

Here is a simple formula for attracting more of the right customers: The right mindset + the right focus + the right ponds + the right strategies = more ideal customers.  So let’s discuss each one.

The right mindset 

Having the right mindset is the key to business success and to attracting enough of the right customers.  If you have scarcity thinking, fears (eg. of failure, success, rejection, etc) and limiting beliefs (eg. “There isn’t enough time”, “People don’t have the money to buy my product or service”, etc), these will be your biggest saboteurs to attracting enough quality prospects and customers to your business.  Simply put, an abundance mindset attracts plenty of high quality prospects and customers, whilst a scarcity mindset attracts few and lower quality prospects and customers.

Abundance thinking means being prepared to say “no” to some prospects and customers and trusting and believing in yourself to attract enough of the right quality prospects and customers.  It also means choosing to look for opportunities even when many others focus on lack and problems (eg. interest rates rising, petrol prices rising, etc).  Instead, if you choose to focus on what you can control (ie. how you think, how you feel and how you respond with your behaviour), you will see and be able to act on the opportunities that others are missing because they are too busy focusing on the problems and on what is beyond their control.

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The right focus 

Once you have an abundance mindset, you will then want to have the right focus.  This means be really clear about who is your ideal customer and who would be the most rewarding and satisfying client to work with.  Remember in business you have a choice who you work with and who you don’t – you decide!  If you spend most of your time and focus on prospects and customers you prefer to not work with, you will have less time and focus to attract and to effectively serve your ideal prospects and customers.

It is also important to be very specific as to how many ideal customers you want to attract over a certain period of time and, therefore, how many ideal prospects you need to approach over that period of time.  Once you are clear about this, then you will want to set a specific goal to achieve this result.  The right mindset is critical to your ability to achieve your goals because the biggest reason that prevents business owners and professionals from achieving their goals are their fears, self doubts and negative self talk.

The right ponds 

By being really clear about who your ideal customer is, you will then know exactly where to find them – you will know which ponds to fish in.  For example, if your ideal customer is a large corporate business, you will want to fish in ponds they swim in ie. you will want to go where most of them go, rather than where you find small businesses.  I come across so many business owners and professionals who fish in ponds where very few, if any, of their ideal prospects and customers swim, then question themselves and wonder why they get a poor response to their product or service.  Instead, go fishing in ponds filled with many of your ideal fish or in ponds filled with many people who know many of your ideal fish!

The right strategies 

Now that you have an attitude of abundance, are clear about your ideal prospect and customer and are fishing in the right ponds, next you will want to develop the right strategies to catch more of your ideal fish.  This includes the right strategies for contacting your ideal prospects, the right strategies for building relationships with your ideal prospects, the right strategies for turning more of your prospects into customers and the right strategies for maintaining great relationships with your ideal customers.  These strategies will vary depending on who your ideal prospect and customer is.

Remember that if you put 100% effort into a specific strategy and you are unhappy with your results, stop that strategy or change it because it is ineffective.  However, if you put in less than 100% effort into a specific strategy and you are unhappy with your results, you will never know if it is the right strategy or not for you.

Imagine the success you too could achieve in your business with the right attitude, the right focus, fishing in the right ponds and using the right strategies!

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