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Do You Settle For Mediocrity?

do you settle for mediocrity

Are you tired of settling for less than what you really want in your career, relationships and life?  Do you yearn for challenge and stimulation yet your career, relationships and life are boring or unfulfilling?

Are You Satisfied with Mediocre? 

A mediocre career, relationship or life is one that is average.  It isn’t great and it isn’t bad, it is just average.  The real question is are you truly satisfied with mediocrity?

If the honest answer is yes, and you are happy to keep living a mediocre existence, then other people need to respect that.  If on the other hand, you are not happy with a mediocre existence, then you need to be ready to do something about it in order for you to live a happier life.

Stuck in Mediocrity

Your values, beliefs and deeper unconscious filters determine what you settle for and what you strive for in your career, relationship and life.  For example, if you have a belief that you are not good enough or that you do not deserve to have what you want, for as long as you hold onto those beliefs, they will keep you stuck in mediocrity.

The people and environment in which you surround yourself consistently can also keep you stuck in mediocrity. For example:

  • are you constantly surrounded by negative people who “rain on other people’s parade” when other people succeed?
  • do you work for an organisation that disempowers their employees rather than helps them to grow and excel?
  • are you constantly listening to, reading and watching negativity that reinforces your own internal negative self talk?
  • do your family and friends also settle for mediocrity based on their own values and beliefs?
  • are you always settling for easy options in your career, relationship or life, which then keep you in your comfort zone and unfulfilled?

Bystander or Go-getter –  Which are you?

In our career, relationship and life we can either be:

  • a bystander and watch life pass us by or even live our life through other people’s life experiences instead of our own; or
  • we can be a go-getter where we fully and actively participate in all that we do and aspire to achieve, and live our life fully.

People who settle for mediocrity are often bystanders, while people who aspire for more out of life are often the go-getters.

Fear is a major saboteur of confidence and success in a career, relationship and life and it has you being a bystander; simply observing everyone and everything else and wishing you could do the things you want.  Out-of-proportion fear holds you back from taking action and fully participating in life.

Are you a go-getter who participates in life 100%?  Or a bystander watching life pass you by?

How to Be a Go-Getter

Stop being a by-stander and settling in life.  Begin fully participating and succeeding in your career, relationship and life with your free NLP resources.  You are also welcome to email Dr Vesna with any questions or a confidential reply.

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