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Qt Graduate NLP and Hypnosis Resources

To further empower you, below are additional NLP and Hypnosis resources, ranging from pendulums, books, audio to professional indemnity insurance.   All aimed at empowering you and your clients/family and friends!

Qt Self Empowerment Technique© Online Audio

Learn how to accept, appreciate, respect and love yourself in the comfort of your own home or office by listening to the Qt Self Empowerment Technique©.

Qt Transformational NLP Guide

A quick reference guide which answers the question: “which specific NLP technique do I use when?”  In addition, it provides you with useful tips so that you can master the NLP techniques and achieve great results with your clients each and every time, whether you use the techniques in business, in education, in therapy, for yourself or with your family and friends.  Please email me to arrange your copy.

Qt pendulums 

We have a range of high quality Qt pendulums available for you to purchase.  Explore our range of beautiful crystal and gem stone pendulums in a range of colours.

Please remember to keep your pendulum separate from other people’s energy and if you intend to work with clients or help your family and friends with health issues, I highly recommend you have a separate pendulum to use with them.  If you would like to gift pendulums to your clients, family and friends, we offer special prices for purchases of 5 or more pendulums.  Simply email me for details and to arrange your pendulums.

NLP books

Our very own NLP book.  A great introduction to NLP and our very own Qt behavioural change techniques, Qt respect i®.

Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book (featured on American and Australian TV and in the media, Amazon 9 times best seller and the first NLP book received by Australian celebrities).   A great jargon-free NLP workbook filled with simple and effective NLP techniques that you can apply immediately for greater confidence and success.

This book forms part of our NLP Practitioner pre-study materials and is included as a bonus as part of your training.  You will also find additional NLP and related books referred to in your Qt NLP Practitioner manual (section 1), which you may also wish to read to deepen your knowledge.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Qt is an IICT nationally approved training provider and our trainings are also accredited by the IICT, providing you with even more opportunities and benefits!  The IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists) is based in Australia.

Upon successful completion of your Qt training, you also have the opportunity to and be entitled to automatically join the IICT.  Simply present your Qt certificates and you can access many additional benefits, including access to discounted public liability and professional indemnity insurance, important if you are interested in a career or business in helping others.

To fast track your application please quote: Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, IICT Membership No. 1211071732 and submit your application.  We are excited to have organised for Qt Graduates to receive great value membership options!

Please feel free to call me on 0411 479 256 or email me if you have any questions about any of these resources and if I can assist you with your purchase.

I look forward to empowering you further!

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

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