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How to Avoid and Recover from Colds and Sniffles this Winter

by Nevenka, Clinical Nutritionist

As the wet and cold weather and winter are now here, they bring with them the potential to catch and spread colds, flu, germs, viruses and infections.

Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from catching any winter bugs.  If you already have a cold or flu, the tips below will assist you to recover faster:

1.    Avoid picking up and spreading germs

An effective way to avoid picking up and spreading germs is to wash your hands with soap and warm water, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  Drink plenty of clean water to flush out toxins and to hydrate your body – remember your body can be prone to dehydration during winter winds and cooler temperatures.  For added protection, keep away from environments where there are large groups of people coughing and sneezing.

Beware of environments like supermarkets, public transport and large group gatherings, where people are sneezing and spreading germs. To protect yourself from picking up germs and viruses, wear a disposable mask and carry a pocket size hand sanitiser with you.

2.     Nourish your body

Nourish your body with healthy nutritious meals.  Eat plenty of:

  • green leafy vegetables: broccoli, bock choy, kale, spinach, etc.  Avoid overcooking these. To contain nutrients, it is best to stir fry, steam or blend in vegetable juices.
  • seasonal fruits: mandarins, lemons, kiwi fruit, pomegranate, etc
  • hearty winter soups: minestrone, mixed bean, pumpkin, chicken vegetable soup, etc.
  • garlic, onion and ginger in your cooking.  Avoid processed food.

3.    Supplement your immune system 

Your immune system may need extra help in winter to keep the “bugs” away.  Therefore, it is important to supplement with food based natural supplements (avoid synthetic ones).  The best winter supplements are vitamin C, E, D, Omega-3, echinacea, zinc and thermogenic spices (such as turmeric, cloves, garlic, horseradish, ginger).  It is also important to support your digestive health with regular prebiotics and probiotics.  Take olive leaf extract to avoid viral infections.  Avoid sugars because they add stress to the liver, digestive and immune system.

4.    Warm up your body

To further support your immune system, drink organic hot teas, such as green tea with lemon, echinacea, peppermint, spicy chai, lemongrass.  Avoid alcohol, soft drinks, too much caffeine, and other stimulants.  Herbal organic teas keep the body warm, help to protect the body from early colds and flus, and add extra fluids to the body in the cold weather. You can drink warm alkaline water for extra warmth.  Infrared Bed Thermal Therapy is an excellent addition to deeply penetrate and support restoring and raising your core body temperature, metabolism and circulation for better health and healing.

5.      Balance mental and physical activity

To maintain a healthy weight and avoid winter weight gain, keep up your physical activity during winter.  Walking has a duel benefit – it helps with your physical activity while boosting the oxygen in your body and brain.  While it is important to have physical activity, equally important is to have a good night’s sleep (a minimum of 7-8 hours).

An overactive mind will keep you awake and will interrupt your sleep.  Balance your emotions (eg. anxiety, anger, frustration, fear, hurt, rejection, etc) and address the past (eg. relationship break-ups, rejections, losses, ill feelings, etc) as these will likely keep you up at night or disturb a continuous night’s sleep.

Enjoy applying the above tips to prevent ill health, recover faster and stay well this winter.

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