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Spring Has Sprung!  It is Time to Rejuvenate Your Whole Body.

by Nevenka, Clinical Nutritionist

With winter now over and the cold weather almost behind us, it is time to stop indulging and to rejuvenate our bodies.  During the cold winter we tend to consume richer foods and to drink less water, which contributes to our bodies holding onto toxins.  Winter heavy meals can place extra pressure on the digestive system, your liver and kidneys as they need to process extra fats, sugars and simple carbohydrates, toxins from smoking and alcohol.

Now is the time to start to slowly and safely introduce lighter foods.  This will give your body help to adjust and detox naturally with nutritional and fresh food.

Be Careful of Detox Programs 

There are many different detox programs and pre-packaged detox products on the market.  Anything from 7 day to 30 day programs, all of which do a rapid detox and often deprive your body of vital nutrients.  In addition, many of these can place extra stress on your liver, kidneys and sleep because those organs need to work harder.

The Natural Cleanse

Rather than doing a quick detox, choose a natural cleanse that is gentler on your body and organs.  Every person is different.  If you have any health issues or if you are on medication, please seek the advice of your doctor or health professional to avoid any complications.  For a healthy person, the best approach to naturally cleanse and rejuvenate your body is a healthy eating plan, comprised of nutritional food.

Begin your natural cleanse by:

  • Start with green vegetable juices in the morning
  • Eating green leafy vegetables eg. kale, broccoli, bok choy, spinach, silverbeet
  • Starting to introduce more salads (with seeds eg. pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and pomegranate seeds) into your meals
  • Eating seasonal foods to assist your cleanse eg. pears, apples, fresh berries, pineapple and pawpaw
  • Snacking on nuts eg. walnuts, cashews, almonds
  • Eating complex carbohydrates eg. brown rice, quinoa, buckwhea, spelt as in bread and pasta
  • Cooking with good fats eg. olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil
  • Cooking meals with fresh herbs eg. coriander, oregano, thyme, caraway seed, tumeric
  • Supplementing with liquid minerals, antioxidants, Omega 3 and quality multi-vitamins
  • Drinking alkaline water (ie. pH level of 8+) and herbal teas
  • Eliminating sugar in food and drinks
  • Eliminating processed foods eg. pre-packaged meals
  • Minimising take-away foods and eating out
  • Minimising coffee, alcohol and smoking
  • Having a quality 8 hours of sleep each night

Because the mind and body are interconnected, you will also want to cleanse your mind from stress, including fears, anxiety, self-doubts, overwhelm, confusion and patterns of sabotage.  While unaddressed, all of these can add to the stress in your body and compromise your sleep and health.

By slowly introducing a cleansing eating plan during spring, you will safely and effectively rejuvenate your whole body for optimal health.

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