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How to Relieve Your Winter Aches and Pains!

By Nevenka, Clinical Nutritionist

With mid winter now here, the colder and wetter days and nights have arrived.  You can feel it, and your body needs to adjust to these weather changes.

Are you starting to feel that your body is less flexible than usual in the mornings?  Do you reach for thicker or extra jumpers, a hat or gloves?  These are all indications that your body is going through changes and needs extra heat and attention and support.

To support your body through winter, it is important to boost your immune system, increase your circulation and relieve those aches and pains.  Consuming appropriate food & fluids and a healthy environment are the key.

What can cause aches & pains during winter? 

Cold & wet weather, an undernourished body, a poor eating plan, not enough sleep, over exercise, not drinking enough water and poor quality water, an unhealthy environment (eg. smoking, over drinking alcohol, pollution) – all this can weaken your immune defences, change your body temperature and lead to aches and pains, and health issues.

How you can relieve and prevent aches & pain during winter? 

1.  Keep your body warm at all times.
  Treat your body with a hot bath containing quality essentials oils or espen salts.  This will reduce joint stiffness and inflammation. At night, have an extra blanket.  Avoid overheating your bedroom though, it needs to be a comfortable 18 degrees celcius.

2.  Change your eating habits.  Eat healthy food such as plenty of seasonal vegetables, good oils, fruit rich in antioxidants and lean meat, poultry and fresh fish.  Substitute coffee with soups, cooked with different herbs.   Highly processed and high fat foods put your body out of balance, which can lead to aches and pains, and disrupt your digestive and immune systems.

3.  Have quality sleep, 7-8 hours each night.  Drink herbal teas after diner to calm you down.  Take out all distractions from your bedroom (eg. mobile phones, ipads, TV, digital clocks, radios) and keep your bedroom as dark as possible to assist you with a good night’s sleep.  Quality sleep will help you to reduce stress on your body, which will help with reducing inflammation and aches.

4.  Avoid over-exercising.  Drink 2 litres of alkaline/ionised water at room temperature each day.  Over-exercising can lead to injury or additional muscular stress.  Alkaline water flushes out toxins/acids from your body, which aids in reducing muscular tension and toxin accumulation.

5.  An unhealthy environmen
t (eg. smoking, harmful chemicals, environmental pollution) can rob your body of nutrition, affect your immune system and make your body more prone to aches, pains and winter bugs.

6.  Take appropriate supplements to support your immune system and to prevent aches, pain and winter infections.

7.  Address your emotions and negative beliefs
 to avoid creating extra emotional stress on your body.  Unresolved emotions and beliefs can result in physical aches and pains if left unaddressed for too long.  Dr. Vesna can assist you with addressing these quickly and effectively.

Nevenka is a qualified Clinical Nutrition, Anti-Ageing, Longevity and Health Consultant© with over 35 years experience in business and a passion for helping you achieve optimal health.

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