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Category: NLP & Relationships

are you a doormat

Stop Being a Doormat

Do you let your partner, family, friends and work colleagues walk all over you?  Are other people taking advantage of your kind giving nature?  Is it time you stopped bending over backwards to...

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lack of empathy

Does other people’s lack of empathy upset or annoy you?  Is your manager, colleague, family member or friend coming across as uncaring or cold?  Are you feeling unsupported as a result of others’...

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NLP quit job

Are you feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, unappreciated or undervalued in your job?  Do you ever wonder if there is a better job/career out there for you?  Are you ignoring the warning signs it is time...

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nlp toxic people

Are you tired of being emotionally drained by toxic colleagues, managers and direct reports?  Do other people undermine or control you?  Would you like to spring clean your relationships and stop overreacting...

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discouraged by lack of success

Do you put in a lot of work and effort in your career/business, relationships and life, yet have little to show for it?  Are you getting discouraged with the lack of success your efforts are producing?...

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Do you feel excited and genuinely happy for others when they succeed?  Or do you pretend to be happy for them while deep down the green eyed monster lurks? What is Jealousy? Jealousy is an emotion that...

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Who is Sabotaging You?

Are you dreading going to work or catching up with family, relatives or friends?  Is the thought of being asked about your relationships/work/life causing you anxiety, worry or stress? Would you like...

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