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forget those resolutions

Forget those resolutions!  

Do you start each year with the best intentions and resolutions, only to find yourself losing momentum and motivation weeks or months later?  Many people make New Years’ resolutions – they...

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Do you worry about your career/business, relationships or life?  Are you dwelling on worst case scenarios?  Is anxiety sabotaging your success? What is Worry and Anxiety? Anxiety is an emotion...

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Grief and loss

Have you recently lost a loved one, a job, a relationship, a friend or a pet?  Are you feeling overwhelming sadness, grief, loss, anger, hurt, guilt or any other emotions?  Do...

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9 major reasons to stop dwelling on the past

Do you: keep talking about your past negative career, relationship or life experiences? feel trapped or stuck in the past, and unable to move on with your life? fester or dwell on what has happened and...

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career change

Is the thought of going to work causing you to feel dread, anxiety or stress?  Do your colleagues or manager have toxic behaviours towards you?  Are your confidence and self belief negatively...

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