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NLP Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence Book Features

Written for the layperson, this nlp Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence self-empowerment book helps you with simple, easy to understand and apply exercises and techniques, which you can instantly use to discover the confidence and success that lies within you right now.

This is more than a book: it is your own personal self-empowerment course that guides you step by step on your empowerment journey. You can revisit and re-experience your journey anew time and again to continue to transform your confidence and personal and professional success for life.

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  • Outcomes

    By reading and actioning the exercises in this book, you will: 

    • become aware of and identify exactly how you may be sabotaging yourself, your confidence and your success right now
    • learn practical techniques to empower yourself to begin changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours for greater confidence and success
    • learn simple and effective communication techniques to avoid misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts, so that you can create harmonious and successful personal and professional relationships
    • learn how to integrate the techniques you have learnt in this book into your daily life and success. 

    With over 200 pages of self-awareness exercises and practical and easy to use self-empowerment techniques, you will enjoy many hours of value each time you pick up this book.

  • Who Can Benefit from this Book

    Whether you: 

    • beat up on yourself or put yourself down,
    • miss out on promotions or are not progressing in your career,
    • are not making enough money or hesitate asking for a pay rise,
    • settle for less than what you deserve in your career, relationships, and life,
    • worry about your job security or about money,
    • procrastinate about taking action, or
    • lack clarity, passion, or direction in your life,

    the  exercises and techniques in this self-empowerment book will assist you  to transform self-sabotage into lasting confidence and success.

  • Book Reviews

    Here are just a few reviews of this book:

    "As I started reading Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, right from the first chapter I saw how valuable this book is. Every page led me to be more and more excited to practice the techniques in the book. I was honoured to have an opportunity to read this book before it was released. I am definitely going to get a copy for myself once it is released, and have already started to recommend it to other people. This is a book that you can read as many times as you want, and each time, you will benefit from it as it leads you to greater confidence and success."


    "I noticed a change in my consciousness from the very first chapter as I went through this book. It is written in a way that is easy for everyone to read and understand. At the end of each chapter there are practice plans and time for introspection which builds momentum for positive change. I found the techniques that Dr. Grubacevic teaches throughout the book easy to remember and implement in my everyday life – and they really work! Highly recommended for everyone."


    "At last, an NLP book that is simple and clear and so very easy to understand and use! I have been searching for a book like this for so long. These are so many surprises in this book – as you read chapter after chapter, there is more and more value for the reader. So many practical tips, exercises and insights. I read this book twice so far – the first time I read it, I noticed an immediate change in how I related to people and situations. The second time I read the book I completed and implemented all the exercises, and that is a must – what a difference! My confidence has improved so much since using these techniques – I have stopped beating up on myself, am now communicating effectively with other people, and am confidently now taking action towards my goals. This book has now become my reference for success in life!"


    "My 12 year old son was lacking self confidence and only had negative belief about himself. After seeing Dr Vesna and reading her book on stop sabotaging your self confidence, my son improved out of this world. I was amazed how quickly he was able to use techniques Dr Vesna showed him and how much it changed his outlook on life in general. We are very pleased with the quick results and her caring nature. We would recommend Qt for anyone at any age. Thank you Dr Vesna."

    N.R + N.R.

    "This book is different to so many. Not only a text book but a practical tool and a very good companion! Author Vesna is spot on. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone out there who has ever doubted themselves...and haven't many of us been guilty of that at one time or another...?"


    "I would like to thank you for making a profound impact on my mindset, how I handle life, situations and achievement of goals. I had a bit of extra time while away this summer and I have had extra time to read cover to cover your book "Stop Sabotaging your Confidence". I had read parts of it previously but now I have read it in full and I think the book is excellent:) A very big well done to you!!! Also, congratulations on your continued great work. I am positive you are making a significant difference to many people and their communities."


    "Wow – what a mind blowing book!  I started reading it as soon as it arrived and couldn’t put it down.  Love the exercises and the self assessment, I had no idea that I was sabotaging myself in so many ways.  I had so many aha’s.  The best part is that you can then change this yourself with the simple techniques in the book.  They really work! I am so excited by the changes I have made to my confidence and life so far.  Highly recommended and a must read!"


  • Best-selling Celebrity Gifted Book

    nlp stop sabotagingWe are excited that Dr. Vesna's Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book has been selected and included in Hollywood and Australian celebrity award-gifting. Some of the amazing recipients of Dr. Vesna's book include Award-winners: Eddie Redmayne, Patricia Arquette, Viola Davis, Peter Dinklage, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jon Hamm, Richard Jenkins, Carrie Bickmore, Miranda Tapsell, Asher Keddie and Danielle Cormack. Plus many Award nominees including: Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey, Helen Mirren, Colin Firth, Jessica Lange, Emily Blunt, Mark Ruffalo, Ricky Gervais, Sofia Vergara, Christine Baranski and Joanne Froggatt!


    We are delighted that Dr. Vesna's book has also been:

    and most importantly, is leaving a legacy for future generations!

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