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Your Exclusive 3 for 2 Offer!

Are you or do you know any business owners who:

  • want more ideal clients, yet are unsure of how to best find them?
  • meet and speak with prospects and leads, yet few are turning into clients?
  • have calls to make, proposals to write, meetings to arrange, etc, yet you keep putting them off?
  • wish you could charge more for your services, yet are too worried or scared of losing clients?
  • deliver good work and service to your clients, yet you are chasing clients to pay you?
  • are looking for “out of box” ideas to stand out from the competition, yet are unsure of how to come up with these and implement them?
  • find it difficult to maintain a positive outlook, feel stressed, afraid, anxious or second guess your decisions?
  • would like to get better performance from your team, referrers and alliance partners, yet are unsure of how to achieve this?
  • have other challenges that you would like to transform into successes now?

This is a great opportunity for you, your friends and colleagues to discover how they too can transform any business challenge into success… and fast!

Whether you are starting a business, wanting to grow your businessseeking more customers or wanting to be a more effective leader of your team, we are here to empower you, your team, friends and colleagues to achieve business success… and fast!

Imagine your delight, Proofing Profile, when you take your business to the next level of success and the freedom and peace of mind this will give you!

To empower you, we are offering you an exclusive 3 for 2 offer.  Book into a two hour Transform My Business Success© consultation with Dr. Vesna Gurbacevic and receive the 3rd hour FREE!

You will need to be quick and book your consultation by 6th November 2009 to receive this exclusive offer.  You can have your consultation at any time in November or December 2009.  This offer excludes all other offers.

To get started on your business transformation and to receive your exclusive 3 for 2 offer, simply call Dr. Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her before 6th November 2009.

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