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How to Become a Money and Prosperity Magnet!

October 2007

  • Do you find it difficult to earn the income you want?   
  • Are you craving greater abundance and security in your life?   
  • Would you like to change careers without compromising your financial security? 

Prosperity Thinking 

According to the dictionary, prosperity is a state of good fortune, of being successful or thriving.  In order for you to feel a state of prosperity and to be a money magnet, you need to think and act prosperously.  Remember that your thoughts and behaviour around money and prosperity are driven by your values around money (ie. whether and how important money is to you), by your beliefs around money (eg. whether you believe you deserve money or not) and your emotions (ie. how you feel about having money and keeping it).

If you find yourself not having enough money, living from one pay to the next, giving away or spending too much money or feeling undeserving of having money or prosperity, then you need to look at your values, beliefs and emotions around money and prosperity.  If prosperity and making money are not important to you, you will find yourself spending less time on taking action towards attracting it and, therefore, you will limit how much money and prosperity you attract.

Limiting beliefs are another common reason why people have difficulty attracting money and prosperity into their life.  The universe is abundant – think about this.  Every single day there is over US$3 trillion circulating around the world!  Are you getting your share?  And importantly, do you believe you deserve to get your share?  Thoughts and self talk like “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have enough time” will simply keep you getting more of the same until you change them.  The universe will respond to your thoughts and beliefs.  If you focus on what is lacking in your life and what you do not have, you will have more of what you focus on – lack and scarcity.

Give and you shall receive 

One of the principles of the universe is that we are always rewarded for what we do.  Therefore, if you give, you cannot not be rewarded for your effort.  The key is to give without expectation because when you give with the expectation of receiving something back (including any recognition and thanks), it traps the flow of energy coming back to you.  First you need to freely and unconditionally give and the energy will freely and unconditionally come back to you.

Respect money and it will respect you 

If you stay focused and pay attention to money and manage it well and respect it, it will look after you and serve you.  If you neglect money and are unaware of your financial position from week to week, money will ignore you. Money simply follows your instructions to it – based on your thoughts and feelings towards yourself and it.

Imagine now aligning your thoughts, beliefs, values and actions so that you become a money and prosperity magnet and live a much more fulfilled and abundant life!

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