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Are You Afraid of Success?

I am very excited about sharing my success tips in The Collective magazine.  You can read my and others’ thoughts on this topic in the latest issue (Issue 18, on pages 64-66, “Are You Afraid of Success?”).  In this interview, Hollywood actor, Dustin Hoffman, also opens up about his self-sabotage and fears.  You will also find many more inspiring stories and tips in this international magazine.

Is fear of success holding you back from reaching even greater levels of personal and business success?  Do you:

  •   fear rejection and getting a “no”?
  •   procrastinate taking action in your business?
  •   beat up on yourself or put yourself down?
  •   hesitate charging more for your services for fear of losing clients?
  •   worry about money, growing your business or life in general?

From my research and experience in working with thousands of business owners and professionals, I have discovered that people sabotage their confidence and success in over 35 different ways?   

Discover exactly how you are sabotaging your confidence and success, and empower yourself with NLP techniques to quickly achieve success:

I look forward to continuing to empower you!  In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions.

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