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Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in their health, wellbeing, and with NLP stress management. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

The training program and the Qt respect i® techniques it employed were instrumental in my personal and professional growth journey. They provided me with the insights and tools necessary to recognise recurring disempowering relationship dynamics that had long been impeding my progress. By addressing and letting go of these patterns, I underwent a profound self-discovery process, which not only boosted my motivation but also miraculously alleviated my chronic neck and back pain.

This transformation allowed me to reconnect with my authentic true self, shedding the layers of self-doubt and constraint that had held me back for years. It also guided me in discovering my life’s purpose through a powerful and insightful process. Now, I feel liberated and genuinely free, empowered to embrace the person I’ve always aspired to be. This journey has also significantly contributed to achieving my business goals and effortlessly attracting clients. Thank you Dr Vesna and Qt!

M. M. – Qt respect i® Practitioner & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

During the pandemic I worked as a care manager in an aged care facility responsible for 100 residents and over 100 staff. This was an extremely stressful role which took a toll on both my physical and mental health. When I resigned from this position I had reached 89 kilos – the heaviest I had been in my life.

After I resigned from the position as care manager, I decided I needed to shed weight and study something that interested me. I began exercising and enrolled in an NLP and hypnotherapy course that changed my life. I completed training with Vesna, and set some goals during my training. My major goal set was to get extremely fit and shed enough weight to compete in a over 50 bikini competition. I achieved this goal in 10 months, ahead of schedule.

To achieve this goal, I had to work extremely hard; shedding enough weight to compete, along with reaching peak physical fitness.  The transformation of my thinking allowed me to believe in myself, and believe I can achieve anything I set my mind to providing I did the work.

The biggest change for me is the belief and self-confidence I now have in myself, which has now made me very aware that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Since I have made all these changes in my life I now enjoy exercising. I now exercise with ease, and it is not a chore. Life changing. Just amazing. I have also inspired other ladies in my community to achieve goals they thought impossible.

C. P. – Nurse

My transformation involved resolving emotional and physical trauma that impacted heavily on my lifestyle, health and sleeping.

I needed to heal from and accept these past traumas in order to move forward in life and feel the contentment I was hoping to find.  Qt has assisted me to transform my way of thinking and reacting to situations in a measured/proportionate manner.

I am feeling energized and calmer. My relationships have improved due to better communication and in turn closeness. Qt has helped motivate me to start projects that had previously been overwhelming.

My level of worry and over reaction has reduced significantly. I am not dwelling on the past or on the things that are outside of my control. I am using the skills that I have been taught to help myself.  I value and enjoy my life and the relationships that I have with my loved ones. I now notice feelings of calm and contentment often.  I don’t ever remember noticing those feelings before. I look forward to everyday and I am grateful for what it may bring.

I feel I have actually achieved more than I anticipated. The original issue that I wanted to resolve was lack of sleep and how I felt.  I didn’t realise that I was carrying so much of unresolved trauma that was impacting on my sleep, health and way of thinking.  Big thanks to Vesna for what she has helped me to see so clearly now.

A. D. – Finance Industry

I attended the 3 day Hypnosis training and since that time I have had wonderful success with changing some of my behaviours. One of which was late night junk food eating. I work shift work so often finish at midnight or later. I have managed to lose around 1.9 kilograms with little or no exercise.  I am excited to learn more and have enrolled in the NLP Practitioner course.

I feel so much more empowered and able to focus on helping others achieve the results that they want to.

M. P. – Hospitality Industry

The skills that you taught us has made a positive difference in my working life. Life is travelling along with things falling into place and work is a much happier place.

I have started my weight loss journey and have lost 3.9kgs to date, also continue attending gym and feeling very positive.

I have strengthened my relationship with my son and my daughter is back from Darwin and living at home for the time being.

All in all my life is moving forward in a positive direction and I feel I owe this to NLP stress management techniques.

Thank you for your support and assistance.

M. B. – Aged Care Industry

Thank you for the amazing Master NLP Training. Everything was explained in such depth. With this training I got all the accreditation’s that I needed to be recognized as a master practitioner and an internationally accredited coach.

The break through session at the end was amazing both as a coach and as a client. I got written feedback on everything I did. Thank you so much for that. During the course I was working on my own issues while I was learning. I lost 6 kg in 4 weeks while I was doing the course, no diet and no exercise.

This training and NLP stress managment techniques have helped me transform my life on so many levels to the point that just the other day I stood up to a bully. In the past I would have just kept quiet and let them take their anger out on me, and then pretend that everything was alright, but not anymore!! Instead I used the incident as learning, and I have your amazing training to thank for that!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

J.S. – Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

Prior to my transformation, life was a constant rollercoaster – one step forward, two steps back. I always felt like I was held back and going backwards. I had a lot of internal emotional stress which I did not know how to deal with, which reflected in my physical health.

My health situation was so bad that I realised I needed to do something about it. That’s where Qt comes in. First, I was very negative and believed that nothing would work until I experienced the Transform Your Destiny weekend. Once I saw positive changes just after a two day workshop, I started asking myself questions about how much more I could achieve with more education from Qt. During Qt’s NLP Practitioner training, I understood how the mind-body need to work together to achieve what we want in health, career and whatever else we want in life.

My biggest challenge was to think differently. To learn how to get out of situations and free myself from the internal battle. To learn that nothing will change until I am ready to make changes. To free myself from past burdens – to learn to forgive people who have hurt me in the past, which I was unable to do before. I was carrying that burden on my shoulders for almost my whole life. To start believing in myself that I am good enough and that I don’t need to do more to prove to people that I am good enough. I learnt how to value myself and learnt to say “no” when it is appropriate without being mean.

I surprised myself how it was possible to overcome the burden that I carried around for so long with me. My thinking changed enormously. I still surprise myself sometimes thinking back how I was negative and quick to judge something before I had a chance to find out about it. My negative person popped out right away as protection. Now I am able to step back and evaluate what is going on before I make any comment or judgement. That alone allowed me to make the right decisions so that by the end of the day I am happy with my actions and decisions. Going through that process allowed me to be a much better mum without screaming and overreacting to my daughters. It is especially important for parents to address their own issues first so that they can deal with their children’s issues easier, as well as be more effective in their professional life.

The biggest change happened during the Qt Master NLP Practitioner training when we learnt about values and I worked through all the issues that I had across all areas of my life. By the end of that training, I had a totally different view of life and how to interact and communicate with people. Everything had changed for the better. Yes, the change continues because now I have the tools to deal with any negative situation without getting caught up and I get better results. I completed the Transform Your Destiny weekend nine years ago and the change continues. Both my thinking and my health changed. I am feeling much better now in my mid 60s than I felt when I was in my mid 40s.

I learnt NLP stress management techniques and am now doing things more happily without stressing about everything needing to be done now. I now value my time and my priorities. I have a much closer and deeper bond with my daughter. As life goes on, I occasionally come across negative people. I now know how to identify them right away and deal with them more easily than in the past. If people do anything inappropriate, I now have the tools to forgive them, let go of what happened, yet also let them know in a gentle way that their attitude and actions were inappropriate.

I changed from being a stressed, depressed, unhealthy and always angry and crying for everything at the drop of a hat person, to a self confident, healthy, calm, fun loving and enthusiastic person. I am glad that I found Qt and a kind, caring and professional trainer/consultant, Vesna. I, like everyone else at the workshop/trainings, felt really special. I recommend Qt to everyone because you too will feel valued and special as you go through your own journey and make changes for the better.

N. M. – Health Practitioner

I stopped wearing glasses without surgery.

I had been wearing seeing glasses for about two years. I only needed them in bad light and/or when the print was very small. I had gotten to the point where I was regularly using them more and more.

Using an NLP technique, Vesna made a gentle suggestion to my unconscious mind that my eyesight would improve and the glasses would no longer be needed. About a month later, I one day realised that I hadn’t been using my glasses much. About two months later, I realised that I no longer used my glasses at all! To my amazement I had completely stopped using them. They now sit at home collecting dust.

The simplicity and power of the techniques used in NLP have great effectiveness and Vesna is a master at applying them. The question that this left me asking was, “if this is possible what else can I achieve using these techniques”?

P. S. – Trainer and Speaker

Prior to my transformation, life was staid and confronting. I was easily overwhelmed by people and situations. I felt stuck and frustrated and sick and tired of continually repeating the same old conversations in my head. I initially approached Vesna as my smoking was making me feel physically ill and I wanted to stop. I also had a number of issues in my personal life that I wasn’t dealing with at all well and were weighing very heavily on me and stopping me from making any real or lasting progress.

Working with Vesna I have been able to establish boundaries in my personal and working life that have left me feeling strong, knowledgeable and comfortable in my own skin. Being able to stop smoking has left me feeling empowered, capable and strong as I now know I am able to successfully make change where I want to, as well as a feeling of wellbeing from making healthier choices.

The biggest challenge for me was to reverse years of bad habits and negative beliefs. To believe that I was worthy and to stop the negative self-talk. Working with Vesna has helped me dive into things where I would once have held back. As a result of feeling stronger, and with the help of Vesna’s special tools, I’ve been able to work through a number of issues with my family and at work. As a result my relationships are better, I am happier and I feel a greater respect from and camaraderie with my family and work colleagues. And with the NLP stress management techniques I learnt, I no longer procrastinate obsessively which has had a very calming effect on me!

Working with Qt has helped me immeasurably. With Qt’s unique NLP stress management techniques, I’ve been able to progress a number of tasks that were once ‘too hard’ and a source of great irritation. Whereby I would have talked myself out of things right from the outset, I am now investigating opportunities (new jobs, career changes, travel opportunities) that I would once have dismissed out of hand. I have a greater clarity and am more purposeful in my day to day life.

I now enjoy my new ‘can do’ attitude. I’ve always been described as capable, but I think I now have a sense of enjoyment that goes with it, not a sense of duty. I’m also better able to relax with the NLP stress management techniques which is a blessed relief. Saying “yes” more often!

I now tell other people to just get on with it! You can spend a long time (indeed, a life time) sitting around wondering if it works.

My transformation is ongoing and highly rewarding. I have received amazing support and I am just so grateful.

R. S. – IT Stategist

Prior to my transformation, I was suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had been ill with other issues for many years. I was unable to perform normal tasks – cooking, cleaning, working or enjoying living.

I am now well, happy and enjoying all there is to enjoy in life. I constantly make sure that I nurture myself and maintain this wonderful feeling called HEALTH.

I needed to discover, acknowledge and release the subconscious limitations which were sabotaging every attempt to improve my wellbeing. Qt helped me to achieve the above. Firstly, it helped me to discover that I was sabotaging myself. I had no conscious intention at all about being unwell. That would have been a horrifying suggestion and the discovery of this sabotage was shocking and very unpalatable to my conscious being, but necessary. Qt also helped me to find and acknowledge the reasons why I needed to sabotage myself. It then helped me to navigate my way to resolving the issues and freeing myself into a return to good heath.

I no longer need sickness to help avoid what I don’t want to do. I just smile and say no, no thanks, not for me. I no longer feel embarrassed by what is right for me, nor do I need an excuse to be me. My body doesn’t need to put me out of action to say “no” any longer. I now can say “no” and be well and happy. The biggest change has been over a year of blissful wellbeing. It has been a lasting change that I cherish and treat with the utmost respect.

I now enjoy. That in itself is wonderful. I enjoy waking feeling good. Being able to participate with the families activities. Being able to take pleasure in what I do and others around me. Each day is precious. Wellbeing is a lot more fun than illness. If there is even the slightest flicker of thought that maybe your subconscious may be impacting your wellbeing – do something about it. The mind can make us sick and the mind can heal us too.

I have shifted from sickness to health, from flat to daily enjoyment and from sabotage to strength.

B. A. – Teacher

I first came in contact with Vesna approximately 3 years ago when my marriage was all but over. Initially the work was around saving the marriage. Whilst my partner and I decided to part ways, what I did find out about myself was that there was a lot of inner soul searching and improvements to be made in my life. Since then I have used Vesna each 3-6 months or as required to work through issues, assist with strategies and set goals in several areas of my life. The improvements in my life by adopting the strategies, including NLP stress management techniques, have been quite amazing. I have a great relationship with my kids, business continues to grow, I have pursued my love of travel, I had my last cigarette on 31 st December 2006, I have lost 2 stone in weight and I feel quite healthy. Thank you Vesna for all your support.

C. M. – Business Owner, Finance Industry, Tasmania

A year ago my father passed away at the age of 52. This was a highly stressful time for myself and the family and to deal with it I found myself going into high levels of denial to help keep myself focused and the business running. An overwhelming sense of despair, lack of clarity and confusion suddenly hit me and I was left feeling completely depleted with nothing left to give anyone, including myself. I found myself feeling depressed, unfocused and highly unmotivated due to the passing of my father.

I can’t express how appreciative I am of Qt’s and Vesna’s assistance. I’ve been able to grieve in a way that is not only healthy but allows me to keep moving forward in my life. Even better yet, I felt 100% better after the first session, which helped me to get the momentum up to keep moving forward. My clarity on where I’m going has returned with the NLP stress management techniques, and I have my focus and passion back to reach those goals with the energy and emotional resources I need from within.

For anyone else who is experiencing grief, loss, depression and despair, I highly recommend you go to Qt!!!!! It is the best thing you could ever do to help you heal from such a traumatic experience. My transformation is nothing short of amazing!!!

B. A. – Business Owner

Just a short note to say thank you for the NLP stress management techniques and the Transform Your Destiny© weekend. I was very empowered and have been able to set some wonderful goals. I have several major goals as you know one of those goals was to be 75 kgs for my sister’s wedding three months later, as I was 90 kgs at the start of that weekend. I am now 78 kgs just 3 kgs short of the goal with one more month to go! Win Win!

I also have a new partner in my life and we have made plans for the future. My new partner came two weeks after the weekend. Win! Win!

We have set our plans already to travel and she will be doing the Transform Your Destiny© weekend early in the new year. My natural therapies business is going very well. Thank you!

B. P. – Natural Health Practitioner

As a result of attending one of your weekend seminars, I achieved my goal of running the Melbourne Marathon without tendonitis pain and my time was faster than my previous time. I also achieved two of my other health goals – Round the Bay in a day Bike Ride and Shepparton Half Iron man! And the biggest goal – a healthy baby boy born in September! Thank-you!

A. M. – Triathlete and Mother

I saw Vesna a couple of years after my kidney transplant. I was overweight, had a poor body image, was dissatisfied with my work situation and was keen to get a more challenging position that fitted in better with my values. I had issues with my family relationships and around communication at work. I didn’t have a lot of confidence, was unhappy and life was a struggle.

Attending the Transform Your Destiny© and Transform Your Communication© seminars helped me to deal with my emotions, improve my relationship with my family, to build rapport and achieve successful outcomes in meetings and gave me the skills and NLP stress manangement techniques to exceed my goals. Once I learnt some skills, I built great rapport and it was the best interview I had ever done and I got the promotion! I achieved my career goal before my deadline and I also surpassed my goal weight!

Vesna’s encouragement has really helped, as well as being able to keep in touch which I really appreciate. I also like having the opportunity to do one on one sessions from time to time on specific issues. Really appreciate the one on one assistance Vesna provides during the seminars, as well as the tools and NLP stress management techniques to work through issues quickly and effectively. I would sum up my transformation as a beautiful rose coming into bloom. I have left my shadow behind me. Excellent! It is great how Vesna can very quickly hone in on the key issue and address it!

S. W. – Manager, Government Organisation

For the past year I have been using Vesna’s services to assist me with being able to establish goals, both personally and professionally, that have enabled me to become a more balanced and happy person. By learning a number of strategies
and NLP stress management techniques, taking action and focusing on changing my behaviors I have been able to become a more positive person, I have lost weight, regained my self esteem and become a more balanced person. Vesna has always encouraged and reinforced me to think positively and to focus on my goals and my own well being and supported me during very difficult times. I now feel that I am better prepared than ever to enjoy life, my kids and maintain a balanced life.

M. C. – Business Owner, Finance Industry

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