Qt Transformational NLP Practitioner Training – November 2019




Accelerate your success, improve your confidence, motivation, communication and relationships.

Empower yourself and others and make a profound and lasting difference in your own life and the lives of others!

  • 8 days over 4 enlightening weekends in Melbourne
  • Only 8 like-minded classmates; Experience your own transformation
  • Permanent and fast results; Learn 100s of empowering techniques
  • 3 international and Australian certifications; OPD with ASCH and MAA
  • Train with the most awarded company and Trainer, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, in this industry
  • personalised live group training, practical sessions and personalised attention from your local Trainer
  • 20 CD NLP Practitioner training collection on USB, training manual and two texts
  • FREE Transformational Bonuses (valued at over $1,800), exclusively available from Qt
  • Normally $4,995 (book online and save $800).

For additional information and interest free payment plan options please email info@qttransformation.com today!

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  • Outcomes

    During your Transformational NLP Practitioner Certification training, you will discover what makes you and other people tick - things you never knew about yourself and what drives you and others, both personally and professionally.  You will learn how to harness your personal power and inner strength ... and discover exactly how you can have the results and success you truly desire personally and professionally and enjoy the journey of getting it!  

    You will discover how to: 

    • transform your thinking and behaviourto get the results you desire in your relationships, career, business, health, family, personal development
    • become an inspirational communicator, leaderand change agent and put those team, family and relationship challenges behind you
    • acquire tools to really make a difference in your own and others' livesand accelerate the results you achieve with your clients
    • start your own business and transition smoothly from employment to pursue your passion and your dreams with confidence
    • overcome procrastinationand feel confident, powerful, motivated and energizedany time you choose
    • easily and effectively resolve past anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and any other emotions
    • overcome beliefs that are holding you backfrom reaching the results, success and fulfillment you desire
    • master the language of your mind to resolve internal conflicts, confusion and negative self talk
    • resolve stubborn old habitsthat have been annoying you for years
    • and much more!

    Above all, you will learn leading edge techniques and how to use them to create transformational results in your life and with others - and many have also created fulfilling new careers/businesses with these techniquesafter our NLP Practitioner training certification!

  • Who Should Attend

    Would you like to:

    • end your frustration, boredom and lack of fulfillmentin your current career or in life and, instead, clarify your direction, purpose and meaningin life
    • develop the confidence, self-belief and skillsto follow your passion of running a business in helping others
    • permanently stop sabotaging yourself and your successand get the results you desire in your relationships, career/business, health and life
    • smoothly transition from employment to running a successful businessin helping others
    • easily and quickly learn advanced communication, behavioural change and coaching skills toreally make a difference in others’ lives and accelerate the results you achieve with your clients in all areas of life
    • receive international certification and accreditation so you are qualified to help others with NLP, Hypnotherapy and other life changing techniques
    • learn superior people management and inspirational leadership skills and put those team, family and relationship challenges behind you
    • discover and really understand what makes you and others tick so you canassist them to make decisions and choices that really empower them to succeed
    • have the skills and strategies to attract ideal clients, grow a successful business and reach increasing levels of excellence!

    If you would like to experience these amazing tranformations, then the NLP Practitioner Transformational training is for you!

  • Request Information
    • Training Dates & Booking

      Next Melbourne NLP Practitioner Transformational Training over 8 days:

      • Saturday 2nd November 2019 & Sunday 3rd November, then
      • Saturday 9th November 2019 & Sunday 10th November 2019, then
      • Saturday 23rd November 2019 & Sunday 24th November 2019, then
      • Saturday 30th November 2019 & Sunday 1st December 2019

      Please email us at info@qttransformation.com for our latest offers.

      Because limited places are available in this exclusive seminar, remember to book by the early bird date to secure your early bird and bring a friend offers and to receive your FREE Bonuses, exclusive to Qt.

      Remember you can empower yourself right away with your FREE NLP gifts and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions and enquiries.

      There is also free all day parking at the venue in St Kilda East, Melbourne, Australia.  If you are interested in attending this training in another state or country, please contact us for details at info@qttransformation.com

      Flexible payment options are available to assist you to attend this training.  Please contact us at info@qttransformation.com for a free information pack and additional details.

      By booking into this training you agree to our full terms and conditions.

    • Information Pack

      If you would like to request a FREE Information Pack or if you have any questions, please call Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her as we are delighted to arrange this for you and answer all your questions.

    • Bonus Offers

      If you would like to attend this workshop for FREE, simply bring 6 paying friends to the workshop.  Please contact us at info@qttransformation.com or call us on (61) 411 479 256 for details or to book your place today!

  • Certifications and Associations

    As well as learning literally hundreds of amazing transformational techniques, and once you have successfully completed your training, you will also be eligible for certification from three of the world's leading certifying organisations: 

    • American Board of NLP
    • Time Line Therapy™ Association
    • American Board of Hypnotherapy 

    and then you will also receive three certifications that are recognised worldwide

    • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
    • Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner
    • Hypnotherapy Practitioner

    and most importantly you will have the tools to achieve lasting change and exceptional results for yourself and others!

    In addition to the above 3 certifications, upon successful completion of your Qt NLP Practitioner training certification, you will also have the opportunity to receive international accreditation and professional indemnity insurance to operate as a practitioner in Australia. After successfully completing this training you will automatically receive Recognition of Prior Learning towards further training with us.

    Then upon successful completion of further training with us, you will also be able to receive the following qualifications and professional recognition:

    Our clients say that our trainings are the most personalised, truly transformational and result-producing trainings they have experienced. 

    We have a proven track record of empowering clients to achieve lasting and quick transformation in confidence and personal and professional results, since 2000.

    This is how we are unique and how we work with you to guarantee your success and results.

    Imagine how great you will feel having taken action and having achieved transformational results in your business, career, relationships, health and all areas of life. . . 

    Imagine the fulfillment of making a real difference to your own and others' personal and professional success . . . 

    Wouldn't now be the perfect time to transform your life, harness your potential and empower others to do the same?