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Get published podcast

Do You Struggle with Promoting Yourself?

Get published podcastDo you struggle with promoting yourself? Does writer’s block get in your way of writing articles, presentations, submissions or authoring a book?  Is the thought of speaking in public or expressing yourself holding you back?  Would you like to have the confidence and self promotion skills to take your business to new heights?

I am excited to share my latest interview with the wonderful host of the Get Published podcast, Paul Brodie.

Enjoy listening to this chatty interview and discover my marketing and writing tips.

If you would like some further help with:

  • ending your struggle with promoting yourself
  • overcoming writer’s block, expressing yourself, procrastination or perfection
  • permanently addressing fear of public speaking or fear of rejection
  • unleashing your ideas and creativity
  • developing consistently strong levels of confidence
  • result producing self promotion skills to grow your business

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Looking forward to empowering you to make 2019 a more confident and successful one!

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