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Celebrate the Release of My New Book

I am incredibly excited to let you know that I am the co-author of the new book, Game Changers: Innovation in Business.  Game Changers: Innovation in Business showcases excellence in innovation across a range of ground-breaking products and services. The thought leaders profiled in this book have successfully managed to enter new markets faster and deeper by viewing gaps in the market as an opportunity to satisfy customer needs as well as accelerate top line revenue growth.

Game Changers: Innovation in Business
 tells the inspiring real-life stories behind business, product, technology and service innovations while recognising the often-unsung experts who help shape them.

I am thrilled and honoured to be among the 18 thought leaders and entrepreneurs profiled in this book.  My chapter “How to Master the Innovation Mindset” outlines the mindset and behavioural changes that you and your team can make to fast track your ideas, innovations and business growth.  At Qt, we embody this mindset and behaviours, which have also helped us to help our clients and ourselves to innovate, and win innovation and other awards. 

To celebrate the release of this book early next month, we are offering limited copies of this book at a very special pre-release offer until 27th July 2017.  Also to celebrate my Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book hitting the Amazon best-seller list for the 6th time (this time in Germany), we are also offering an extra special offer when you purchase both books.

Looking forward to continuing to empower you!

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