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Are You Giving Away Your Personal Power?

Do you:

  • think for yourself or let others tell you what to think?
  • make your own decisions or rely too much on others for their advice?
  • own how you feel or blame others/circumstances for your feelings?
  • accept responsibility for your own actions, or do you expect others to rescue you?

What is Personal Power?

Personal power is about taking personal responsibility.  People who take responsibility for their own career, relationships and life are far more successful than those who make excuses or blame others/circumstances for not having what they want. 

You are personally responsible for four things:  how you think, how you feel, how you act and how you influence others.  Other people are also responsible for four things:  how they think, how they feel, how they act and how they influence you and others.

Are You Accessing It or Giving It Away?

When you think for yourself and make your own decisions, you are taking personal responsibility, and you are accessing your personal power.  When you expect others to make decisions for you or rescue you, you are giving away your personal power.  Likewise, when you make excuses, blame others or circumstances, you are giving away your personal power.

Excuses are reasons for not having what we want, and they stop up from reaching our full potential.  Common excuses include: the weather, lack of time, lack of money, other people’s words/actions, etc. Also any time you blame someone or something else for why you do not have the success you desire, you are excusing yourself from success. 

By blaming others for how you feel or think, you are giving away your control and personal power.  Effectively, you are saying that they are controlling you.  Remember that how you think, feel and act is your sole responsibility.  If you choose to give away your responsibility by blaming others, you are also giving away your responsibility to change how you think, feel and act. In turn, this sabotages your personal power, action, confidence and success.

How to Master Your Personal Power

The most successful people in life take total responsibility for, and are masters of, their own thoughts, feelings and actions.  Once we stop making excuses and blaming others/life circumstances, we access our personal power and follow through with action.  In turn, our confidence and success improve dramatically.

The first step to mastering your personal power and taking personal responsibility is to identify where you are making excuses, blaming others or your circumstances.  Often unconscious unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and deeper core issues are responsible for the excuses and blame. Then once identified, it is important to take responsibility for addressing these so that they stop sabotaging your action, confidence, relationships and success. 

Begin accessing your personal power today and watch your confidence, and personal and professional success grow with:

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