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Motivation in an Instant!

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Every thought we think affects how we feel and how we act.  So if you want to feel a certain way all you need to do is to remember a time in the past when you felt that way.  For example, if you want to feel motivated to do paperwork right now, all you need to do is to remember a time in the past when you felt motivated about anything, and you will feel motivated right now.

You can also get instantly motivated using the simple process below to set up an anchor that lasts.  Simply put, an anchor is when two things are linked together in your brain – a stimulus (eg. see a red traffic light) and a response (eg. stop at red traffic light).

1.  Choose a spot to set up the anchor.  Pick a unique spot that you can easily access that you would normally not touch.  For example, handshakes are too common, so you may wish to pick something more unique, such as a knuckle, a spot on your elbow or pressing two fingers together.  Remember to keep the anchor simple so that you can easily replicate it.

2.  Think of a specific time in the past when you felt motivated.  Choose a specific time in the past when you felt that emotion strongly so that you can capture the intensity of that emotion in your chosen spot.

3.  Get ready to set up the anchor.  Remember that you want to start pressing the chosen spot the moment you start to feel motivation and keep it pressed until just after you feel the peak of that motivation.

4.  Set up the anchor.  As you remember a specific time in the past when you really felt the motivation and as you start to feel that emotion, press your chosen spot and hold onto it until the motivation peaks.  Just after you feel that the motivation peaks, let go of the anchor.

5.  Wait a few moments and think about something different.  Now test your anchor by pressing it again in the same spot and with the same intensity as before, and you will feel the motivation that you anchored in that spot!

Your anchor now gives you a choice as to how you feel at any moment and helps you to access motivation at any time you choose.

To protect your anchor so it lasts, avoid using it when you feel strong negative emotions (eg. anger, fear, hurt, rejection, etc.).  It is best to resolve these negative emotions and any self doubts from the past, otherwise if you use your anchor when you feel those negative emotions or self doubts you could weaken it, negate it completely or even indirectly create an anchor with those negative emotions and/or self doubts.

You can also top up your anchor and make it stronger.  Any time in the future when you feel motivation, you can add it to your existing anchor (you only need to use step 4 above).  

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