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What is Your Why

I recently received a letter from the State Library of Victoria and National Library of Australia acknowledging their receipt of my new book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence.  As I read one of those letters, this sentence stood out “This publication is being preserved as part of Australia’s documentary heritage.”  At that moment it dawned on me … my book is now part of that heritage and that I am leaving a legacy for future generations.  It also reinforced one of the main reasons for me writing this NLP book – to empower and make a difference to generations today and to come.

Reading that sentence was a great reminder to stay focused on your “why” – your purpose in life.  Any challenges (however big or small) are far easier to overcome when you do.  Your “why” is like your compass keeping you on track to reach your destination.  When facing stormy weather, icebergs, hostile wildlife or challenging natives, your “why” will keep you focused, determined and driven to succeed. Challenging people, situations and circumstances will take on a different meaning.

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I encourage you to think about your “why”, to make sure it is compelling enough to see you through the challenges and help you to live each and every day with purpose and motivation.

What is your “why”? How will you leave a legacy and make a difference? Will you allow obstacles and challenges to distract you or drive you to fulfill your “why”?

I look forward to your comments and continuing to empower you.

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