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Category: NLP & Direction and Purpose

7 ways to create certainty

More and more people are asking me how they can stop worry and have more certainty in their life.  Below are 7 ways to create certainty in your life regardless of what is happening around you; these...

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thrive in business

Are you struggling to start or grow your business?  Would you like to avoid some common mistakes in business?  Do you want to know what you need to do to thrive in business? I am often asked “what...

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seasons greetings

It is with great gratitude that we thank you for your ongoing support, for being a valued member of our Qt community and for helping us to help more people. Reflect and Renew As the end of another decade...

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nlp hypnotherapy business

Success means different things to different people.  Each person will place their own meaning on it.  One dictionary definition is “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. How Do You Define Success?...

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