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Dr Vesna – Inspirational Businesswoman of the Year 2022 (Australia)

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, has just received the award for Inspirational Businesswoman of the Year 2022 (Australia)

The Influential Businesswoman Awards’ sole objective is to encourage and recognise those who are driving for greater change in their industries. They ensure that they reward businesswomen based on their excellence in the industry, the commitment to their clients and their dedication to services.

This award recognises Dr Vesna’s:

  • dedication to her clients, team and community, and her commitment to excellence
  • her innovation and leadership in this industry in creating advanced behavioural change techniques, and Qt respect i® certification trainings
  • passion for making a profound difference to people’s lives, and creating an empowered society.

When asked about this award, Dr Vesna noted:

“It is a privilege and a real honour to be able to help so many clients, do what I love each day and make a real difference to people’s lives.  The last 21 years have been so very rewarding, and it is humbling to receive this award. 

Importantly, this award recognises the thousands of clients who have transformed their confidence, success, and their lives.  In addition, the hundreds of graduates whom I am proud to have personally trained are now empowering more people to live more fulfilling and successful lives.  The rewards of their combined successes are the driving force behind our company, which continues to fuel our passion and dedication to achieving our vision.  This award also helps to recognise the consistent daily effort, energy, and persistence that our team, partners and community put into growing Qt and making a real difference. With gratitude.”

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our clients, team, networks, community, the wonderful people who nominated us, and the award judges for this honour.  We are humbled by this award win, and for another recognition of our leadership and innovation in our industry. 

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