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Dr Vesna – NLP & Hypnotherapy Training CEO of the Year (Australia) 2023

Dr Vesna – NLP & Hypnotherapy Training CEO of the Year (Australia) 2023

Delighted to share our latest award news. Our CEO, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, has just been named NLP & Hypnotherapy Training CEO of the Year (Australia) 2023 in the APAC Insider CEO of the Year Awards. 

“APAC Insider recognises and celebrates individuals who are challenging the norm – they are also changing the world as we know it. The CEO winners in 2023 are strong, unwavering leaders who understand business values, team member needs, and the desires of their customers.”

Qt – Transforming the Industry since 2000

This award recognises Dr Vesna’s ongoing leadership and innovation in transforming the industry since 2000.  By far the biggest transformation she made was the discovery and development of a new filter/deep unconscious driver of human behaviour as part of her PhD, Qt respect i®. This has transformed the depth and speed of lasting change. 

Dr Vesna – NLP & Hypnotherapy Training CEO of the Year (Australia) 2023

When asked about this award, Dr Vesna said:

“It is a privilege and a real honour to be of service to others over the past 22 years.  It is humbling to receive this award. 

Importantly, this award recognises the thousands of clients who have transformed their confidence, results, and their lives.  In addition, the hundreds of graduates whom I am proud to have personally trained, are now empowering more people to live more fulfilling and successful lives.  These successes are the driving force behind our company, which continue to fuel our passion and dedication to achieve our vision.”

Thank you!

A huge thank you to our clients, team, networks, community, the wonderful people who nominated Dr Vesna, and the award judges for this honour.  We are humbled by this award win, and for another recognition of our ongoing leadership and innovation in our industry. 

To celebrate our latest award wins, we are offering specials this month on our upcoming trainings:

  • Transformational Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy certification training in July to October 2023 – only 1 place now left!
  • Hypnosis weekend certification training in October 2023 – limited places available
  • Transformational NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapy certification training in November 2023 – limited places available

Be Empowered by the Most Awarded Trainer, Practitioner and Company in this Industry, and:

  • Be trained and certified as a successful, confident and skilled practitioner in life changing techniques to help your clients with quick and long term behavioural change
  • Easily and successfully transition from a corporate job to a successful business in helping others (just like Dr Vesna did over 22 years ago)
  • Quickly and permanently let go of your fears, anxiety, self sabotage, trauma, etc and have the confidence, relationships, and personal and professional success you desire!

If you need any support with the above, please contact Dr Vesna for a personalised, confidential, complimentary reply.

With gratitude!

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